June 17, 2012

"F" aithful.
"A" lways there.
"T" rustworthy.
"H" onoring.
"E" ver-loving.
"R" ighteous.
"S" upportive.

Author Unknown

Mona & Weenie here....
Wishing your Dads the best on this very special day.

We never knew our doggie fathers. We never knew Mommy's Daddy either but our Mommy talks about him all the time so we feel like we do. Mommy wants to share a memory of her Daddy that was very painful at the time but she thanks God it happened because it made his passing easier to bare.

The Mommy here.........

Anyone who has followed this blog for long has heard many stories about my Daddy who everybody called Papa Ricca. When I was 36 years old in 1984 he died of massive heart attack at 71 years old. Too young for a man that had never been sick a day in  his life.

Both of us being Italian and very stubborn we butted heads a lot. I loved him and I know he loved me BUT Daddy didn't approve of  my lifestyle and in particular my choice of a non-Italian man to love. David was about as non-Italian as you could ever get. So for 4 years, I was written off his list and was not allowed into my parents house. I would sneak over there to see my mother but would always leave before I knew he would get home from work. After my love and I broke up, Daddy said "I told you so"

I was his daughter again, welcomed back into the house, and all was forgiven but I always felt like he really didn't approve of me. So we were never close again like we were before.

I do not mean to damper any one's day with this memory of the day my father died. It was the worst day of my life but also the one I cherish the most.

Daddy owned his own shoe repair business. Around 10 am, on Aug 13th, the lady at the florist next to his business called and said he had come over, told her something was wrong and asked her to call me.

She asked me what to do and I told her to take him to the Emergency Room at the hospital across the street and I would come right away.  I ran every red light between the hospital where I work and the freeway and got there within 20 minutes.

There was a patient advocate waiting at the door in front of where he was. I knew then we were losing him. There were tubes everywhere but he could see me and held out his hand to me. He said "I've always loved you baby, remember that." We were able to talk for a few minutes but then he started chocking.

Then I was hustled out of the room because they wanted to put a tube down him throat but I saw the look of in his eyes. I should have fought them to stay. They didn't understand, he didn't have his hearing aid and couldn't understand what they were saying and tried to fight them. Daddy never lost his broken Italian accent and when he was excited he'd talk in both English and Italian so they couldn't understand him either.

Less than an hour after I got there he was gone. No one else made it to the hospital in time. Why is this the memory I cherish the most? Because I was the one he had them call, me who he didn't love or so I thought. We were at peace.

GOD BLESS and keep your fathers close to your heart

The Mommy......Sarah


Lovable Lily said...

Oh Sarah, what a memory of your Dad. I'm sure Papa Ricca is looking down on you and is proud of the woman you've become. Sometimes parents are so stubborn and their love remains hidden in their hearts for years. Your Papa decided to tell you that he's always loved you, just when you needed to hear it the most.

As hard as it is, always hold that final moment close in YOUR heart!

Lily Belle's Mommy

Two French Bulldogs said...

what fond memories...
Benny & Lily

Faith Shen said...

Happy Father's day to your Papa. That's a great tribute for Him.

Dog Shock Collar | Puppy Bond

Cupcake said...

I'm so glad you were with him. There was so much love between the two of you, I can feel it.

Love, Cupcake

Mitch and Molly said...

What a beautiful tribute, Miss Sarah. We just know Papa Ricca is smiling down on you with love in his eyes!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Molly The Wally said...

Lovely tribute and so many good memories!
Best wishes Molly

Gloria Hood said...

What a story! Thank you so much for sharing this!

The Websters said...

Dad's are the best. We will cherish ours!