October 5, 2013



“A dog is not a thing. A thing is replaceable. A dog is not. A thing is disposable. A dog is not. A thing doesn’t have a heart. A dog’s heart is bigger than any “thing” you can ever own.”

Elizabeth Parker, Paw Prints in the Sand

Please pick me.

"I knew them in a heartbeat, I could tell they felt it too.
They said, "We have been waiting for a special dog like you."
Now every night I say a prayer to all the gods that be.
"Thank you for the life I live and all you've given me.
But most of all protect the dogs in the pound and on the street.
And send a rescue person to lift them off their feet." 

~~ Arlene Pace




August was a fantastic month for dachshund adoptions.

 Starting now, our monthly adoption total will count the

dogs adopted from both DREAM and ATDR.

DROH hasn't agreed as yet to allow us to include

their dogs but hopefully soon they will. In any case

they had 7 adoptions during August.



  Our friends at DREAM at 10 adoptions during August.

I was lucky enough to do the home visit on four

of them and they all have become great playmates for

Mona and Prissy.




formally Mickey and Buster 

Brothers--adopted together



  Dream has had 54 adoptions

since they had their first adoption on 3/13/13. Pretty Cool !!


First off, we want to apologize for the delay in posting

the August's adoptions. Here September has come and gone.

Hopefully it won't take so long but we do have an adoption

that has all of us overjoyed about, on Sept 21st

Waldo got adopted !!!

There were 5 puppies adopted, that included 2 sets

of brothers adopted together, and 2 seniors. It's always

so exciting to see seniors finally find their forever homes.




(taken at his forever home)


Kennedy's bio......

Name: Kennedy (Puppy)

Rescue ID: D130066
Status: Adopted!
Species: Dog
Breed: Dachshund / Coonhound / Mixed

Color: Black & Tan
Sex: Female
Current Size: 33 Pounds
Current Age: 6 Months (best estimate)
Activity Level: Highly Active
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor Only
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Housetrained: Yes

 Miss Kennedy!  Found outside covered in ant bites!  She is growing by leaps and bounds!  This beautiful girl is one of the sweetest pups on earth.  Working on her housetraining but she is unhappy about being crated or left alone!  She loves the company of other dogs and plays hard with everyone!  She is using a puppy pad when left in the house but knows to go outside when the door is open!


Kennedy is very social and loves her foster parent,  as well as the other dogs in her home.  Kennedy appears to be a black and tan coon hound, when she was first rescued she looked like a dachshund pup...  Her legs are getting longer everyday and those ears are now way below her jaw line! She has doubled her body weight in the last couple weeks and will continue to grow to fit those big feet!  She is one sweet pup! 






The Mommy here.........

 Before we close this post we have one more thing to say.

Anybody who has ever followed this blog, which was 

started in 2007, know how strongly we fell about how

pets are treated in this world. It means the world to us

when any senior dog is adopted. We have never been

able to understand, how any dog that was loved when it

was younger, can be tossed away when it gets old.

DREAM has the picture posted below on their facebook

page. It is the way I wish all abusers and deserters of animals

would always be treated but I would lock the door and

throw away the keys.

My little man,Weenie, was 11 years old and going

blind when he was dumped at a shelter. I hate that he was 

treated that way but I would never have had the opportunity

to have him in my life.



Two French Bulldogs said...

So happy when pups get adopted. Now paws crossed for the rest to find forever homes
Benny & Lily

Unknown said...

That's absolutely amasing! <3

Sketching with Dogs said...

Wow, such a lot of adoptions, that is super news! Love the first picture with his paws together.
Sorry to hear your arthritis is playing up Mona. Dip has trouble with her back legs too, Mum gives her fish oil and glaucosamine to help.
Bridge is doing okay but getting very thin now and sleeping a lot but overall she is well, thankyou.
Dip Bridge and Elliot x

Ruby said...

Oh, it's so FABulous that all those doggies found their furever homes!!! Wows, GREAT WORK!!! I loves these amazin' rescues and the work they all do...
I thinks your right abouts that cartoon...and I thinks I should be ables to poop in their shoes!!
Ruby ♥

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I am really happy too- that all those doggys got adopted .