August 19, 2012



"It is interesting, when God takes one pet up to Heaven,
 He always seems to give us another one who is in need."

Dearest friends,

We are very behind here at Just Us Texas Dachsies. The month is almost half over and Mommy hasn't even done our ATDR July Adoption report yet. We also haven't been visiting blogs much either. With doing a Olympic post every day, 5 home visits so far this month with 4 adoptions coming out of them and working Mommy hasn't been helping us visit you guys. That is gonna have stop or else.

Before we go ahead with the good news, Mommy has to tell you about RED GIRL. It is a very sad story and all of ATDR  was crushed when she came into our rescue. Mommy can't forgive her "family" for ditching her. She was 21 years old. In her own words..........

I was with my beloved owner for 21 years before she died. Then her 'Family', who I thought was my family too, didn't want me anymore. They took me to a shelter to let me die. BUT ATDR wouldn't let me die alone and a nice man and lady took me in and showered me with love again. I was only with ADTR for 5 days before I died, of a medical problem and a broken heart. Maybe that's why 'the family' threw me away. I've come full circle now and back in the arms of my owner again where we'll be together forever,  never to be separated again.

Now if you've dried you eyes, on to the lucky 14 who found their forever homes.

We have to tell you, Mommy's heart jumped into her throat when she saw Oscar's picture standing in the bluebonnets. You all know why.
Pretty cute bunch don't ya ya think?

One more thing before we go.

Remember me?

It's me Skully. I got adopted too. On Aug 12. I have my own girl now. She's 5 years old and says we're gonna grow up together.
Guess what? I get to see Weenie and Mona now cause my forever Mommy said so. I get to see the Mommy too whenever I want. I'm in heaven. Life is good.

See ya soon.........Just Us Texas Dachsies

PS..........August adoptions are gonna be great. 16 so far and we still have two more weeks to go.


The Websters said...

Too bad Jelly Bean didn't get adopted here. SO CUTE!


Finn said...

Look at all those adoptions! So wonderful!

Reuben said...

Oh goodness, I is so sad for the poor girl who losted her family at 21! I gots a little something in my eye. Not tears of course. Just.... allergies. I would like to give a big thank-you on behalf of all dachshunds for your good workings to find us homes. We salute you over at Almost Home Dachshund Rescue!


Sam said...

Mom has a name for people who ditch their dogs, regardless of the reason, but it isn't very appropriate for print....


Amber DaWeenie said...

That poem made Mommy sniffle a lot. Her could never be a foster. Her tried and failed every time. That's why we have 9 in our pack.

Red Girl's story is so sad. Butt the hap-pee pawt is that she is back with the owner she loved and who loved her. Run Free Red Girl!

Ruby said...

Oh, that red girl story is so sad, made Ma get all weepy, I'm so glad you ended on the happy notes of all the pups who found their furever homes!! Great news! They are all soooo adorable!



harrispen said...

So sad about Red Girl, but at least she was loved again in her last days. Those adoptees look very happy. I can't believe you have 16 already for August! That's fantastic.


sprinkles said...

That makes me so mad/sad about the 21 year old dog. Who in their right mind would put a dog that old into a shelter??? I'm sad she died, but glad she's back with her owner. I will light a candle for her.

Congrats on all the adoptions.

Molly The Wally said...

Brilliant , all those adoptions and that made a nice start to our week. Have a great Monday.
Best wishes Molly

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

CONGRATULATIONS on all those adoptions. THAT is just wonderful.

Casey said...

Poor Red Girl! I'm glad she's back with her beloved owner now. I can't believe her owner's family would dishonor her memory by turning out poor little Red Girl! Bless you all for taking care of her and making sure she knew humans were still good before she passed away.

I'm SO excited by all your July adoptions!!! Woohoo!! That's such an inspiring post, I think I may have to start keeping track of the LBR adoptions that way too.

Cupcake said...

Thank Goodness for the wonderful people at ATDR for helping Red Girl. I agree that she is with her owner again.

I'm so glad to see all these adoptions!