September 30, 2008



"Don't look down on anyone unless you are helping them up." -- Jessie Jackson

Hi my dear friends,

The Mommy is exhausted tonight. She had to work 11 hours today since it was the end of the month. She wasn't gonna post tonight but when she got home there was an e-mail from my Uncle Ron and she got so excited she had to share what he sent her. I have spoken about my Uncle Ron and Aunt Deb many times but for those of you don't know, Uncle Ron and Aunt Deb are human angels that have devoted the last 5 or more years to Dachshund Rescue of Houston and have fostered and adopted many dachshunds. They always took the dogs that were considered not to be adoptable for emotional or physical reasons. Uncle Ron saved my brother Peanut from being put down when nobody could handle him after the Mommy had to give him back to DROH because of health issues in the family. Peanut is now know as Pea Daddy and he is Uncle Ron's shadow.

So here goes. This is my brother, laying in all his glory, showing all his stuff. Close your eyes girls, if ya get offended by these kind of pictures. Uncle Ron says he loves to lay on his back on the walkway when the sun is at it's highest.

But what the Mommy got really excited about was the link he sent her with a video he took entitled "My Guys". These are all of the dogs that live with him & wife.. Five, including my brother, were adopted by them and the rest were fosters that they took with them when they retired & moved to West Texas. Hope by Doofuss Mommy types this link right. Here goes:

Gotto go for, kisses and (((huggies))).....Mona & a very happy Mommy


Asta said...

That was wondewful Mona..So many cuties living happily togethew..I loved seeing that..those hoomans weally awe angels
We loved seeing that..thank you
smoochie kisses

Simba said...

Your poor Mummy, that is so many hours to be working. Your brother certainly looks happy with his life.

Simba x

Raising Addie said...

What a great video!!! That must be heaven to have that many doxies around!

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...


Another pawticipant in Huzzy/Studmuffin Day!!


NOW, extra khysses to your mom fur working so hard!!!!


Murphey said...

Very nice!

How funny that your friend has dogs like the doodles...but it must not be the same person because my friend doesn't work at the hospital, would been a small world if it had been the same person!


Dana & Elmo said...

your brother seems to having his day! haha

Raising Addie said...

pssst... mona, we have an award for you! Stop by.

Joe Stains said...

What wonderful people they are! The doggies just kept on coming, it was great! Mom even showed Dad that movie and he watched it all!!