July 14, 2014

Plus last minute bad news. 


"If you've never owned Dachshunds,
no explanation is possible.
If you have owned Dachshunds,
no explanation is necessary."

- Benny Archuleta

Look what's coming next week. It's gonna be a barking good time in Houston. All 3 dachshund
rescue groups will have booths.


When you ask.......

 Thursday July 17th - Sunday July 20th
 NRG Center
 (formally Reliant Center) 
One Reliant Park, Houston, Texas 77054 

 Come to one of the largest and BEST dog shows in the country!! Loads of fun and lots to see and do! Come see the breed judging, watch Agility, Fly Ball, Rally and Weight Pull competitions, check out all the vendors and Rescues!! But MOST important, come visit the our booths, snuggle some foster weens, learn about our program and shop for funny Doxie T-shirts, harnesses, jewelry and other items....ALL to help support and rescue the foster Doxies!

Teddy and Maxwell with their foster Dad Tim will be in the DREAM booth.

There are lots of hotel options if you are from out of town. Great ones IN Houston of course but also some right down Highway 288 in Pearland with easy access straight up HW-288 to NRG Center for the show!! We recommend these hotels because the Pearland area has a dog park right off 288/Hughes Ranch Road/Country Place Parkway for your pups to stretch their legs as well as loads of restaurants.

There are no new updates on DROH's Lovie since
we didn't post the May adoptions until 7/12/14
but there is a little dog named named Lilly Lollipop
 with DREAM we'd like to tell you about. 

Meet Lilly Lollipop
Special needs pup

Lilly was found by a couple who had three dachshunds of their own. They couldn't believe their eyes when they saw this beautiful longhair dachshund wandering around a gas station late one night. Lilly went right to them, and they brought her home where she fit right in with their resident dachshunds. Lilly is a very long classic dachshund, with big beautiful ears and paws. She is house-trained, gets along well with other dogs and children too.

DREAM Dachshund Lilly recently lost the use of her back legs due to narrowing of the discs between her vertebrae. She underwent back surgery on July 2nd at Texas AM, and we are praying for a full recovery. Learn about canine disc disease at dodgerslist.com.


Now for DREAMS awesome adoptions during June.

"Mommy made an observation while doing this post, she's not the only failed foster on the block. Some of dreams fosters failed too!! -- Mona

Adopted 06/06/14

Adopted 06/06/14

Adopted 06/07/14

From Scout's Adopter...
Scout is doing great. He is a great joy to me. Thank you!

Adopted 06/08/14

Adopted 06/08/14
(Pax's foster brother
until he got adopted)

Comments from Max's forever Mommy....

 When we lost our beloved male dachshund (Vinny) in April we took some time to mourn the loss. We also wanted to allow our senior female dachshund (Lily) to have some time as an "only dog". It soon became apparent that we all missed having a second dog. Lily was lonely and withdrawn. We began to look for a rescue who would fit into our family. 
Max and Lily

 We knew as soon as we met Max (formerly Gage) that his sweet charming disposition is just what Lily needed for a companion. One issue that we had to consider was that Lily was dog aggressive and did not get along with other dogs until ......she met Max. The transformation was amazing, she was soon acting like a much younger version of herself! Within 24 hours, they were laying together on a bed and have been inseparable since. Max has certainly made himself at home with us and we could not be happier.

Max and Mom Jennifer

As for us, we are smitten. Max is a loving and affectionate dog. He has not met a lap he does not like. He is the perfect fit for our family. We cannot imagine anyone ever giving this little guy up. We are so grateful to Dream Dachshund for rescuing him. Max is one of a kind - but most certainly the right one for us. Thank you all again!

Bruce, Jennifer, and Lily

Adopted 06/08/14
 Black and Tan Dapple

Comments from Chloe's family....

 Chloe is doing well and settling in nicely in our home. She is so well mannered, loving and nearly perfect in every way. Walking on a leash is one of her favorite things to do and our neighbors have commented on how pretty she looks. Although these pictures were taken on the sofa, Chloe has claimed her own chair just for herself. She sleeps in her kennel in our room and is beginning to follow us to the bedroom at night and tuck herself in. I think it's safe to say that she feels secure and at home.

