November 5, 2008



"Earth laughs in flowers." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hi dear friends,

The last time we posted Mommy said she would like to do a post about my friends favorite flower native to their country. The Mommy didn't mean to leave anybody out, so what she should have said was my friends favorite flower wherever you live even in the USA......after all the USA is pretty big and what grows in the south might not grow in the East, West or North. So send your pictures as soon as you can and let the Mommy know if it's OK to use one of my favorite pictures from your blogs of you to go along with your flower. We have been having trouble with our sbc global connection so if you could send then to -- that one works all the time.

Bolo was the first doggie to send me a picture of a Trillium, which is the official Provincial Flower of Ontario which is the province where he lives. He said that there is a law that you can't pick them. For those of you who don't is against the law in TEXAS to pick blue bonnets off the side of the road. People have been arrested for doing just that, which made the Mommy think of the time she almost got arrested because the highway patrol said she was picking them. So she is gonna share the story with you.

First you have to set the mood. It was a gorgeous Saturday morning in April 1993. The Mommy, Samantha (then about 3 years old and very small) and the Mommy's Godfather, Uncle Bennie, decided to drive up around Brennan to see the blue bonnets. The best place in all of Texas to see blue bonnets, and Indian paint brushes and buttercups too, is right off the highway before you come into Brennan. Imagine a field of bluebonnets like these in the picture below.

The Mommy was sitting in the middle of the field, she was lots younger then and could still get up & down without falling on her nose, when the highway patrol stopped and accused her of picking bluebonnets. I have been told that she was quite a spitfire back in those days and she told him off.....nicely of course, that she WAS NOT picking flowers and that she had stopped to let Samantha go potty. Of course they didn't believe her. She very politely told the two big burly patrolmen, that why would she be sitting in a field off the side of a road holding a 12 foot leash in her hand if there wasn't a dog on the end of it.They said they didn't see any dog. So she called Samantha's name, and you could hear a answering bark and see a long red tail sticking straight up out of the blue bonnets. When she came trotting up, she had a mouthful of bluebonnets. The Mommy told them if they wanted to arrest Samantha to go ahead. Hee Hee, wish I could of been there to see the look on their faces. They told the Mommy to have a good day and got in their patrol car and speed away from there. I need your help. Remember I said me and the Mommy were going to the Woof! Stock this coming Saturday to help in the DROH booth? Well there is gonna be a costume contest and DROH wanted 5 of us doggies to represent us. I was one of the ones that was chosen. I was thinking of wearing my pink princess dress and jewels but Aunt Judy thought it would be cute for me to wear one of my bikinis. The picture below was taken at the first Halloweiner Party I ever went to in 2005. What do you think.....a bikini or a dress? I was lots smaller then so I don't even have this one anymore but I do have my red & white one the Mommy bought me this summer that still fits.

Well it is way past the Mommy's bedtime but before we go we to wanted to share a link Uncle Ron sent us about the two goats he bought. Remember he bought 2 goats named Waylon & Willie. Well Aunt Deb wanted two Pygmy goats, so they bought Roseann & Layla. It is so cute. Uncle Ron gots a beard just like the goats. Hee Hee!!

Love, kisses and Hugies to all....Mona & the Mommy too!!


Simba said...

You are allowed to pick wild flowers here either. I suppose it makes sense. Love your outfit.

Simba x

Girl Girl Hamster said...

You look really cute in your bikini. ;)

~ Girl girl

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Haha, I'm glad you didn't wear your bikini on your date with Snowy, otherwise he would've forgotten his way back to Dubai!

Ruby said...

Hi Mona
I live in Ontario, like Bolo so my provincial flower is the trillium.
I like your roadside flower adventure story. Your mom was quite brave to talk back to the highway patrol.
I like your bikini, wear that if its hot. Maybe you can tie a gauzy coverup around you to.
Have fun @ Woof Stock.
Love Ruby

mini said...

I left you a award on my blog. Go get it.

Dannan and The Girl said...

Wow. Mona, I don't know which outfit to tell you to wear. You look beWROOtiful in both of them!

Your Mommy was much braver than The Girl would have been, confronted with the police!

I have something for you over at my bloggy, so drop by when you have a chance. Wrooo!

Brown dog kisses,

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hahhaa.. I just had to laugh when I read the part where your mommy told the polic to arrest Samantha! Glad everything turned out fine..
I think your bikini is really cool ** blush**

happy said...

Ooh you look really great in the bikini, Mona! LS is still trying to find the flowers pictures for you.

Maggie and Mitch said...

The Bluebonnets are just beautiful, Mona! Our mom loves flowers like your mom does!
Waylon and Willie are so cute!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lady Kaos said...

Mom can't find the pictures she wanted to send you. Mom can't believe all the stuff that she can't find since we moved. She knows she packed them but has no idea where the box is. WE did find another picture we can send you. They really aren't native flowes but they're som of my mom's favorite. Mom wants to tell your mom the name of the one though so she has to find the little card she kept to remember what it is. She knew where it was before Dad organized the garage.

Murphey said...

Hello Mona! and the Mommy too!

We've been bad and no bloggin lately, busy or lazy, hmm, we aren't saying which.

You asked a while ago if you could use our butterfly flower photo. If you still want to, go ahead!


Amber-Mae said...

Oh my gosh! You look sooo cute with your red bikini!!!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Mack said...

Hi pretty Mona!!
Sorry my mom/secretary has been really bad about visiting blogs lately!

We would LOVE to go see you at Woof!Stock but our daddy is gonna be gone for TWO WHOLE weeks starting Monday and mom says we better get some quality time in with him! Maybe we can see each other soon!