August 11, 2008



"The greater love is a mother's; then comes a dog's; then a sweetheart's." --- Polish proverb

Hi my dears friends,

We just don't know where to begin. I had a wonderful time with my friends, Roxie, Sammy & Andy. The Mommy got a much needed rest just doing nothing but sitting around on the front porch or on the deck in the backyard talking to my friend's Mommy and taking in the fresh air and enjoying nature. No sirens, no car honking,no telephones ringing, no noise except birds, crickets, cows & dogs barking and you could actually even see the stars in the sky.

So since I don't know where to start, I am just going tell ya what I did each day, but before I get started the Mommy wants you all to know that of all the 100 or so pictures that she took her most favorite one of all is the one below of me. The Mommy said the best pictures I take are in profile. All I know is that when she took this picture, I was looking into the pasture trying to see some cowdogs.....the baby cowdogs......I did.....BUT, she wouldn't let play with them!!

Before I get started, lets make sure you know everybody. Roxie always wears a green collar, Sammy a blue collar & Andy a black collar. Their Mommy explained that she thinks of Roxie in a green gown, Sammy in a uniform and Andy in a tuxedo. Isn't that cute? And an easy way to remenber who's who.

We didn't get to do too much Friday because we didn't get there until after Mary got off work. Me and the Mommy had a wonderful ride from Houston and because we were trying to get there about the same time Mary got home, we stopped at a SONIC and the Mommy got a smoothie & got me my own cup of vanilla ice was delicious!!!! The wind was blowing and there was a nice breeze, so me and the Mommy sat in the little patio at Sonic. There was some kids in a couple of the cars & when they saw me, they just had to come out and play with me. WOW.....I got to play with them kids for about an hour and it was fun!!

As the first picture showed, the first thing I did was look for them cowdogs. That's all of us standing a the fence looking into the pasture to the side of the house. All 4 of us were there....Andy, I think, is the one on the can just barely see him.

Then, of course, they had to show me all the highlights of the front yard and the backyard and all the points of interest.

This is Sammy. He spotted a squirrel in this tree in the backyard.

Sammy again....he stayed under this tree forever, while the rest of us sniffed around. More on the squirrel later.

Me checking out some bushes......I thought I saw something but the Mommy wouldn't let me go into the bush because she was afraid a snake might get me.

Roxie found something on the ground that she was jumping on & growling at. Both the Mommies came running but it was just a grub. Roxie tried to eat it....Yuck!!!

All four of us. Ya can't see but Mary has a bag of treats that the Mommy brought for my friends and we was kinda begging for another piece. They are duck meat wrapped around sweet potato....Yummy!!!

When it got dark, we came in and played with all my toys I brought with me to play with in the car........"she didn't.....she looked out the window the whole time."

Andy, rolling on back, trying to hog all the toys.

Andy chewing.
Roxie in her favorite position when she is laying on the floor. Andy still chewing and Sammy planning on getting one of the toys away from Andy.

Sammy grabbing a toy away from Andy. They got into a 3 second fight over it.

After playing so hard all evening we was ready for a nap. I showed ya the pictures yesterday of all of us laying on the couch. We let the Mommies squeeze in once in a while but not much....the couch was our property......couldn't ya tell!!???
Well my friends, that's all for Friday night. The real excitement started on Saturday. Gotta go now.
Love, kisses & (((huggies))) to all.......Mona & the Mommy too!!


One of the pack said...

I wanna be a cow dog. I did see some longhorns this weekend. Maybe you can teach me the ropes.

Hee Hee.

Super Spoiled

The Aphasia Decoder.... said...

I'm so glad you and your mom has such a great vacation! The pictures are great.

Levi's mom

Joe Stains said...

omdog look at all those Doxies!!! I am so glad your Mommy got to relax, that is the best news!! We love all the pics, Mom has this thing about weiner dogs, she had one before and she loooves them.

One of the pack said...

Hey Mona! Come on by 'cuz we've issued you the gold.

Super Spoiled

Lacy said...

w00f's Mona and Mommy, wow, watt fun u all had...but watch out fur snakies...

b safe,

Simba said...

Thank you for your concern while I was unwell. Your kind words made me get better so much quicker.

Simba x

Bolo said...

Wow, that sounds like a GREAT ADVENTURE Mona.

Amber-Mae said...

Looks like you had a pawosme 1st day trip!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

The Aphasia Decoder.... said...

P.S. We have something for you on our August 12th blog entry. When you get caught up from your vacation, come over and check it out.

Levi and mom

Lady Kaos said...

It sounds like a wonderful trip so far! I can't wait to hear more and see more pictures!!

Georgeous said...

Ah Mona, what fun. One Dachsie had froggie legs, I couldn't remember the collar colour clue, but my Mummy said it reminded her of the Dachsie's she had as a little girl, they did froggie legs. Can't wait to see more.
Love George

Franny said...

Mona, you are beautiful! You especially stand out next to your red doxie friends. I'm glad you had a great time with them!

Mack said...

You always have the funnest time with your mom!!

I really like your summer haircut!

Maggie and Mitch said...

It looks like you had the best time ever, Mona! We're so glad you got ice cream!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Peanut said...

omdogness what a great trip. Can't wait to read the other posts to see more about it