October 30, 2015



by Mary Britton Miller

The black cat yawns,
Opens her jaws,
Stretches her legs
And shows her claws.

Then she gets up
And stands on four
Long still legs,
And yawns some more.

She shows her sharp teeth,
She stretches her lip,
Her slice of a tongue
Turns up at the tip.

Lifting herself
On her delicate toes,
She arches her back
As high as it goes.

She lets herself down
With particular care,
And pads away
With her tail in the air.


It's the black and white ones to look out for........

See ya on Howl-o-ween!!.......Mommy's girls


Cupcake said...

Great pictures! I love the little kitten with the bat wings!

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

That last one looks like Roy our nemesis. SHE had a black cat when SHE was little called Tar Baby....