September 24, 2008


Hi my dearest friends,

There is no quote for tonight just a gift to all of my friends from God because if it wasn't for him all of us in Texas would have been blown away by Ike.

A smile from God!!

Me and the Mommy have so much to tell you about what all happened last week and pictures too but the Mommy said we gots to get permission to show some of the pictures so that may take a few days. Tina & Chris are also gonna send the Mommy some pictures they took of me, Jody and Emily when the Mommy went off & left me at their house. The Mommy was sooooooo jealous when she saw how me and Jody slept with Emily & they was funny too. What was I supposed to do? Cry the whole time? She went & left me, I didn't leave there!!

We still don't have our cable back, so the Mommy hasn't been able to watch Dancing With The Stars or America's Got Talent, so instead we are gonna share some Hurricane Education with you and if your wondering why there isn't a flower picture like there usually is, it's because the Mommy is so proud of our hibiscus plant that is still blooming regardless of it being beaten down. The Mommy took some pictures so tonight you are gonna see a lot of buds. Sit back & see how many of these statements you agree with.......course if you haven't ever been through a hurricane you wouldn't know......but theye are all true.

"Coffee and frozen pizzas can be made on a BBQ grill."

"No matter how many times you flick the switch, lights don't work without electricity."

"A new method of non-lethal torture--showers without hot water."

"There are a lot more stars in the sky than most people thought."

"There are a lot of darn trees around here."

"Flood plane drawings on some mortgage documents were seriously wrong."

"Tele-marketers function no matter what the weather is doing."

"Cell phones work when land lines are down, but only as long as the battery remains."

"I learned what happens when you make fun of another states' blackout."

"I can walk a lot farther than I thought."

Have a stress free day---life is too short for drama & petty things, so laugh insanely, love truly and forgive quickly.

Love, kisses & (((huggies))) to all........Mona & the Mommy too!!@


Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Mona,
I love your post... Yes, we really gotta learn to treasure what we have and live each day as if it's our last!!

Huskee and Hershey said...
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Anonymous said...

All those statements are so true! I'm sad that so many people had to find out about them in real life. God bless you.


ps your hibiscus is really pretty!

Mack said...

HaHa - those are funny!

Yes, I think we all look at life a little differently now, post Ike!

Dana & Elmo said...

Oh Mona, that'd be too sweet of you!
I love making new friends, and I only have a few right now! Of course you can use my pictures!!
Thank you very much! :D

The Daily Echo said...

Thanks for reminding us to appreciate the things we have. We're glad you're safe. That being said - we hope you get your cable back real soon! Woo!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Mona!
That picture is pawesome! Thanks for sharing it!
We could not watch DWTS either. Our satellite is down. Maybe next week we can see how they are doing!
Take care

Joe Stains said...

Well, at least you did learn something from the stinky hurricane! I hope you can catch up on your TV and battery charging :)

Simba said...

What a lovely post. You should always stop and sniff the flowers along the way.

Simba x

Maggie and Mitch said...

Great post, Mona! You've got to live life to the fullest each and every day!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Peanut said...

That is a lot to learn from Ike.