January 22, 2013

ATDR December Adoptions

Poem for the day:

A Shelter Dog asks God.

By Joan C. Fremo
Dear God,

What is "Time"?
I hear the sadness in the voices of workers here. They say my "Time is up", that they have to make room for yet another dog. 

My "Time" is up.

I don't know what that means, God. I only know that my new friends are so sad, and the more I wag my tail---the harder I try to make them feel better-- -the sadder they become.

I know I have heard that word "Time" before, but I don't understand. 
When I was younger, my people would say "Time to play!" They would throw the ball, and I would run fast. Sometimes I brought it back to them, but other times we'd end up chasing each other having fun.

I remember "Time to eat". My people would put down a bowl of food, and I would enjoy dinner, wagging my tail in joy. There was also "Time for your walk". My boy would put my leash on, and we would go walking together, visiting the neighborhood and enjoying each other's company. 

When I was younger I thought "Time" meant fun. Or maybe Love?
I don't understand. "Time" must mean something else, but how can it change, God? 

Before I came here, I heard my people say, "No time to feed you now, boy. Later, when I get home." Sometimes my family would forget, and there was no food in my bowl.

Does "Time" mean when my belly hurts?

My people said there was no time for walks. I tried to hold it all day long-- but God, I just couldn't anymore. When I finally had to go, it made my family very angry. 

Does "Time" means anger?

Or maybe Loneliness? My family said they didn't have "Time". They didn't have time to play, or time to take me to the vet, or time to go for walks. They didn't have "Time", so they brought me here. Maybe I was right... They said they didn't have time, and if "Time" means Love, how did they lose it?

Did I do something wrong?
God, I think my new friends are sending me to you. Do you have "Time"? May I sit on the couch? Am I a good Dog, God?

Is it "Time"?

Hi there,

My name is Darby. I'm a lucky boy. ATDR rescued me in 2010. As you can see I was skin and bones. My time was up but I got saved.

Here's my bio pictures from when I got adopted on 2/11/11.

My new family loved me right away. Adopting a rescue dog is special. 21 dachshunds got lucky too during December.  I'm what they call a successful adoption. It's what I call my salvation and the start of my new life.

My Mommy sent this e-mail to ATDR at Christmas.. Isn't it great. They love me.

 We are doing great! Darby and our big dog Bloo have bonded tremendously. They are always cuddling and playing. We also added a little baby boy in May of this year, and Darby loves him! He loves to lay by the baby whenever he can. I've added some pictures for you. He's still his sweet old self. :) We love the great addition he's made to our family. __._,_.___ 

Check out these lucky doggies. Bet they have a good life now just like me.
Thanks for listening my story. ....... Darby

He's Minnie's brother
She's Mickey's sister

Mona here......I asked Mommy to leave Izzy off until last cause she's a wirehair like me and I cried when she got adopted cause she looks like my brother Siskle, Tiger, Munch and Matilda and now she's happy too.

Did you know that you can save a dog without even going to a shelter or a rescue group?

Mommy's friend Nana, from work, found a stay dog recently and started feeding hum. A dogs gotta have a name so she named him King. So now Ace, her pit has a brother. She couldn't let him go back to the street.

Get it ACE, KING. How about a "full house"



Amber DaWeenie said...

I just luvs seeing your adoption page every month. So many hap-pee pups who now have such great lives and so much to look forward too.

How's you feeling, Weenie, my love?

Sam said...

What a heartbreaking letter.

I'm so glad all the doxie's got adopted!


Casey said...

OMD, you made my momma cry so much with that letter! I'm so glad you posted ALLLLLL those grreat doggies who found their homes right afterward, or we would've both been in trouble!

Molly The Wally said...

Nice one Darby and King and all the rest. We love these happy endings. Make us smile. Good luck to all of them. Have a terrific Tuesday.
Best wishes Molly

stellaroselong said...

We loved that picture of darby laying by his new big brother..and all the pictures of the adopted doxies!!!
stella rose

The Websters said...

Eek! I just love your adoption posts. Makes me so so so happy.

So glad for Darby getting such a great home.


Milo Robinson said...

Love all the adoptions!!
Love Milo :)

Cupcake said...

So happy all these dogs got adopted and that King found a great home too.

Love, Cupcake