October 5, 2007


Hi Friends,

This is Jacks. It's my turn to tell my story of how I became The Mommy's second adopted dachsie. This picture was taken at the DROH Spring Fling 2006. That's me in the middle and on the right is my big brother, Toby's butt. As you can see by just his butt, he's lots bigger than me and I am the smallest at maybe 12 pounds. But that's not my story. So here goes.

The Mommy adopted my sister Feb 19, 2005 and Ron and Deb tried to get her to take a little boy too so Mona could have company. The Mommy said NO WAY!!
"I have never had a boy dog, I want one dog only and only a girl dog" heehee....was The Mommy wrong!!

Let me start from my beginnings. DROH thinks I was about 3 months old when I was thrown into a ditch and left to die because some bad people didn't want me anymore. I was ugly and had mange so bad that they just threw me in a ditch like an old piece of trash. I was found by a garbage collector who took me to the City of Houston dog pound where I was going to be but to sleep because it would cost so much to treat me. WHAT A HORRIBLE PLACE THAT WAS!!! A lady that worked there called DROH and they came & got me away from that nasty place just an hour before they were going to kill me.

Shelley, the same lady that fostered Mona, started fostering me and I grew up with Mona. DROH had me treated. I heard that the mange was so bad that I had no hair at all and was the color of paste. A miracle happened and I got better & my hair grew back like satin. I was so happy and then the bottom fill out of my world when my Mona, my best friend and my protector got adopted. My heart was broken, but I was happy at least for her and I cried myself to sleep every night.

On March 4, 2005, the Mommy called DROH and said she had decided Mona needed a doggie sister since Aunt Annie couldn't play a lot with her and she didn't want her to be lonely. Ron & Deb said they didn't have a little girl available but they did have a little boy that Mona already knew...guess who....me!! Ron & Deb brought me over the same night.

The Mommy said OK she would meet me and then she would decide. Ron and Deb brought me over to do a meet and greet. My Mona was sitting on the back of a big overstuffed chair and when she saw me & I saw her, we both went crazy and tried to get to each other. Mona jumped down from the chair and ran right into the closed patio door and bounced right off. She could have hurt herself, but she just jumped back up and barked like a banshee until the door was opened. That convinced The Mommy right then & there that she had to adopt me....and that's how I found my sister, my forever home and the Mommy.

Just one more thing....really 3 things....my real name was Jackson, but The Mommy changed it to Jacks, my official birthday is my adoption day and last but not least I broke the ice and was the first of many boy doggies in The Mommy's life and heart.

That's all folks......except my girlfriend is Reina & we look just alike.....bye Jacks.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Jacks
Thanks for sharing your story. I really can't understand why "people" can do that! We are not objects to discard just like that!
I am so happy that you found your mom! I know she loves you so much!
Kisses for all
Have a good night

Simba said...

They were going to kill you!! Thank goodness someone saved you and you found a wonderful Mummy to love you.

Simba xx

Blue said...

Hi there

I've just read your story Jacks & your sister's too. They're are so touching. I'm glad you both have such a good home now.

Pats & pets

Toby said...

Hi Jacks,
What a great story. Its horrible what your first people did to you..but you ended up with your Mommy..so it was a happy ending!

love Toby

Reina said...

Hi Jacks,

My Love! They say couples tend to look like each other after some time, i guess its that case for us!