January 20, 2013

Mona & Weenie under the weather and Updates


 "Speak words of thanksgiving, 
not words of complaint."
~~Joyce Meyer

The Mommy here..........

Yesterday I took both kids to the vet because Weenie's yearly is due on Feb 10 and since both have been acting strange this last week, I decided to go ahead and take them.

Mona's weight has gone up to 18.20 pounds, 2 more than when she had her yearly on 11/24/12. It's all in her belly. Dr Briles wasn't surprised. It's all because of the Cushings. She has been dragging around and has become very clingy lately, more so than usual. He switched her to Canine R/D which slows the metabolism. 

No words are necessary.

Weenie started throwing up again a few times last week with some diarrhea, has been lethargic and disoriented. Dr Briles did a Pancreatitus snap test and confirmed the Pancreatitus is flaring up again. He said since Weenie's case is chronic and not acute he expected him to have flareups from time to time but that they are happening to often to close together. He is worried that he may end up having diabetes. He gave him one of those shots that burns so bad and Weenie screamed and jumped almost off the table into my arms. He is back on medication for vomiting and diarrhea. His weight hasn't changed. He stays between 12 -13 pounds. His food is not changing, it's still Canine ID. He didn't want Weenie to eat last night. Weenie was not happy about that at all. He swallowed his food down this morning like he was afraid I was going to take it away.
Getting the shot.

Both have not had any treats other than baby carrots and apple slices, or any human food, in ages but Dr Briles said to cut out the carrots because of the sugar in them. They already think they are being starved and now that can't even have carrots which they love.

Dr Briles didn't want to do the yearly stuff for another 2 weeks so we'll be going back. He said to call him at home this weekend if he got worse and he'd meet me at the office. Weenie seems to be OK today. 

Besides sleeping on my lap most of yesterday in the recliner while I took the cure, they have been resting in their beds today while I have paid bills and am working on this post.

One thing happened yesterday that made me laugh even though it could have been tragic. When we got back from the Vet yesterday, I had to leave for a little bit, about 2 hours, and when I came back I heard something dragging and didn't see the kids at first. They are usually right behind the door when I get home but not this time.

 This is what I saw when I walked into the family room......

Weenie dragging shopping bag.
Weenie coming to me to get it off.
One of the handles from the shopping bag was around Weenie's neck above his collar. You can see it if you look closely.
I use the shopping bag to store lids in. It was sitting on a kitchen chair at the dinner table. Someone had managed to knock it off the chair and you see the result. Weenie could have chocked to death. As you can see Mona was mixed up in it too. 


 Got this e-mail yesterday:

Sat, January 19, 2013 2:56:05 PM

From:  Judy Spring
To: Sarah Ricca


Got home around 1030 this morning from the hospital. Been napping and using the CDM -straightens and bends my leg. Renting it for 10 days. Brought a walker and a toilet!! The dogs went crazy. Especially Brooklyn Stitches will come out a week from Monday. Start pt Monday or Tuesday. 3 times a week for 4 weeks. Still no appetite. Pain being managed well. A shower tomorrow


Sat, January 19, 2013 7:52:39 AM

From: Judy Spring
To: Sarah Ricca

Subject: Petey

PETEY had emergency surgery last light. He has stopped eating and playing. His wonderful foster, Marcie recognized that he was in trouble and took him to a ER near her at her own expense. She had taken him to another vet the day before. But he took a turn for the worst and ATDR asked her to take him to Vergi where another surgeon was called in. I don't remember details but there was no hernia. There was a cyst wrapped around his urethra and somehow bladder was involved. There was pressure on his bladder that caused pressure on his colon that caused the bulge near his behind. Or something like that !! They also neutered him, & cleaned tons of poop out.

Sent from my iPad


Yesterday while I was at the vet, I visited with Dobbie. He looks so much better than he did on the 16th. He was so active and his tail was wagging up a storm I took pictures and sent them to Lisa but so many of them were blurry because of all the tail action . You can see then at

Also Lisa posted on his Facebook page some exciting news..........

I have some wonderful news to share. A wonderful group, APAC- Temple is going to be taking Dobbie into their rescue!! Once his isolation period is complete, he will be heading up to continue on his journey to his new, wonderful life and hopefully a furever home soon! We will still be posting updates on Dobbie as he continues his journey. If you would like to donate to APAC, you can go to their website and click on the "donate" tab. There is a paypal acct there. *Please be sure to earmark it for the foster/adoption program*
Also, transport help for Dobbie will be needed if anyone can help at the end of the month to get him from Spring to Temple so if anyone wants to help with transport, please let me know.
Always in our hearts..........
Just now I went to Sheldon's facebook page so I could do an update on him too. I haven't been there since I had my surgery in October. I just knew I was going to see some good news. My heart is breaking now. How much hurt can a heart take without giving up? Sheldon has passed away and is now at the bridge where he his at peace.
This is what I read......... 
Please everyone keep Sheldon in your thoughts, he is not doing well. He is in CRF (Chronic Renal Failure) and hasn't improved since coming into rescue and is getting worse. His foster mom has him on IV fluids and his heart beat is irradic... He can still walk and enjoys going out and lounging on the lounge, but it seems as though his time is short..

