June 29, 2015

Guess what?

We got company!!


Pappy ("Papillon")


Hey there!! It's me Sammie Jean,

Mommy has been so busy since she went back to work that we haven't been able to post but this is too important not to share.


Yep Simone, Pappy and Bentley are staying with us for 10 whole days while Aunt Pam and Uncle Tim are in Alaska on vacation. Mommy has heard so many stories about how me, Simone and Pappy played so hard together that she decided
to keep them and Bentley too. Mommy took all kinds if videos of us all playing Saturday and yesterday that she made a big Smileybox of us. It's pretty long so you might not want to watch it all but we was having so much fun that Mommy couldn't stop. Nobody was hurt but it looks like we was killing each other.

See ya'll later!!
Sammie Jean

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June 16, 2015


We're back!! It seems like ages since we had to leave Mommy
during her health crisis. Our last post was May 10th but it
seems like we was gone for months and months and not just 5
weeks. Us girls are doing just fine!! Me, Mona, and Prissy came home a week ago, Sunday, and Sammie Jean came home Saturday.
We had a wonderful time with Bentley and his family, but there is nothing better than being home. Aunt Pam and Uncle Tim took
excellent care of all of us. I am doing much better than last reported. My changes in medication seem to be doing the trick.
Mommy made this little video just to show you how fast we got back into the swing of things.

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She is doing wonderful considering what could have happened. The surgeon was able to remove
the portion of her colon that was cancerous and all of the biopsies came back negative and the lymph nodes were not effected. She went back to work last Monday but still has to take it easy. She can't
begin to thank you all for the prayers and many cards that came to cheer her up. She plans on thanking everyone personally when she gets organized again.

So much has happened since we have been away,
So many of our blogging friends have crossed the
bridge that we are saddened. Mommy is ashamed that she is behind on our adoption reports for March, April and May. We hope to catch up on all the Blogville happenings soon and be back full time shortly.

.Much love dearest friends,

Mona, Prissy, Sammie Jean and the Mommy too!!

May 10, 2015

Mommy Update and Me needs POTP too.

Mona here.....

First off me and my sisters  want to wish all of our fur friends Mommies the best mother's Day ever to be!~! and to  thank every one for the cards, thoughts and prayers for our Mommy. She just
hasn't been up to blogging. So much has been going on that we have missed in  Blogville but you guys are ALWAYS close in our hearts and on our minds.

This afternoon us girls had to leave for Bentley's house for a awhile. Me and Prissy have stayed there many times before but Sammie Jean was scared and didn't want to go. We tried to tell her it would be a great adventure but she cried and so did the Mommy. 

Mommy's is having surgery Tuesday at St Joseph. She will be in the hospital for 4 to 5 days if there are no complications. Then she
will be going to Aunt Pam for a week or so. She has asked for a
FMLA for 4 weeks but GOD FORBID it could be longer. We can't stand the thought of being away from the Mommy for that long.

We are encouraged by what the surgeon thinks but we are still pretty scared. In the meantime, it hasn't helped that Mommy is very worried about me. I am having lots of issues right now and Dr Briles is afraid I will be joining my beloved brother before too long. I'm not as bright eyed or bushytailed as I used to be but I can still move pretty fast when a tree rat dares to get too close.  I'll let her tell you about it.

The Mommy here......

My sweet Mona hasn't been doing well of late. Her liver functions are elevated which means her Cushings is starting to take control. She has gained 2.7 pounds in less than 3 months and now has a potbelly like most dogs with Cushings develop. Her medication isn't doing the job it once did. Dr Briles is more concerned with her heart than the Cushings. He believes she has congestive heart failure now and not just a heart murmur anymore. She still has problems walking with her dislocated knee but pain meds do seem to help. She still wants to play with her stuffies and her sisters and there are times that I still see the sparkle in her eyes. Most of the time she looks so sad. Dr Briles says she will let me know when she is ready to cross the bridge. My heart breaks at the thought but I know that when the time comes Weenie will be at the gates gates waiting for her.

My eyes are tearing up so we will close for now. Please pray for my girl.

The Mommy, Sarah.

April 27, 2015

Mommy Update

Quote of the Day…     
- Maya Angelou

Dearest Friends,

Thank you all so much for the thoughts and
prayers for our Mommy.

We just heard from the doctor. His exact words
were "There is evidence of cancer on the surface
of the growth."

She has an appointment with the surgeon on
Thursday and the surgery will be done ASAP.

♥♥♥♥Mona, Prissy, Sammie Jean & Angel Weenie


April 25, 2015

Power of the Paw Request
for the Mommy.....

Dearest friends,

We haven't been posting much lately because the Mommy
hasn't been feeling well for a long time. Friday she had a colonoscopy, that had been postponed twice by the doctor.

The results were not good. Besides having polyps removed,
she has a large mass on the right side of her colon. The doctor
did a biopsy and the results should be back Monday.
 Surgery will be done as soon as possible.
She will have to have the mass removed and part of her colon and if there is no cancer, it's over and done
with. If there is cancer we don't know what will happen then.

We are home with Mommy for now but will stay with
Bentley and his family when Mommy has surgery. Aunt Pam
and Uncle Tim said we can stay with for as long is needed and we love them for that but they aren't the Mommy.

We'll be back when we can. Please keep the Mommy in
your thoughts and prayers.

   ♥♥♥♥Mona, Prissy, Sammie Jean and Angel Wennie