July 29, 2015



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July 28, 2015

Hi friends,

Our computer's sick! Mommy is so frustrated she'd like to kick
it in the butt if she thought it would do any good but with her luck she would break her foot and she already has enough medical problems as is it.

We never could get videos to load much anyway, and now Smilebox won't even open up for us to create or copy one o our blog. 

Dang it!! We had a really cute video of me.......



Simone that I wanted to post tonight. Why you ask?  Cause she and Pappy are coming over
.tomorrow night and stay with us until Sunday. This time Bentley isn't coming but Spencer is. He's spent time over here before too.

It's so much s\fun around here with so many doggies coming and going. We gots what you call an open door policy. Everybody is welcome at our house.

Bear with us while Mommy tries to find out what the heck is wrong with our computer.
It's just killing her that she can't do her Smileboxes..

.Love ya..........Sammie Jean


July 21, 2015

The Best Seat in the House!!!

Dang it but we missed the Houston World Series of Dog    Shows this last weekend but this cutie didn't.

Gone are the days of Mona working the kissing both for
ATDR & DROH but she still can give a mean kiss whenever
.Max, the other De weenie comes calling.

Happy Tuesday..........Mommy's girls.

July 17, 2015


Kinda look familiar? We gots company coming Aug 6 - 10th,
Shotgun (Buckshot) and Bullet.  Yahoo-Yippie!!.

And on a more serious note.........

Meet one of Sammie Jean's puppers--Aidan Amore.
He is available for adoption.

Aidan, or "Little Man" as we call him because he is so tiny, is doing really well with us. His personality has blossomed so much since we first picked him up. He is still very timid and shy with new people he meets, but that changes once he knows you . He does get nervous and has slight potty accidents, but it's not as often as when we first picked him up. He does really good with his foster brother and sister, LOVES to play, and "outside" is his favorite spot. He is super playful and loves to give kisses to his foster siblings. We know he will bring lots of love and laughs to the family who adopts him.