So glad that Dream let us foster her and make her our baby. 

Chocolate Dapple
Adopted 06/08/14

Piper Peony"Peanut" 
Adopted 06/10/14

Comments from Peanut's family....

 Hey! It's been great. Peanut and Prince have already become partners in crime! She is a very sweet girl. A daddy's girl for sure which Prince appreciates because he is a momma's boy. 

Peanut and Prince

Adopted 06/10/14
 From Billy's foster mom who adopted him: 

Billy was gone for one night and when he came back our dogs acted like their best friend had just came home they were all giving kisses to each other and running around the yard and then more kissing. I knew he had already found his family and forever home. We love him and could not imagine him with any other family. My boys cried when he went for the overnight meet and greet and they thought Billy was never coming back. I knew we had to be his forever family.

We will still foster because, even with Billy, we only have 4 dogs now since my Lab Brownie passed away . Brownie loved Billy, so I think he is in doggie heaven smiling down at him.


Adopted 06/16/14

Adopted 06/16/14

Comments from Cinnie's forever Mom....

 Cinnie was a surrender, and we were Freshman Fosters. When I picked her up from the vet, she was shaking and so very timid. I brought her home and called Jack to meet us in the back yard with the greeting party, Simon, a 15 year old private adoption doxie, and Bruni, a 6 year old DRoH rescue. She had to pass Bruni’s inspection for this to work, and that was NOT a given. Poor Cinnie was still shaking and afraid to enter the gate, but our pups were just curious. It was obvious that the little girl had been lacking in attention and love which was heart breaking, but I planned my next two days so I could stay at home completely and give her lots and lots of attention and, as the saying goes, the rest is history!!!

Simon, Bruni and Cinnie

A little love goes a long way, especially with a long dog … Cinnie responded so quickly and gave more than she got by barrels! It is amazing how well behaved she is, leash trained and house trained.

 All was happy in Foster Land … and then the call came. “Barbara, can you give me a call … someone wants to adopt Cinnamon.” What??? I thought it took months, not two weeks, for a dog to get adopted! What if they won’t let her sleep with them? What if they don’t have another youngish dog for her to play with? What if they don’t have a Weight Watcher scale to carefully measure her food? What if??? I have to call my friend to see if she will hide Cinnie. The phrase "Foster Failure" begins to sink in … Jack and I had sort of laughed about it, and I had made jokes with Suzanne, but now we were going to have to decide if we were one of “those.”

 YES, we are! Our wonderful sweet foster girl captured our hearts and made herself part of our little family so quickly and watching her transformation during the first few days we had her made us so happy we couldn’t possibly let her go … so that’s our DREAM story.

Adopted 06/25/14
Double Dapple

adopted 06/27/14

Adopted 06/29/14

HuckleberryAdopted: June 1, 2014

 Huck's bio.

Hi there!  My name is Huckleberry.  I am a 6-7 year old male handsome fella.  Don't let the premature grey fool ya.  I am a spry fella that loves nothing more than to snuggle with you, sit in your lap, or play ball.  I will play ball 24/7 if you let me.  I love balls of all shapes and sizes.  Can't leave them where I can see them or I will sit and stare at them until you give it to me!  
I came to rescue about 6 months ago.  I got lost from my original owners and found this nice lady's porch.  She took me in and contacted ATDR and here I am!  I am an absolute love!  I get along with other dogs and even like the cats.  Sometimes I will chase the cats just cause I love to see them jump.  Most of the time, I sit in mom or dads lap and the cats come up and bump/rub heads with me and I am in heaven.  
I am potty trained and I love the outdoors.  I mind really really well, for a doxie, mom says.  I come when called, love to walk on a leash, and just love to be anywhere my humans are.  Sometimes I growl at the other doxies, trying to invade my space with dad, and dad taps me on the nose and I apologize and we snuggle together. 
If you are interested in a handsome, well mannered gentleman, I am your man!  "I'll be your Huckleberry."

