November 7, 2008



"It is a strange thing, love.
Nothing but love has made the dog lose his wild freedom, to become the servant of man." --- D.H. Lawrence

Hi my dear friends,

I'm in the dog house right now. I was a bad girl yesterday when the Mommy got home from work and again today. I am so ashamed of myself for almost making the Mommy have a heart attack tonight. The Mommy said yesterday was bad enough but tonight she got really afraid. When the Mommy got home last night I managed to get past her before she had a chance to close the screen door. I didn't go anywhere. The Mommy heard my tags, knew I had gotten out into the front yard and hollered at me to stop and get back in the house in that tone of voice that wakes the dead. I trotted back in because when she uses that voice I know I'm in trouble. The Mommy knows I would never go near the street.....streets and cars scare me....I still remember when I was just a puppy dodging traffic on a busy street.

BUT tonight I got out again and the Mommy didn't see me or hear my dog tags. She hunted all over the house, kept calling my name, looked everywhere in the house and then came back out into the front yard frantic that somebody had stolen me. I didn't mean to scare the Mommy, it's just that I don't get the chance to go outside in the front yard very often so when the opportunity took place I just had to take it. Is it my fault that the Mommy is so slow, that she doesn't shut the door fast enough. When the Mommy finally found me 20 minutes later I was over at Roland's house playing with his grandson, Nicholas, and his new 8 week old puppy. The Mommy didn't mind that I was playing with them......BUT she was furious because I had run across the street to get to Nicholas and his puppy. I never cross the street willingly and the Mommy was crying because she said I could have been run over our something.

The Mommy took this picture of me while we was sitting outside, while she was scolding me for being bad girl. She sad it would have broken her heart if something had happened to me....."I'm so sorry Mommy" **crying** Since I am now grounded starting Sunday, not tomorrow because of Woof! Stock, I am not allowed to blog tonight. **crying**.

Me listening to the lecture. I really am sorry!!

Tomorrow is Woof! Stock in Clear Lake. DROH called the Mommy and said they had decided to try and bring the kissing booth and would I work it like I did at the dog fair in Deer Park. I made $28.00 all by myself at that dog fair. I just love kissing and since Snowy isn't here for me to give free kisses to, I might as well raise some money selling my kisses.

Since I'm not supposed to be blogging, the Mommy wants to tell you what all is happening tomorrow.

THE MOMMY.......Since I promised DROH that Mona would work the kissing booth and be one of the contestants in the Best Dressed Dog Contest she will not be grounded until Sunday. There will be lots to fun things for the dogs to do and the humans too. Here is a rundown of tomorrow happenings.

11:30 am: Dog Training Seminar "How to make your dog your best friend", hosted by Jason Vasconi of Have Leash Will Travel. Mona is already my best friend even though I'm upset with her right about now.

12:00 noon: Best Dressed Dog Contest.

12:15 pm: Houston Canine Frisbee Disc Club

1:00 pm: Best Dog Trick: Let Your Dog Show Their Skills.

1:15 pm: Owner-Dog Look Alike Contest

1:30 pm: Ball Catch Challenge: How many balls can your dog catch in 30 seconds?

1:45 pm: Houston Canine Frisbee Disc Club Demonstration

2:30 pm: Blessing of the Animals: Dogs in person, others pets by photo. "Mona needs a good blessing & me too"

3:00 pm: Raffle Drawings

As you can see, tomorrow is gonna be a busy day but Mona & I are both looking forward to the festivities. DROH is just one of the many Rescue groups that will be there. We'll be taking applications, selling kisses, showing some our available for adoption dogs and selling harnesses to help us reach our $10,000.00 goal before December 31st.

Gotto go.....5 am will be here before you know it.

Love, kisses and Huggies to all....Mona & the Mommy too!!


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...


PLEASE don't do that again!

I did that to my mom last Friday -


Lacy said...

w00f's Mona and Mommy, never do dat again Mona, u cooda been hurted wonder the mommy wuz hopes u makes bunches of money tomorrow...

b safe,

Raising Addie said...

Mona, please don't scare mommy like that again... she loves you lots so just don't do that, ok.

I wish we lived closer so we could go to the event. We can't wait to hear all about it and to see all the pictures.

Have a lot of fun!


Matilda said...

Ohhhhhh, Mona,
Do not do that again. And show us your smile! Your mom loves you so much! {{{Big Hugs}}}
I wish I could come and get your kisses at the festival. Have a nice day! wags wags

Matilda said...

Hi Mona and Mommy!
Oh, say hello to Nigel and other your friends! I am really looking forward to seeing your pictures. Enjoy the event! wags wags

Ruby said...

Hi Mona & the Mommy
Don't do that again. Crossing the road without your mom is so dangerous. I got away from mom when I was just a small pup, I ran straight onto the road. We live on such a busy street, I'm so lucky I ran down the side of the road beside the cars. I didn't come either, mom caught me by stepping on the leash. I spent a lot of time in the crate that day.
I hope your grounding time passes quickly. Maybe if you give mommy extra Mona fixes she'll unground you early for good loving.
Love Ruby

mini said...

I'm grounded to the mommys juts dont get it!

The Aphasia Decoder.... said...

Going outside the door on a sneak in a no-no at my house too. Me don't get why but me's glad your Moomie got you back before the bad stuff got you.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Mona!
OMD! Please don't do that again! I just can imagine how scared was your Mommy!
Glad you are ok!
Have fun tomorrow!
Kisses and hugs

THE ZOO said...

Mona yoo qwit skerring yur momma. beans know best.

we gotted grownded fur tha same thang several weeks back so we know now. wes allowed ta properly walk ta tha car fur rides but we tuked off romping seferal tymes lately. owr gurl beans a NAG and so we got NAGGED mur than anything. we wont do it again so we dont hafe ta hear her NAG.

stay safe and mind yur momma well.
hafe a gud tyme at tha fair...JD & Gussie

Southbay Girl said...

Mona...don't run out again! It would be awful if something happened to you!!! Be safe!!


Maggie and Mitch said...

Don't be sad, Mona! Your mommy just loves the dickens out of you - that's why she's so upset! It won't be long before she scoops you up and hugs you to death - we're sure of this, so wipe away those tears, okay?

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Peanut said...

You be more careful. We would not like it at all if something happened to you.