October 10, 2008


"I felt a great sense of excitement and secret power when I followed my dog's lead in burying something of value in the backyard." --- Phil Littman
Hi my dear friends,
Finally, the Mommy has loaded some the pictures I wanted to show you of the country.
There are lots more but tonight we are just gonna show you some of the things we saw in the country. There are always lots of animals roaming around....but no snakes in sight.
Every day, this was the kind of sky we saw while sitting on the front porch. Actually the Mommies sat on the porch drinking coffee while us doggies started our usual rounds of barking, sniffing and getting into mischief. The sunrise is beautiful with lots of pretty colors before the sky turns blue with lots puffy clouds. No airplanes overhead, no hooking hours, no sirens....just peace & quite. Maybe a train way off in the distance and the sound off the wind in the leaves and birds chirping. This is the definition of paradise -- 110 miles from Houston!!!

Since its been a few day since my last country post, let me give you another close look at my country friends.

This is Maggie. She is the oldest of us girls and pretty much likes to hang by herself or with her Mommy, Becky.

This is Andy. He is the youngest of Mary's boys and is very handsome. I think he likes me and I do like him too. I'm older than Andy but ya know what the Mommy's Granny used to say?

This is Sammy the fearless. He barks at everything, even white socks on people's feet. He very protective of his Mommy Mary.

This is Andy, Maggie's younger brother. He looks just like my brother, Jacks.

This, of course, is Roxie. The Mommy can't help herself, she wishes Roxie belonged to her because she looks so much like her Samantha did when she was young. Mary said if Roxie ever disappeared, she'd head right over to my house to look for her. The Mommy hasn't quite fingered out to get her in the car to make a fast getaway with her when we go home.

And of course, this is me. I do not have gray hair...yet. My hair is black and silver.
I'm gonna be shaggy haired from now until Spring. The winter is when you can really see that I am a wire haired dachshund.

Everybody knows how much the Mommy likes flowers and animals, except snakes & spiders, and there are lots in the country. Everything is pretty much dry now but the flowers are still hanging in there. The Mommy said when she was growing up her Mommy had lots of Lantana in all kinds of shades and maybe that's why she likes it so much in the country.....it makes her young again. "Ah to be young again!!"

Here are some shots taken in the front yard.

Red Roses and yell0w Lantana (not correct spelling?)


Crepe Myrtle

A pink Rose.

A white Rosebud.

Yellow Lantana.

Multi color Lantana


Now for some animals. There were lots of birds but they was too fast for the Mommies to catch on film and lots of bugs, that you really don't want to see crawling around. Lots and lots of humming birds but the Mommy posted some last time we was in the country. These was lots of different color butterflies and there is a video that maybe you can see them flying around. One almost landed on Roxie's nose. Of course you saw some of the catfish and bass, that was caught but you've already seen them.

What is the country with out cows.

This is a cobweb with something creepy on it. The Mommy walked right into it.

This picture is very dark and out of focus but this really is a deer across the pasture just coming out of the woods.

This is a squirrel. He was in the shadows of a tree and the Mommy almost jumped out of her skin when he ran across her feet. That would have been something to see.

That's all for tonight. The Mommy wants to show you a couple of shots she thought were priceless for what they represent
Roxie, peeking out from under a towel trying to stay awake.

Andy standing guard (sitting) on the side of the front porch. Jacks used to do that at ours house too.

That's all for tonight. Hope you can see the butterflies in the video.
Love, kisses & (((huggies)))........Mona & thr Mommy too!!


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

All those wiener dogs have made us hungry!


What khuties - and I think woo should keep growing that wired khoat of yours!!!


Maggie and Mitch said...

Mom is loving all of the flower pictures! We don't have much color in the garden now - just on the trees as the leaves are getting their autumn colors!
What a great spot, Mona!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Raising Addie said...

It looks like you and your family had a wonderful vacation!

I just love the picture of the Doxie keeping watch near the house!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ruby said...

Thanks for sharing your country photos. It's nice to see flowers & butterfiles. They won't be back here until June 2009.
Have a great weekend.

Love Ruby

Joe Stains said...

Those flowers are beautiful!! We sure do wish we had a nice country place like that to visit!!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Mona!
It is always great to see you all!
Here we don't have a lot of green areas but you can see flowers everywhere!
Thanks for sharing all those pictures!
Have a good night!
Kisses and hugs

Anonymous said...

I love that picture of Jake keeping watch by the house. I would love a copy of that. Thanks.
"Aunt Bec"

The Girl said...

Oh the country is beWROOtiful!

(And so are you, Mona, we think your wire-hairedness is lovely!)

Brown dog kisses,

The Girl said...

Mona and the Mommy, I just read your comment on our Thanksgiving post. We are thankful you are our friends, too.

But we are so sad to hear that Jody has gotten worse. Our hearts are hurting for all of you. It is so hard to decide when it is time to help our furry family members go to the bridge. We are praying for you and Jody. Know that if it is Jody's time, we are here for you if you need anything. Big hugs from us, and we're thinking of you.

Brown dog kisses, as many as you need,
Dannan and The Girl (Linds)