April 7, 2013

Yesterday's Day Trip to the Country

QUOTE of the DAY:

"Of all the animals, surely the dog is the only one that really shares our life, helps in our work, and has a place in our recreation. It is the only one that becomes so fond of us that sometimes it cannot go on living after its master dies.

~~~  Ferdinand Mercy

Mommy's idea of heaven.....

and fields of blue bonnets

(stock picture)
We're home but still wish we was in the country with our friends from Dachsies's Rule. We didn't get home until after 8:00 pm last night. Weenie knocked out as soon we pulled onto the main highway but not me, being the nosy doggie she is, I sat up for an hour watching and making sure Mommy didn't get us lost going home. Then I laid down right on top of Weenie and slept all the way home.

Then I did this, while Mommy took the cure and Weenie laid on her chest. After an hour or two we went to bed.

Mommy was disappointed that there weren't as many blue bonnets as usual, just little patches here and there, but we're in the middle of a drought once again.

Me and Weenie, he can't see but he sure can smell, were disappointed that the cow dogs seemed to be hiding from us. We didn't get to chase any baby cow dogs but we did race some cars along the fence line. The big cows did come out finally so Mommy took a few picture from a distance. Guess they was scared of us big humongous dogs.

Good thing Weenie was busy sniffing around most of the day and can't see or he'd have been really upset with Shermie and Mommy. He don't even like me on Mommy's lap.

This was Shermie sitting on Mommy most of the day......

and here is Roxie looking for Mommy to hold her. Of course Roxie is the main reason we went to the country so she could have a Roxie fix.

Disclaimer --- for those of you haven't heard about the fix before a "FIX" is not drugs. When Mommy is really feeling blue and needs some extra cheering up she gets either a Georgie fix or a Roxie fix.

The best "FIX" in this world she says. She gets loving from me and Weenie all the time so ours don't count. Roxie just lives sooooo far away that she just don't get enough of them. Mommy has tried several times to sneak Roxie into the car when we go come home but Aunt Mary won't allow it.

Okee Dookee ..........

There are just too many pictures and videos to post individually so here be a quick Smilebox Mommy just made. Hope you enjoy it.

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That's all Folks!!

Mona, Weenie, Roxie, Sammy, Andy, Sherman and Jake.


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OH Mona and Weenie... THAT was a super day fur the two of YOU and fur your Mommy TOO. Glad that she got her FIXER UPPER Fix in. hehhehe

finnhoward said...

Those blue bonnets were sopretty! Too bad there weren't the many of them for you to see. What a nice trip out to the country! Glad you had a good time!

Amber DaWeenie said...

What a nice day for ya'll! Sure wish I lived near Roxie so you could come and visit me too!

Molly The Wally said...

Glad you had a nice time and lovely to see the bonnets. Have a marvelous Monday.
Best wishes Molly

Scout and Freyja said...

That was so adorable, especially the little videos. Watching a bunch of weenie dogs running around and barking is just what I needed to start my day with a smile.

Cupcake said...

Looks like everybody had so much fun.

I love the Smilebox.

Love, Cupcake

Two French Bulldogs said...

We like your moms idea of heaven! We agree. We don't have as many wildflowers either. Have a fun day
Benny & Lily

stellaroselong said...

ah that was a great day!!! we loved all those pictures, except we would have been afeard of those cows!
stella rose

Sarge said...

Wow, what a great trip! My Mom is going all squeeee for those pretty flowers. Love the "heavenly pile 'o doxies" pix! BOL
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP