June 26, 2011

Bernie Meets the Animals and Please Vote For My Baby Koya

The Book


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world, in fact, it's the only thing that ever has."

~~ Margaret Mead

(courtesy of the beautiful Maggie)
(and the handsome Mitch)
(with their Wheelie sister Autumn)

Hi friends,

Guess what? It's only 92 degrees today!! Still too hot to be outside for very long but it's been lots better than the over 100 degrees was. We actually got rain for 4 days in a row but not nearly enough.

Mommy says there is some signs of life even though it is so dry. She just had to post this picture of some flowers she saw at Luby's while she was waiting for our weekly favorite dinner. Aren't they gorgeous, of course yellow is her favorite color.

Bet you more interested in what we get to eat from Luby's once a week, right.

C H I C K EN!!! Yep, once a week, we get baked chicken. Mommy buys the baked chicken combo which is half a chicken, always roasted red potatoes and spinach or cabbage with a cornbread muffin. We get to have all the breast by ourselves. Yummulicious!!!! We're getting the hungries just thinking about!

OK, remember our April 11th post when we posted about a doggie play date at Aunt Tina and Chris's house? Where we met some new doggies we had never seen before and their Dad, Mike. Westies, we didn't even know what a Westie looked like but we do now cause we're all best friends. A doggie can never have enough friends you know.

Anyway we found out that Bernie had written a book of his very own called "Bernie Meets the Animals". But of course, since we don't have thumbs, Bernie had to dictate the whole thing to his Daddy. Frankie Furter asked what age group it was written for. Well it don't got no age group. Mommy has been laughing her head of reading that book.

The Book

(Our Doofuss Mommy screwed up and left the book picture off, so it's at the top of this post.....good help is so hard to come by.}

Bernie even wrote a special message for us and signed it. Course he let his Daddy sign it too.
Here's the back of the book. If you blow it up you can maybe read what it says. There's a picture of Bernie, Mike and his angel sister Belle.
A pic from our doggie play date.
Bernie and his sister Mazie

(the Doofuss screwed up again & let off Mazie's picture but there's one on our April 11th post if you want to see how pretty she is.)

We just gotta tell ya, the way Bernie writes is so true and spot on. He is a Mighty Westie and does his breed proud. He shows us how much smarter we are than our peeps, if they would just listen to us.

Bernie writes about the animals he has met. Which you can play with and which you can't. His observations are too much. Mommy really hooted when he talked about the turtles, the horse and that dreaded enemy, the tree rats, aka the squirrels.

The chapter about the bugs spooked Mommy but then we all know why. It's best to avoid them creepy crawlers like the plague.

We just gotta share something with you, to see if you don't agree 100% with Bernie.

Bernie's Twelve Dog Rules

1. If I get it, it's mine.

2. If it moves, I will chase it.

3. Don't get your fur in a wad.

4. Learn to climb the tree and you will get him.

5. Daddy and momma are easy to catch.

6.The dog world needs to respect me.

7. Girl dogs smell better than boy dogs.

8. You got to humor humans.

9. One of my main jobs is to water things.

10. Why don't humans understand looks?

11. When I am good and ready - I am ready.

12. Pity humans: they only use two paws.

And Bernie's book also has it's own dictionary. Here is an A-Z look a some of his words.

A.....Accident -- Watering or fertilizing inside of the big cage. I would not advise anyone to do this; it causes humans to get their fur in wad.

B.....Bee -- Bees are flying bugs that can hurt your muzzle. I suggest leaving then alone.

C.....Climb -- What Squirrels and Raccoons can do that we can not do.

D.....Daddy -- The big guy with no fur on top. He typed this book for me.

E.....Eccentric -- What some people call daddy. Daddy says that is what I am. I wonder what it means?

F......Frog -- A yucky little animal that hops around and tastes bad.

G.....Gotcha -- What daddy says when he finally catches you, after many hours of pursuit. I wonder if I should tell the poor guy that I let him catch me.

H.....Hug -- When a human puts their top paws around you and pull you close to them. Actually, hugs feel pretty darn good and get the old tail going.

I.....Icky -- The way worms and lettuce taste.

J.....Jersey -- Where one of our neighbors comes from. I think they talk funny there.

K.....Kiss -- What daddy calls a lick.

L.....Ladder -- Tool for climbing trees that daddy will not let me use to get Squirrels with.

M.....Momma -- The beautiful gal in our cage. She gives me good food like meat, chicken and cookies. She keeps daddy honest.

N.....Nab -- What mean people do to pets that are not close to their owners.

O.....Or Else -- Do what they want or something horrible will happen to you.

P.....Pat -- Tapping a human hand on an animal's head.

Q.....Quail -- A bird that scares the heck out of you when get close to it without realizing it.

R.....Roll -- A maneuver that feels neat. Just lie on the ground and wiggle while moving sideways. Do not do too much - you will walk funny and get dizzy. Do not roll in fertilizer -- humans get very upset at this. "note to self--Mona's calls this roaching and she's a pro at it....maybe in my next book I'll use that word instead of roll and I'll think of Miss Mona whenever I use it."

S.....Stinky -- What daddy calls it when smelly stuff leaves my body.

T.....Top -- Where daddy has no fur.

V.....Vet -- Human in a white coat that takes your temperture (yuck) and probes you a lot. Sometimes they stick sharp little metal things in you.

W.....Wag -- What tail things do when a dog is being petted or he gets excited.

X....X-Ray -- What Vets do to an animal who does something stupid.

Y....Yard -- Where you fertilize, water and play.

Z.....Zebra -- According to daddy, a zebra is a striped, horse looking thing that lives far away.

Bernie is our hero!! If you be interested in purchasing his book, here's where you can go. http://www.publishamerica.net/product9119.html

OKEE DOKEE.....Mona here.....now I gotta tell you about my baby girl KOYA!!
Koya has been my baby girl since the first day Mommy showed me her picture
and I feel in love with her on the spot.

Koya in the fitst picture I saw of her. It was love at first sight.

Koya with the duckie I gave her for Easter.
Well my baby girl is in a contest, she just gotta win cause she's the most perfect baby in the world. Her Grandma, Kat, sent this e-mail to Me and Mommy. Of course she sent it to a lots of her friends but mainly to me!


My grandbaby is in a baby contest being sponsored by Channel 2. I would ask that each of you go to their page and vote for her. You have to register, but it is a simple and quick process. After you click on the vote button it brings you to the actual pictures. You can just enter the name "KOYA" in the search engine and her page will come straight up instead of going through all of the pictures.
The website is 39online.upickem.net.
Thanks ladies and have a beautiful day!

Koya's offical contest picture.

Please consider placing a vote for my girl at:


{{{huggies}}}.....Mona & Weenie


Frankie Furter said...

Oh Mona what a grrrreat post. I love the dictionary thingy!! I really laughed at some of them. My dad doesn't have any furs on his head either..

That is one cute baby. I am gonna go try to get my vote in now. I'll cross my paws that she wins.. butt no matter what.. she is ALREADY a Sweeeet Winner in MY BOOK. Hehehe.. that was a Frankie Funny... since you were just talking about the grrreat book.

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Lots of luck to Koya, she is adorable. We will go vote for her too.

Bernie sounds like a fun pup. We really enjoyed your preview of his book.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Benny and Lily said...

Great post and what a cool book
Benny & Lily

Maggie and Mitch said...

Koya is just beautiful! We voted for her. Thank you for putting our pictures on your bloggie, Mona!

Love ya lots,
Maggie, Mitch and Autumn