Adopted: June 6, 2014

Adopted: June 7, 2014
Dachshund / Mixed

                                                                  Krypto's bio

Krypto and his sister Zoey were surrendered when they accidently hurt the cat!  For several years the owners tried to juggle the cat aggressive dachshunds and the elderly cat and were unsuccessful in the end.  Sadly the bad situation ended with the dachshunds losing the only home that they have ever known and now they have to start over in search of the perfect home.  Clearly that home should NOT include a cat in any way, shape or form! 

Krypto is a gentle giant of a standard red dachshund and only wants to be loving and get as much attention as possible!  Zoey is much the same, albeit much smaller and not nearly as needy as big old Krypto.  Zoey is a bit more independent and if I were guessing I would say she is the most Cat aggressive of the two!  So - going forward our wish for them would be a Cat or Rodent free household, with older kiddos that would enjoy playing with this fun loving pair!  They are basically house trained, doggie door trained and can be placed separately or as a pair.  They may be happy together or separated but both enjoy the company of another dog!  Please help these sweet pups find a better situation the second time around. 

Zoey, Krypto's sister, is still available for adoption.

Adopted: June 11, 2014

Adopted: June 11, 2014

Adopted: June 19, 2014
Adopted: June 21, 2014 Dachshund / Mixed
                                             Tumnus's bio

Tumnus aka Mr. Tumnus as in C.S.Lewis) ia a precious male dapple boy doxie mix - son of Cricket!  Should be ready for adoption the third week of June.  

Beautiful Mother Cricket was surrendered with her babies in a North Texas Shelter! Many volunteers from the shelter mobilized to make sure those babies were safe and didn't spend any unnecessary time in the pound.  Whisked to a foster home they awaited the word that ATDR would take them.  More volunteers stepped up to move her from the DFW area all the way to Seguin.  

Mom Cricket and her puppies.

Cricket is a great Mom and is taking incredible care of this sweet family!  Five puppies - two girls and three boys are now about two weeks old (May 8).  Stay tuned for more on this precious family and the great life they have ahead.

Adopted: June 22, 2014

Adopted: June 25, 2014

Adopted: June 25, 2014
Dachshund / Mixed

Adopted: June 25, 2014

Adopted: June 27, 2014
Dachshund / Chihuahua / Mixed

Adopted: June 27, 2014

Adopted: June 28, 2014
Shelby Ann
Adopted: June 28, 2014
Dachshund / Chihuahua / Mixed

Adopted: June 29, 2014
Dachshund / Mixed

 44 adoptions for the month of June.
Way to go Houston Area Dachshund Rescues.

The Mommy here........

Just before I started to approve this post, an e-mail came through with some very distressing news for ATDR. I am heartbroken. All 3 of our rescues struggle to make ends meet. Thank God
DREAM & DROH are still accepting new homeless pups. There is never an end.

Due to overwhelming veterinary bills we have been forced to close intake.  Contributions are greatly needed to open again as soon as possible!!!
 Tomorrow I will be posting more information.

We continue to care for and adopt out the over 120 Doxies currently in our program, but will be unable to rescue any new ones for the immediate future.  

I have a fundraising idea, I would like to try and tomorrow when my thoughts are together and the crying has stopped I'll share my idea.


Little Miss Titch said...

This is fantastic all these pups,xx Speedy

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

All that LOVE just WAITING fur a place to call HOME.

Daisy said...

I love all the update stories. So many wonderful people who truly care for the pups in Texas. It is just so heartbreaking how many dogs don't have a loving home.

Two French Bulldogs said...

We have our feets crossed for every buddy
Lily & Edward

Lovable Lily said...

We commend all those involved in Rescue!! Wish we could hug everyone. GREAT job on all the adoptions.

Wish we had a billion dollars so that we could help out. We're looking forward to hearing your fundraising idea.

Lily Belle & Muffin

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thank you for all these updates.