November 29, 2015

Sunday Smilebox Memory
New Christmas Smilebox Announcement

Today's Smiley box memory is from 2013.

It was Prissy's 1st Christmas as one
of Mommy's girls.

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New Smilebox Announcement

Since Smilebox is working again (knock on wood), .
The Mommy would like to create a new Smilebox for
this Christmas for all the residents of Blogville.

If you would like to be included just send your Christmas
pictures or videos to us at
and include the name of each of you that's in the picture.
Ya don't gotta be dressed up it you don't wanna. We just want to see your gorgeous faces in our Smiley box. One last
thing, your peeps can be included in your pictures too.

Here is the Christmas Smilebox
Mommy did for all of us in 2014.

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Santa Paws is watching!!
Have you been naughty or nice?

Love ya......Mommy's Girls

November 26, 2015

GIVING THANKS, a special adoption story,
DREAM  in the Thanksgiving Day parade
and a Thanksgiving Smilebox Memory.

Dearest friends,

There is much to be thankful for this year,

Our Mommy is still here, still fighting her cancer and anemia,
but not giving up. She goes back to the oncologist on Dec 17th
to see if the news is good. Please keep praying all goes well.

I, Sammie Jean, joined the family in April and am thriving
and I even have a special doggie friend named Higgins. I call him Higgie. You might know him, he's a blogger too.

I, Prissy, love life and being one of Mommy's girls. My heart was recently broken, when Susie and Sidebite stopped
blogging which meant my sweet love Mickey isn't around
anymore but maybe there is somebody else out there that
needs a girlfriend. I'm eleven years old and a redhead, BTW.

I, Mona, am here for now but I may be leaving soon to
be with my beloved Weenie at the bridge. My Cushings is in 
better control than Dr B thought it would be but my CHF has
gotten worse. We are dealing with it as best we can and most
of the time I feel good but I'm tired a lot. I enjoy sitting with Mommy and being loved on. Watching Sammie Jean and
Prissy playing is a hoot and I'm so glad Sammie Jean is
here so Prissy will have company when I'm gone. I'm also
thankful that Max still loves me.

We are thankful for the many friends we have in Blogville who are here to support us at all times and of course for all our
friends in Houston, like Pappy and Bentley, who are here
for the holiday with us. They came Sunday and are staying
with us until this coming Sunday.

With all our love......Mommy girls, aka Mona, Prissy and
Sammie Jean

The Mommy here.....

The kids have all shared what they are thankful for.
Most of you know how I feel about dogs, it doesn't matter
if it's a dachshund or not.  In the last 3 months there was one little dog that touched my heart and I am thankful I was able
be a part of his life.  On Sept 19, Mona went for her 6 month cancer checkup, she has been cancer free for years now but still gets checked every 6 months. I met this little fella for the first
time that Saturday and fell in love like I haven't been since I found my precious little Weenie. You see he is going blind just like Weenie did.

Frisky’s Bio


            Hi my name is Frisky I am 13 yrs old.  My daddy passed away on 9/5/15 and I have been waiting for my sister to come pick me up but the staff at Aldine Animal Hospital has had no luck getting my sister to return any calls to come bring me home.  I am on Phenobarbital to prevent me from having seizures.  I love going for walks and being outside in general.  I haven’t been around many kids but I did get a chance to meet 2 little boys for just a short time and loved the attention.

He was not Frisky at all but very depressed. Not only had his Daddy died but his sister said to just go ahead and put him to sleep because she didn't want him BUT Dr B wouldn't allow that. So Frisky came home that morning for a visit. I took him back right before they closed for the day. The below picture was taken after he got back. The was exhausted, worn out from playing in the sun all morning but very happy. So began his once a week Saturday visits.

As long as it took Aldine Animal was willing to pull out all the stops to get him adopted. Schnauzer Rescue of Texas agreed to post about him on their website. In October they heard from a
former Texan that was moving back here from Wisconsin who has a 15 year old blind schnauzer. So on Monday he went to his
forever home and the best part is his new Mommy is keeping
Aldine Animal as his vet and wants to stay in touch with me so I can still visit with him. I thank the good Lord for letting me
have a small part in his life.

Today was a special Thanksgiving for DREAM. They
participated in the Houston THANKSGIVING DAY
parade. Here are a few pictures Meredith shared with us.

BARC's float DREAM shared.
The DREAM seniors road on the
float and the youngsters trotted along behind on their short little legs.

Tina's parade hat

And there were horses too!!


One last thing before we leave, it's Angel Weenie's turn.
Here is the video of his last Thanksgiving with us and some of our friends in 2012.


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Now let's eat!!!!

Happy thanksgiving from our house to yours!!

Mona, Prissy, Sammie Jean, Angel Weenie
and the Mommy too.

November 23, 2015

November 22, 2015

Smilebox Sunday Memory....

Angel Weenie here......

Hi there Blogville,

Today is the third installment of Christmas Smiley
boxes my Mommy has created since 2010.

2012 was my last Christmas with two of the three
most important ladies in my life, my Mona and my
Mommy. Mommy created 2 Smiley boxes of me and
my Mona and then a special one just for the third and
the only love of my life.

This was our greeting to Blogville.
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This was of me an Sissy goofing off.

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And lastly the Smilebox for the only love of my life.
The emotion I felt while Mommy created it for me is
as real now as it was then. My darling girl is almost
totally blind now like I was but I can see now and I am
watching out for her as she makes her way.

To my love Amber I say "Back then I saw you with my heart
but now with my eyes wide open and you are still in my heart.
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I miss you all dearest friends.

November 21, 2015

Sleeping in Saturday......

Good morning,

Another rainy Saturday but this time
a cold one too so we're sleeping in.
Care for a cup of coffee?


Stay dry and warm......Love ya......Mommy's girls.