October 31, 2015



Halloween Night

The corpse that walks,
its solemn line.
The vampire stalks,
finds blood to dine.
The werewolf howls
at the silver moon.
His human form
what's showing at noon.
The mummy's cries
of pain and loss.
His wraps that smell of must and moss.
The witch that flies,
upon her broom
casting curses
and spelling doom.
The black cat scurries,
hisses and claws
through the graveyard walks his paws.


Happy Halloween to all the ghosts and goblins roaming the streets of Blogville this Halloween night.

These Spooky Halloween Zombie Dogs were found roaming our home looking to eat our brains out early this morning.

Mommy!!! I'm scared .... said Sammie Jean

Silly girl, it's just Pappy and Spencer getting
an early start on Howl-e-ween ... said the Mommy

Looks like Halloween is getting rained out in Houston this year,
like it did in 2013, but that's OK with us cause we get scared
way to easy. But we still got dress up. We are the three dancing 
ballerinas in our tutus.



Sammie Jean

The Mommy here...........

The girls weren't very cooperative so these were the best pictures I could get. This last picture made me laugh because it reminds me
so much of myself and sisters, Pam and Frances when we were


Sammie Jean here........

This is my first Halloween as one of Mommy's girls. We didn't get
to go to my first Halloween party ever cause the weather was so bad last weekend and then today it's been storming since 2 am.
Then those Zombie dawgs came calling and with all the
thunder and lighting it's been really spooky today so we're just
gonna stay home tonight and hope the rian is over soon.

Guess what?

A Special Halloween treat!!

Smilebox still isn't working, dang it, but
Mommy found out how to load a Smilebox
from her creations by logging into Google.

From last year here goes...........

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Don't eat too much trick
or treat candy tonight.

Love ya Mona, Prissy &
Sammie Jean


Cupcake said...

You girls all look beautiful!!

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Doxies with laser eyes!! Spooky. We're not into costumes, but you look great.

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

Hope you had a wonderful night.

Amber DaWeenie said...

Here's hopin' you guys had a HAP-PEE HOWL-O-WEENIE!