Sheldon Cooper crossed the bridge on his own at 11:30 am today.
Amy never left his side during the past few days.
Sheldon was a wonderful spirit and served as an inspiration to so many - human and canine alike.
Despite his medical issues that we knew would take him from us eventually, he never missed a chance to love on us or receive love from us. He remained that way to the end.
It is a far, far darker world now that his light has gone out.
We have so much to learn from dogs if we would just put forth the effort to do it!
Mike & Cindy Manning
Hi everyone - Amy Farrah Fowler here. It's been very sad around here the last week or so but I wanted to let you all know how much Sheldon loved you guys and all your well wishes, prayers, and - of course - Stella treats! He left us very ...quickly. When it was time for him to go, he made his way to his spot by the bird bath amongst the plants, laid down and took his last breath. I miss him so very much. Thanks to one of his awesome followers, he was cremated and came back home to hang with me in our room. Sometimes I swear I can hear him!!

Another interesting tidbit ...... DDBSA will be taking applications to adopt me. I am thinking I will make someone an awesome Christmas present ..... I just don't think I will fit under the tree!?!?!

He will be missed.

I leave you now with a poem that was below the renouncement of Sheldon's death. The tears are flowing now and I can't go on.
God Bless...........Sarah

The Last Request 

Please don't say that I gave up, just say that I gave in.
Don't say I lost the battle, for it was God's war to lose or win.
Please don't say how good I was, but that I did my best.
Just say I tried to do what's right, to give the most I could,
not less. 

Please don't give me wings or halos, that's for God to do.
I want no more than I deserve. No extras, just my due. 

Please don't give flowers, or talk in real hushed tones.
Don't be concerned about me now. I'm well with God, I've made it home. Don't talk about what could have been, its over and it's done. 

Just see to all my family's needs, the battle has been won.
When you draw a picture of me, don't draw me as a saint.
I've done some good, I've done some wrong.... So use all of your paint.
Not just the bright and light tones. Use some gray and dark.
In fact, don't put me down on canvas, just paint me in your heart.
Don't just remember all the good times, but remember all the bad,
For life is full of many things. Some happy and some sad.
But if you must do something, then I have one request:
Forgive me for the wrongs I've done and with the love that's left, 

Thank God for my soul's resting.
Thank God for I've been blessed,
Thank God for all who loved me,
Praise God who loved me best. 

Author Unknown


Murphy said...

Wow, there is so much here that it is hard to comment! We cross our paws that your kids will be healthy very quickly and that everyone is able to get good medical care for their pets.

Keep Calm & Bark On!

Murphy & Stanley

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OMD Mona and Weenie you went LID Sledding? When your mom was gone?? We think it is kinda fun.

Sorry that Mona and Weenie are not feeling tip top. We will cross our paws for both of you to feel better .

Cupcake said...

Hope Mona, Weenie, Aunt Judy and Petey are feeling better soon. You too The Mommy.

So happy to hear about Dobbie, so sad to hear about Sheldon.

Love, Cupcake

The Slimmer Pugs, Kitties, and Mama said...

Hi Mona & Weenie!
Those are some snazzy sweaters that look fabulous on each of you.
We're sorry you are not feeling well. We are on the diahrea boat ourself...mama's fault. She thought some turkey gravy would not hurt our digestives. She meant no harm...and it was delish...but she'll never do that again!! Good news about Judi. Sad news about Sheldon...wesa were wonderin' how he was doing. Now we know. :( Good that Petey is know feeling much better since his surgery...sad it was an emergency.
BTW--Read our bloggy tomorrow as we have given you an award!!
Much Luvums,
The Slimmer Puggums
George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, & Mimi

Lovable Lily said...

Hi Mona and Weenie,
You all sure have been busy. We're so sorry to hear that you've been under the weather. That truly is NO fun at all! I have a question, if you can't have any more carrots, what did the Dr. say you can eat in its place? Muffin and I love carrots but do know too many are no good. I'm sure you got that bag off of your neck. Whew, thank goodness that had a happy ending.

We're glad to hear Judy is home and is doing as well as can be expected. That makes us happy to hear.

Poor little Petey! Wow that happened fast. Good thing someone was paying close attention and handled it right away. We will keep our paws crossed for everyone!!

Dobbie looks pretty dang good! We're continuing our prayers for him as well. We just know he will find an awesome home soon.

We are truly sorry to hear about your furend Sheldon. The poem for him is beautiful and made us cry. Mommy gave us extra hugs just now because she knows how quickly life can change. Rest in peace Sheldon and I know that someday we'll all meet up at the Bridge.

We hope that Monday brings us all much better health and some smile!

Lily Belle & Muffin

Reuben said...

oh my, what a mix of happy and sad, but mostly sad :( I keeps you and your mama and your friends in my thoughts; I hopes you both feel better very soon and also you looks amazing in your sweaters. Be careful with that lid sledding! It looks very brave, if you asks me.


Mitch and Molly said...

We hope that you and Weenie feel better soon, Mona! And we're so happy to hear that Aunt Judy is coming along. We're so very sorry to hear about Sheldon.

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Molly The Wally said...

We hope all will be well and send hugs and healing paw. We also hope Dobbie gets a forever home soon. We did laugh at the bag incident although we agree it could have been serious but luckily it was not. Have a marvelous Monday.
Best wishes Molly

Amber DaWeenie said...

So much good news and bad news. We're happy for all the good stuff but our hearts are sad about Sheldon.

Weenie, my love! Feel better soon. Wish I was there to hug you. No more shopping bags around your neck though. Imagine my paws around your neck instead. You and Mona take good care of each other and take care of Momma too.

The Websters said...

NO CARROTS! That is no good. Praying for Mona and weenie to feel better. For Peetey too and so glad about Dobbie.