March 11, 2013



"Count your age by friends – not years. 
Count your life by smiles – not tears"

 Hi friends,

Weenie here............

First the bad new. 
Our computer is still screwed up. Today is the first day we've been able to get on Mozilla to try and do a post in God only knows how long. Forget e-mail. Mommy managed to get on it long enough tonight to send Dip-Dip and Bridget's Mom, Lynne, at, some good news about Mona, more about that in a minute, before she got kicked out again.

Mommy has been making faces at this piece of junk. She is so disgusted!! She's not been taking pictures or nothing, since she can't load them. If you know anything about my Mommy, it's that she always has the flashy beast in her hand. here's the bad news.

Mommy is still having trouble with her sugars going too low. When she has one of those, she gets really squirrely and wipes out for a little while. Please keep the POTP coming her way.

Now some good news.

Mona & I went Saturday to get our canine flu shots and while we were there Dr Briles checked Mona's weight. She's lost 1 pound 2 ounces since she started eating her new dog food. Ya know she has Cushings, that makes ya gain weight and have a pot belly. Well she looks so good and is starting to perk up and play again. 

Then we got to see Rocky. OMD!! He looks fantastic. Mommy was amazed. He only has one bad spot on his side left. As soon as he saw Mommy, he started licking her face and giving her kisses, then he tried to climb into her lap and I had to put him in his place. Mommy said I should be ashamed of myself but I'm not. She's my Mommy not his.

Well, I have to go now but first, this heart for my Amber. I have a big smile on my face whenever I think about my girl. Sweet dreams my sweetie.

Sniff ya'll later..........Weenie


GOOSE said...

Oh computer problems, there is nothing more frustrating! Hope it all gets better. And I hope your mom gets all that sugar stuffs under control. Believe me we know what that is like in my house.

scotsmad said...

Bummer. Computer problems are the pits.

Paws crossed for it, and your mum.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Two French Bulldogs said...

Great news for Mona. We will keep our paws crossed for momma and the computer
Benny & Lily

Molly The Wally said...

Sending healing paw and hugs to mum and a butt kick to the silly computer. Hope it gets sorted out soon. Have a terrific Tuesday.
Best wishes Molly

haopee said...

Sending POTP to your mommy on her low sugars. Maybe she needs banana by her side. I know Banana is very effective.

I'm sorry about your computer. In case you still have the problem and want some techy help, feel free to email me in my Contact Form. I might just be able to help.


Lovable Lily said...

Always got our paws crossed here for your Mom!

We hope that her computer problems go far away, real soon. That's miserable that she is having soooo many problems.

That is such good news to hear that Rocky is doing well.

Lily Belle & Muffin

Cupcake said...

Glad Mona is feeling better, hope The Mommy gets better soon too. My paws are crossed for her!

Love, Cupcake

Casey said...

Ooooh, computers are so annoying sometimes. Too bad you can't just BITE it and fix it!

stellaroselong said...

Mona that is great about you losing the weight, my mom is working on that also and its hard, sometimes its really hard! We are proud of you.
As far as the computer well mom says they rule our lives....damn them all to hell!! (sorry for the cussing but that is what mom says)
stella rose and mags

Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

We hope your mum gets her sugar under control soon and feels better. We are sending chi vibes to her.
Such great news about Mona's Cushings, well done Mona!
Dip Bridge and Elliot x

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Ernie and I are sending your mom POTP .

We hope that your computer gets better soon too.

OMD MONA... we are so glad that you have lost some weight. THAT is very good news.

Amber DaWeenie said...

Weenie, my love, I've missed you so much. Butt right now you gots to take care of Momma and her sugars. We'll get togedder again when your Momma feels better...and your puter feels better. Maybe Mr. Puter needs a flu shot too.

And Mona...Max is jumpin fur joy because you's doing so good. Keep it up.


Ruby said...

Oh guys, I hates puter problems!!! Ma's puter is startin' to gets to 'that place' where we gotta start thinkin' of gettin a new one, butts Ma deleted some old progams that were makin' it run slow, so it's okay for now!! I am hopin' yours starts behavin' for your Moms!!
I'll be keepin' my paws crossed for her blood sugars. That can't be funs for anybodies. Let her know we're all thinkin' of her!

Bludog said...

What food is Mona on? My girl also has Cushings, but is not on a special diet. Perhaps a special diet would be good for her; I can check with my vet.

Bludog said...

Thanks! Got the message.