October 4, 2007



Things are still kinda boring around here. The overtime is over but then The Mommy got sick and old "arthur somebody" moved into Mommy's bones and she can't get rid of him so all she can do is sit with the heating pad sooo we asked her if we could post our stories. Since I am the first one The Mommy adopted I get to tell my story first.

I don't know if I have all the facts right cause I was just a tiny little thing when I was found and the lady that found me said she thought I was maybe 6 months old. All I can remember is that it was a COLD, STORMY night with lots of scarey thunder and lighting. I was dodging traffic on Veterans Memorial right across from the street from the VA cemetary. I didn't get hit because a kind lady stopped in the middle of the road and SAVED me. Her name was Shelley and she became my foster Mom...it turns out that Shelley recognised that I was a wirehaired minature dachshund even though I looked like a drowned river rat and she since was the leader of DROH she kept me. I was with Shelley about six months before I found The Mommy or should I say The Mommy found me.

Samantha, the sister we never knew, had died a month earlier and Dr Ruth talked her into filling out an application to adopt a dachsie from DROH. Her application got approved but I wasn't one of the dogs she asked to meet. She didn't even know about me because my picture was never put on the DROH website. When our good friends, now,Ron and his wife Deb came to interview The Mommy and our Aunt Annie, 75 at the time, they said none of the dogs she wanted would work in our situation because Aunt Annie was still recovering from a broken hip and Ron said we needed a smaller dog. They told The Mommy about two small girl dogs they thought would be good for us. I don't even remember what the other doggie's name was ... I just prayed I'd be the one she would pick...and I WAS. The other little one didn't even have a chance because the minute The Mommy say me she picked me up, started crying and smotherd me with kisses...I knew right then that I had found my forever home. Dr Ruth had come over before they brought me for my meet and greet, because she knew how hurt The Mommy was over just losing her Samantha and told them she wanted to examine me to make sure I was in good health. Dr Ruth checked me out & said I looked fine but maybe The Mommy should look at the other little girl....NO NO, please NO, I cried !! and so did The MOMMY--- Mona Mi is my baby now.

So that's how I became The Mommy's new precious little girl and if she forgets sometimes and calls me Samanthat, I don't care cause I know she loves me.

By the way my offical birthday is Feb 19th, the day I got adopted & my name got changed from Ramona to Moma MI. I am still scared of cars & I sheever whenever I'm in one. I love my brothers but I don't get along with girl doggies (I want all the attention) so all we ever foster is boys, I love to dress up for summer parties so I can wear my bikini, I love meaty bones and stuffie carcasses....and my boyfriend is ROSSI. What more can a girl ask for out of life than her brothers, her boyfriend and THE MOMMY.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Mona.
Thanks for sharing your story with us! Sure you had scary moments there on the street! Glad you found your mom and that she found you too!
Kisses for all
Have a good night

PS Come to Butchy's party. We all are invited! Lets have fun there!

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey cuties,
Thanks for telling us your story! We found you from our good pal Lorenza. I Butchy am a rescue boy. Mama & Papa bought Snickers as a wee pup. When Papa was a little kid, he had a dachshund named Ginger & his grammy had one too. We think dachsies are soooo cute! Please come to my 7th birfday overnight campout!!! Everyone is invited. You will meet lots of new blogging pals there & get to eat lots of good stuff. Of course this is in bloggerland, tee hee! It starts tomorrow the 5th. Catch a ride with Aire-Ruby if you need a flight here to Iowa. http://wonderruby.blogspot.com/
Hope to see you there & read many more of your daily adventures.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Simba said...

I'm so glad your story has a happy ending.

Simba xx

ROSSI said...

Oh Mona darling... i really love your story... its just so touching and u are so lucky that there are so many angels out there to help you.. and now u have found your Mommy.. this is a gift..

And i will always and forever your best bf ever!.. And u know what.. we got the same number for our birthday!.. 19!.. my birthday is on 19 too.. but is on January.. so, is not much different!.. huh..


Frasier said...

Life turned out good did' nt it ?I am always grateful for the people who rescue us doggies.

Toby said...

Hi Mona,
Im so glad things turned around for you and you found your happy home! Thanks for sharing your story!

Love Toby

the Corgi Girls said...

Mona you are so sweet and too cute! Glad you found your forever home!