March 20, 2008


Hi friends,

Mona here but only for a just a second to say hello. This post is very important to the most of you have figured out by now the Mommy feels very strongly about rescue, good causes and making people aware of the the health killers among us. The Mommy lost her sister, Frances, to what started as breast cancer on 1994 after she fought it for 8 years and she lost her Mommy to renal failure in 1986 due to diabetes. So hers the Mommy.

Silent EASTER BASKET Auction & Sale "Contest"
For the American Diabetes & Cancer Foundations.

The hospital where I work at in Houston, Texas held a Easter Basket decorating contest this week benefiting 2 very special causes. As Mona explained earlier, my life has been effected by both these diseases and I lost 2 cherished family members much to soon in life. SJMC believes in raising money for all kinds of research in a lot of different areas of which these 2 are at the top of the list. We also believe at SJMC, that you can have fun while you are doing good so this is what we they came up with.

Each department was asked to make a basket that could be used in a silent auction and also small baskets to sale in order to raise money. Whichever department's basket raised the most money would get a grand prize. The winner will not be announced until next Monday since most of the hospital's non-essential staff will be off tomorrow for GOOD FRIDAY.

My office, the Central Business Office, decided to have our own little contest too today. We usually don't need much of a excuse to party so the managers decided to award a cake to the section that showed the most spirit of the season. I don't know how much the CBO's Easter Basket went for but when I took the pictures of the baskets at 10 am our basket bid $220.00 with about 4 hours of bidding to go.
Wish us luck!!! I am including a few pictures of some of the baskets for your enjoyment. When I was a little girl, we sure didn't have baskets like these. I don't remember even getting a Easter basket when I was a little girl but we had great fun dying eggs with my Mommy & then hiding and trying to findthem when we lived in the country.

Hope you enjoy them!!!

Hand painted wall poster

On the left the largest collection of toys basket--On the right the cooler, picnic & chair combo basket. Bid as of 10 am for the left basket was 220.00, bid on the right was 400.00.

The second basket on the left was the CBO's entertainment basket. I donated 3 movies, 50 First Dates, 300 and Winn-Dixie (it's a dog movie) & I know there were 3 other movies, some board games, checkers, poker cards and a bunch of snacks.
I would like to have bid on that myself. Bid as of 10 am was 220.00.
There were quite a few baskets with baby themes.
A better shot of the cooler, picnic & chairs basket. Bid at 10 am was 400.00.

Basket with bags of SUGAR FREE CANDIES for 2.00 each. I'm a diabetic by the way, so I bought one & it was Yummy. This was a big seller with the many diabetics working there---one of the reasons SJMC is so dedicated to this cause is it's associates.
Basket for boy or girl--I bid on it for my grandnephew. Bid at 10 am was 100.00. I'm sure I didn't bid enough.
The biggest basket--I have no idea what is in it. Bid at 10 am 550.00. I heard it had a lawn chair in it with stuff for every member of a family.

The Billers--winners of the best spirit contest in the CBO.
It was the rabbit ears that did it & the hand painted wall posters.
The Easter egg duckie cake awarded to the billing section. "made by Carolyn, the lady in the yellow shirt with yellow rabbit ears in the front of the group"
Another hand painted wall poster

I am so proud of my hospital's fund raising efforts & the people I work with who care so much about each other. Someday, hopefully, cancer and diabetes will be a thing of the past like polio but for now we must keep pushing for a cure. It could be your own life or and even our own pets that will be saved.



Maggie & Mitch said...

Wow! Look at all those Easter baskets! Mom says hers never looked this good either! We hope they bring in lots of money for such a great cause! Make sure you let us know how you made out, okay Mona?

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

JB's Big World said...

Happy Easter to you and your Mommy. I am glad to know you and hope you can stay friends with a C-A-T!
Have a great weekend!

Amber-Mae said...

Oh wow!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer