July 3, 2012

2 years ago today....


But be more thankful when God makes 

you the answer to someone else prayer."

In Tribute of Shelby
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Two years ago today my life changed forever with a simple call from Sandra of THE PETTIE PACK. She had found a bruised and broken dog laying on the hot cement at a local mall and brought it home. Sandra ad I had met through DWB back in April 2010  when Mona read a blog with a cute little wire haired dachshund named Tiger and fell in love. Since they lived in Houston I invited them to the Spring Fling. Mona got to meet Tiger and I gained a new friend. I had heard all the bad things people said about pit bulls and had been scared. All of that changed om July 3, 2010 when Sandra called asking for help and I saw our dear sweet Shelby. It was the July 4th weekend and all the vets were closed except for Emergency Clinics. Sandra had rescued pits before and knew how to help them but never one as abused as Shelby. We decided to wait until the 5th and then take her to my vet.  We didn't have a name for her yet so when the office asked for her name, I named her Shelby, after the Shelby in the movie Steel Magnolias, because she need all the strength that girl did to survive. The rest you all know. The DWB community came together to help save a dog that they didn't know and changed all our lives. I am a better person because of her and she is and always will have a place in my heart.

God Bless.......Sarah, the Mommy


Molly The Wally said...

Nice tribute. Have a good Wednesday!
Best wishes Molly

Lovable Lily said...

Beautiful post. Sweet Shelby, our special little Angel!

Lily Belle

Cupcake said...

To The Mommy and Miss Sandra,

Thank you both so much for opening your hearts to this beautiful baby. Shelby learned what true love is. She is still with us.

Love, Cupcake

Gloria Hood said...

This was a really sweet post!
Lovies, Miss Mindy

Mr. Pip said...

My heart just breaks every time I think of Shelby and her brothers and sisters lost in that terrible fire. I know they are in a better place, but oh how I still miss them ...

Your pal, Pip

The Websters said...

Ugh. Thanks for the photos and the story. Shelby seemed like the sweetest little mama.


Two French Bulldogs said...

What a great tribute
Benny & Lily

Mitch and Molly said...

What a beautiful post!
Happy 4th of July, Mona and Weenie!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Shelby taught us all so much, jut too bad her life had to end so soon and so sadly.

Happy Independence Day and Happy Birthday to the U.S.A.!!!

Woos = Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning