June 27, 2011

Faith Update and ATDR's Amelia

QUOTES OF THE DAY: (courtesy of Maggi @ http://thesplorinwolfies.blogspot.com/)

"Hardly any animal can look as deeply disappointed as a dog to whom one says "no." ~~~Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

(courtesy of Mindy Sue @ http://middysuefosterdog.blogspot.com/)

"I'm looking more like my dogs every day — it must be the shaggy fringe and the ears."
~~ Christine McVie

(courtesy of Matilda @ http://iammatilda.blogspot.com/)

"Dachshund: A half-a-dog high and a dog-and-a-half long."
~~ H.L. Mencken

(courtesy of Mack @ http://mackmess.blogspot.com/)

"Most owners are at length able to teach themselves to obey their dog."
~~ Robert Morley

Mommy here........When looking for models for our "M" flower posts Mona & Weenie just couldn't decide who to chose. So yesterday you got to see Maggie & Mitch and their wheelie sister Autumn. But there are so many very pretty girl and handsome boy doggies that Mona & Weenie decided to post some more of our very dear friends. Some were on on snow posts too. Maggi is a blind wolf hound. Enjoy our friends!!

Update on Faith......

Gerlinde and her family have a farm that they visit as often as they can. They just got back and she sent Mommy some pictures, here are just a few and a little update on how Faith's first weekend with the family went.

Faith and a new little friend, Lilly.


Faith is doing well, she is a funny little dog that like to follow you and cuddles like a small cat.
She learns quick, I try with a clicker to see if I can teach her some commands to come…. We will see how we will do.
She did well in the country, followed Lucy ( and she is not fond of a puppy following her), Lucy is adjusting to being not the ONLY one that goes to the farm.
Faith slept in a small crate we brought along. She found the food and water, and found the crate. Her senses are good, just a little more training is needed for her to come and find you.
We had visitors from Oregon yesterday and Lilly (the little girl) was in love with Faith.
The farm is a safe place, I’m always outside with the dogs when they do their business, Lucy loves to bark at the cows… and the horses. Faith barked when she was left alone in the room, she was hiding under the couch and we did not know!
I will read up a little more on how to train/help a blind dog. Greyson is coming when you call his name, he knows the yard and some commands, but he is older and a little wiser!

Sounds to us like Gerlinde and Chris are the perfect foster family for our little blind girl.

"Weenie!! What's wrong? Why are you crying little fella?"
"It's just not fair, Sissy!! What did Faith, Maggi and me do for us to be blind? We be good doggies."
"I know Weenie, but don't cry. There are lots of good people in the world that will make sure that all of you will be taken care of and loved."
"Mommy says it's all in God's hands and we gotta believe HE knows what he's doing, Right?
"Yes!! of course. We must always remember that."

Mommy here again..........

It is so sad that dogs are forced into blindness because of the way they are bred, as is the case with Faith. But changing the law is easier said than done. A few days ago ATDR sent out a video on a little girl named Amelia. You would never guess there was anything wrong watching the video, being blind hasn't stopped this little one from having fun the way a pup should.She is partially blind but is receiving care. The good news is that she may regain her sight. Please keep her in your prayers.


Here is her story copied and pasted from our website:

This beautiful baby, now called Amelia was surrendered to an area shelter in near critical condition. At four – five months, she was almost blind and weakened to the point of lethargy. Blood tests revealed that her liver enzymes were off the chart, consistent with a reaction to strong vaccinations or even poisoning! We are treating her symptoms now and watching closely for any changes. She will be making a trip to a Canine Ophthalmologist this week and will be addressing those issues after getting her a bit more stable medically. Amelia needs your support and any help you can give! Please considering making a tax deductible donation toward her medical expenses. Thank you!


Update: June 2, 2011 - Amelia's Ophthalmologist said she's suffering from an inflammation and fluid build up in each eye; clearly more severe in her left eye. The left eye has the ability to distinguish light and movement. She's receiving medication now and will be rechecked in the coming weeks. The vet is hopeful that she may regain some vision in her left eye. Vision in her right eye seems good!Amelia also had another blood work up and her liver count is still high but greatly improved. The vet said it can take up to 3 months to get the liver back to normal. She will have another blood test in 3 weeks.She is eating like a little horse and bouncing all over the place. She loves her foster siblings and cuddles with her foster mom all night. Please keep Amelia in your thoughts. Any donation to offset her vet bills would be greatly appreciated as well. Thank you!

Here is the link for the video. Just watching it made me smile.


{{{huggies}}}....Mona & Weenie


Frankie Furter said...

OMD... what a sad story. I wish the best. I have my paws crossed tightly.

Mack said...

Hi Mona & Mommy!
We're so glad you like our pic. The roses are all DEAD now!!
Mom just read the Dog Show is gonna be next month - are you gonna be selling kisses????


Benny and Lily said...

Those are some great quotes and good looking friends
Benny & Lily

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

very very beautiful and moving post. WE have found Maggi to thrive on love --and that her blindness is harder on humans than it is on her. They have a sixth sense about them that seems to guide them through life. we are thinking of you.. xo the wolfies

Gerli said...

Thank you to post of us. Faith has becomre more secure in her surroundings. She carries my shoes around now! I have to get her to stop doing that. I found out that she is in love with the lab! He likes to lay with her in the small dog bed. What a funny pair. Lucy is still a bit mad at me for holding Faith more than her. I guess I like to hold the soft little one right now so much since she needs some guidance. Thanks and see you soon

A MilShelb Mom said...

We are glad Amelia is in good hands now. It is also great that faith is in a good foster home! Maybe they will be her forever family!
~Milly and Shelby