February 11, 2016

Guest post from Pam and Tim.
Mona here ... Well we are back with our buddies again.
Mommy is having her liver biopsy tomorrow and so off we went again. Pam sent Mommy this e-mail so she'd know how
things were going. Not to worry Mommy we are fine and will be home hopefully in time for Valentine's Day.
When the girls and I arrived last night, I decided to come in through the garage into the kitchen.  Our hoodlums heard the garage door raise up, and started barking wildly.  Upon hearing the chorus, yours lurched crazily toward the house door to get inside and join the bedlam.  When we 4 came in through the door, it was a way-over-the-top joyful reunion for everyone.
Simone and Sammie danced around together and Mona became very animated as she rushed around checking everyone out personally to be sure they were in tip-top shape. Then we all went into the backyard and told the neighbors ALL about it until Tim whistled through his front teeth to convince everyone that they should reduce the decibel level.  As a group, we rushed into the house, then back out of the house, then back in, then out, and so on.  
You would have thought they hadn't seen each other in a year, although it was actually just a couple of weeks ago.

All is well.  VERY well with the kiddos!

February 1, 2016

For the Weenie in all of us.....

Please click before for a good laugh!!


and a Mommy update....

Mommy is still waiting for her needle Liver biopsy to be
scheduled. The MRI shows there is no cancer in her colon
(where the cancer was first found) or any other of her organs but there were 4 or more lesions on her liver thus the need for a biopsy. She has decided not to panic until they see what the biopsy shows. Actually she is feeling pretty good and is not
anemic anymore but still taking iron pills.

Please keep her in your prayers.

Love to all.........Mommy's Girls

January 24, 2016

Guest Post by Pam and Tim.....

January 10, 2016

Mona and the Mommy Updates

Hi dearest friends,

Prissy and Sammie Jean, your resident nurses on duty here....

Our computer is working again and before it dies we wanted to share a quick update on Mona and the Mommy.  

First we want to say a big THANK YOU to our dear furfreinds
Frankie, Ernie and Sarge for letting you know Mona was out of the woods the other day. She had hemorrhagic gastroenteritis,
which is  nasty and very dangerous condition that can strike without warning. The Vet's at the emergency clinic still aren't sure what caused it but if was very scary. Mona stayed 2 nights and came home Thursday night. She is feeling much better but is still on 3 liquid medications and tomorrow afternoon she will be going to Dr Briles for a follow-up. Dr Alexander, at the
emergency clinic, fell in love with Mona and told Mommy she hated to see her go and what a sweet girl she was. She had taken a picture of Mona, showed it to Mommy and then e-mailed it to us so we could see Mona was getting better. 

 Here it is.....

Here Mona is this afternoon with me, Prissy.....

Simone, Spencer and Pappy came over for a visit today and Mona played like nothing had happened. I, Prissy, have been very watchful that she doesn't overdue it. Here is a video that
their Mom took of some us chasing a reflection that we didn't catch, dang it!


This video Mommy took of our furfriends Mommy, Pam,
chasing the dogs. Mona just watched and barked at us.


Mommy will try again tomorrow to have her PET scan so please keep her and Mona in your prayers.

Nurse Prissy signing out.

January 6, 2016

Update and Mona at Emergency Hospital

Dearest friends,

Yesterday did not go very well.
I was unable to do the PET scan because my sugar was too high, 20 points over the acceptable level to do the test. It has been rescheduled for the 11th.
I am very frustrated. If I had know the blood sugar was a significant factor I could have been better prepared.

Early this morning Mona started whimpering and wanted out of bed. I let her down and she ran to the pee paid and starting throwing up and peeing
what looked like blood. I threw some clothes on
and grabbed her up and headed to the emergency
hospital. She started pooping bloody stools. while we were headed over there.

 She is there now. I well update as I hear something new.

Please keep Mona next to your hearts and in your

The Mommy