October 6, 2007



It's me, Toby and it's my turn to tell my story. First a little ground work of how I came to meet my forever family.

The Mommy started volunteering full time with DROH right after she adopted Mona and Jacks. She started slow by transporting doggies from SPCA, Rabies Control and the dog pound to the different Vet office that would take care of rescue dogs for DROH. The Mommy liked doing this because whoever picks up a dog gets to name it, if it doesn't have one already....and boy did the Mommy come up with some whoppers. Right after that Hurricane Katrina came through & so many dogs were rescued with no where to put them. DROH took in all the dachshunds the SPCA had and then begged anybody that had adopted one of us would take in a foster. The Mommy took a little dog named Beckett in who was found in an attic in New Orleans and was skin & bones when he was found......he had been in that dark and HOT attic for more than two weeks before he was found barely alive. THAT'S HOW IT ALL STARTED!!!! The Mommy was then a full time foster and has been ever since. But this is my story so let's get back to ME.

In June 2005 DROH asked the Mommy if she would start fostering me because I had just had heart worm treatment and they didn't want me have to stay in a cage all the time. They said I needed to stay as quite as possible and not get stressed out. She said OK and that's when I started my journey to my forever home & the Mommy. Since I had to be quite, everyday before she left for work, she'd put me in a very comfortable bedroom at the back of the house, with my own bed, water, food and lots of squeaky animals which of course I killed (SORRY) right away & then had lots of carcasses to play with......I used to bury myself in my carcasses.
At night I got to come out and play with everybody but NO JUMPING AT ALL OR RUNNING. I was doing wonderful, except for a cough that wouldn't go away, had a great Thanksgiving with the family, as if I was really a part of the family and not just a foster and Christmas was so special & I got lots of pressies just like Mona & Jacks. Then on New Years Eve we all went to bed with The Mommy and when the fireworks went off, we all woke up but something was terrible wrong and The Mommy got really scared (me too). I started coughing up big globs of blood and it wouldn't stop. The Mommy called Dr Ruth & she said to bring me right away to her office and she would meet us there. Dr Ruth got there even before we did in her pajamas and started to work on me. Them nasty old heart worms had gotten into my lungs & I had started aspirating. The Mommy cried and cried & kept telling Dr Ruth she couldn't lose me now. That was the day I consider to be my birthday, Jan 1, 2006....cause that's the day The Mommy became MY MOMMY too!!
She said she didn't care if I was sick or not, that I would be hers from then on. It took 6 weeks of being on oxygen therapy at the vet's office before I got the OK to go home but the Mommy came everyday after work and held me in her arms and rocked me in a big rocker Dr Ruth brought from her house just for The Mommy until closing time. Dr Ruth is my hero!! cause she wouldn't let me die. When I came home The Mommy officially adopted me but Jan 1, 2006 is my official birthday.

Life is now wonderful, I run, play and jump all the time & love it when the Mommy calls me TOBY, her big boy. My name I came with was Cupid...what an awful name for a big boy like me!! Life is GOOD....I have my forever home, a brother & a sister, a foxy little girlfriend named LORENZA and of course THE MOMMY!!!

There you go, now you know all our stories........one last thought......if it wasn't for The Mommy's Samantha none of us would be here today......we wish we could have known her but had she not left The Mommy I wouldn't be writing this now........Someday when we all get to meet Samantha at the rainbow bridge what a family reunion we will have.........Love from me, Toby, Mona, Jacks and of course Evander too!!

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Snowy & Crystal said...

Hello Toby, nice meeting ya =)
We enjoyed reading your story and look forward to reading more posts ;)

Woofs and puppy arfs,

Snowy and Crystal