September 28, 2008



"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." -- George Orwell

Hi friends,

The Mommy is all better now and it has been a very lazy weekend around here. We never left the house once and most of the last two days the Mommy just read blogs, took naps, watched movies (our cable came back yesterday) and sat outside watching me chase anything that moved. The Mommy has been feeding a big dog that has been roaming the neighborhood (actually he is so big that she just throws the food over the fence) and I bark at him while he eats. At the bottom of this post is a short video of us. Well this morning, he brought some friends with him. There was three out there this morning, so the Mommy just threw a bunch more of food out there for them. Thank goodness we still had some of the dog food I used to eat on hand.

Does anybody know what kind of a birdie this is? If are a TEXAN you know that it is the state bird of Texas.

Well, I'm here to tell you that he is a TERRORIST!! Yesterday, I was minding my own business chasing him and bunch of his friends out of my yard, when he flew into my house. Well of course I had to try to catch him. Of course the Mommy, started yelling at me to leave it alone. He was panic stricken and tried to fly out of the house but bounced off the patio door, flew across the room, hit the wall and then ran under the couch. What was I to do but go under there too. I never know the Mommy could move so fast....she pulled me out from under the couch by my tail (animal cruelty) and the bird flew into the kitchen. Then he stood on the ceiling fan and mocked me. I got hoarse barking at him but he just ignored me. The Mommy said she wished she'd had the camera because her says I went stark raving made. After a 20 minutes standoff, the Mommy made me go outside and left the patio wide open. So the bird decides to fly out and then had the nerve to dive bomb me. All I wanted to do was play with it.....I swear, I really just wanted to play with it!!

You'll remember last weekend, I got sent off to Jody's house for two whole days because we still didn't have our lights. Chris & Tina sent these pictures. Don't even ask me why, but Jody, Gordo and Mr Grins like to nap like this in Jody's cage. Mommy said Gordo gets mad because his Daddy, Mr Grins, likes to nap with Jody, so he forces himself in too. Looks like a tight squeeze to me!!

The Mommy was so jealous of me because I just settled right in on the air mattress with Emily & Jody.

The Mommy said she wanted to tell ya about all the good things that SJMC did for it's associates during Hurricane Ike. Anybody who wanted to come stay at the hospital were allowed to come and shelter there. People even got to bring there pets with them. There were about 50 people and 30 pets that stayed in the makeshift barracks that was setup in the auditorium. SJMC never lost power so to most of the kids it was a great adventure. I would have loved to be there with all them kids, doggies and kitties.
After Ike, the hospital had a big blood drive to help Houston and they had the biggest, most sucessful blood drive in their history. My Mommy even tried to give blood, but her pulse was too high (3 over normal) and she got deferred. They got so excited when they found out Mommy was gonna give cause she has type AB+ and they was gonna take platelets but they were happy because she at least tried. 189 associates tried to donated blood but 39 were deferred for various reason. Way to go!!!
As most of you can imagine, many parents where panic stricken because all the schools were out and a lot of child care facilities had been damaged or just plan wiped out. They needed to work and the children needed a safe place to stay so SJMC converted the "barracks" into a child care facility. Any child, 2 years or older was accepted. For one whole week, from 8 am-4:30 pm, 3 dozen children came with their Mommies or Daddies to the hospital where they played games, watched videos, took naps and got to have lunch with their parents too. One day the children went on a field trip to the Zoo. One day they were taken on a tour of Beyonce's house and recording studio. Boy of Boy them teenage boys loved that and they all got posters too!!

One day each child was allowed to have a tour of where their Mommies or Daddies worked, so the Mommy took pictures of all the kids that belong to some of the ladies that she works with. The first picture is of Chanyce & his mother, Necholle. I think he was trying to steal my Mommy away from me because he came and hugged on her every morning before Nicholle dropped him off and then had to come & give a kiss every afternoon.

Lori and her Mommy

Lorin & Lauren (new best pals)

Maylia's girls (yes girls)

Nana's boys--Zarek and Exavian

Keisha's kids--Deltranese, Kardell and Ty'rell

Did the Mommy ever tell you what a great place she works at? Well now you know.
That's all for tonight. We got lots of awards while we was gone but the Mommy hasn't posted them yet, but I want to thank everybody who has honored me with them and maybe the Mommy will post them tomorrow.
Love, kisses and ((huggies)) to all.....Mona


Ruby said...

Hi Mona
My names Ruby & I'm a miniature dachshund. You sure are cute.
For a lazy weekend, it sure sounded exciting to me.

Love Ruby

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

That was furry khool to see what the hospital did -

My mom didn't know there were too many big employers like that anymore!!

It soooo looks like woo had lots of fun!!!


Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Hi Mona,
I'm glad the Mommy is feeling better. I wish every mommy is always healthy to help us blogging.
Mockingbird, the state bird of Texas, am I a Texan?
I feel so sorry about those dogs that the Mommy helped feeding them.
I wish (another wish) that every doggy would have been born into a nice caring family.
No stray animals!.
PS: Thanks for introducing Elmo, I visited them already. From there, I read another blog My Perry a touching story about Perry a Shih Tzu Angel and his loving family.

Raising Addie said...

It's a pleasure to meet you Mona! You are very sweet!

Glad to hear you made it through the bad weather ok. Surprisingly enough, we didn't get much rain at all. It hit east of Dallas. We were all lucky.

That is really cool that families were able to bring pets during the bad weather. The credit union that I work for offered assistance and housed the call center for a credit union that is located in Baytown so they never missed a beat. It's great that we were able to help.

Thank you very much for visiting my blog. The doxie race was fun to watch!

May I add you to my fav fur blog list?

mini said...

Hi Mona Im mini I'm a miniature dachshund juts like Ruby! Cool lazy weekend!

Asta said...

Youw Mommi suwe wowks in a nice place..I love heawing when peoples help each othew and ouw fuwwfwiends too
I don't think you awe a tewwowist at all..I think it was a misundewstandin!
smoochie kisses

Maggie and Mitch said...

Your mom has the best friends, Mona! Did we hear a clue in your posting? Is the birdie a Mockingbird?

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Mack said...

I would've been mad at that intruder dog too!

How great the hospital took in people and their pets!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Mona!
Glad to know your Mommy works in that great place!
It makes me so happy your Mommy is feeling better!
Kisses and hugs

Dana & Elmo said...

Mona, I'd like to thank you again! I've made so many new friends thanks to you!!!!!

Simba said...

Dropping by to say hello.

Simba x

Murphey said...

Wow, that is so cool what they did. In times of trouble we find out how good people (and companies) can be.



Lady Kaos said...

My mom is really jealous of your mom. If we were in the middle of a hurricane, my mom's boss would so not do anything nice for his employees. He'd expect mom to work up until even if she wanted to evacuate and count that as vacation time. We know this because he admitted that when Katrina hit. He was upset because he had new neighbors from one of the palces Katrina hit (it was one of the smaller towns) and he didn't like them (because he's rich and they were poor). That is so cool that they let even pets come stay! and then set up a daycare area afterwards is cool, too!!

Joe Stains said...

Your Mom's work really does sound like a great and caring place. I sure don't know how that big doggy found your house, but he sure is lucky.