October 2, 2013

"Trip The Light"


 Yes, we are all different.
 Different customs, different foods, different mannerisms,
 different languages, but not so different that we cannot get along with one another. If we will disagree without being disagreeable.”

No Wordless Wednesday today. 
This you have to see.

Take this trip around the world with a smile on your face. Enjoy! 

There ARE many happy people out there. 
Not everyone is fighting and killing each other. 

One of the best videos you might ever be privileged to view.  
Are you smiling now?
We Are........Mona, Prissy and the Mommy too!!

PS.............need another laugh? The DROH Halloweener 2005.

Lookit Mommy's red hair and my Bikini
 I still got the bikini but her don't the red hair......Mona



Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Grrrrreat Post!!!

stellaroselong said...

Oh we loved that video!!
stella rose

Two French Bulldogs said...

Yes we are smiling now
Benny & Lily

Ruby said...

Yups!!! You can not watch that video and NOT smile all the way though it!!
Very cool
So is your bikini!! BOL
Ruby ♥