September 28, 2014

Sunday Smilebox Memory and Meet Shelby Lynn

 Today's memory is from the 2011 Back to School Bash 
of me demonstrating the art of Roaching to the accompaniment
of wind chimes for my class.    

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And then there were 3!

Meet Shelby Lynn

There's a new girl at our house.. She's going to stay with us
for awhile. Mommy picked her up for ATDR from Montgomery
County Animal Control and agreed to foster her. Since she picked her up, she got to name her. 

She is not a puppy!! Just a very tiny, 7.2 pound, 3-4 year old.
She is heart worm positive but first will have to be spayed and have a dental before treatment can be started. 

Unless Mommy gets hooked and fails fostering AGAIN
she'll be ready for adoption in a few months.



September 24, 2014


BORN SEPT. 24, 1913

Dearest  friends,

Today is usually Wordless Wednesday here on our
blog but today is a special day. Our Mommy's Mommy would
be 101 years old today, if she was still with us. Mommy misses
her so much. The Wild and Wooly Ricca Girls could do no wrong in her eyes, even though, we know that Mommy was a very naughty girl. We think she came out pretty good in spit of herself.

We have to share something with you that Aunt Judy sent Mommy yesterday, that said.........Subject: Growing up Italian.

She told Mommy every Italian had to see this. She didn't even know that today was Granny's birthday. Mommy cried and cried as she was watching it because it was so true and brought back many memories. Let us say that it is very long, 12 1/2 minuets, but worth every second to an Italian. We will understand if you choose not to listen to it. So many of the pictures could have been Mommy's relatives. Here is the link.........

The old girl boo who'd all night long.

♥♥♥Mona, Prissy and Angel Weenie

Ps...........We saw this link right before we went to bed.
Love it! Nothing like a rescue story to get your heart to thumping.


September 22, 2014

September 21, 2014


Quote of the Day…     
“I don’t regret the things I’ve done, I regret the things I didn’t do when I had the chance.” 
-- Author Unknown

Today's memory is of the 2011 Arthritis Walk which was the first
ATDR event Weenie participated in after he was adopted. Mike
 walked Mona and different volunteers pulled the dachsie wagon with Weenie and the others that couldn't walk the route.
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September 20, 2014

 Question for the day in celebration of 

 Q: What is a man's idea of a balanced diet?
A: A BEER in each hand!

Today we're celebrating at Casey & Cinderella's
            ~~~Oktobertest Pawty~~~
What a fantastic Party!!  We've been standing in line 
forever at Chef Sasha's for some of her foodables. OMD
you just gotta check it out at


Did you know that we are German?? Yep we are. We come from a long line of beer makers

and we do know how to eat, so Mommy's cooked up a feast for us in case Chef Sasha runs out. 

Mommy says first you have a 

then you have your main course

then some desert (for the peeps only)

German Chocolate Cake Roll

Berry Strudel

 and for us

and then some more

and then you gotta have some

Burp!!     Life is good.

♥♥♥Mona & Prissy