June 16, 2012

Dedicated to Sugar -- Gizmo, Chico and Jazzie -- The Puppy Mill Song and the Corridor of Cruelty


"People who say it cannot be done,
should not interrupt those who are doing it."
~~ Chinese Proverb 

Dear friends,

The Mommy here.......This is a very long post but I had to vent and who better than dog people, that will understand how upsetting rescue can be, but there is joy too. Bear with me if you can.

This morning we posted the terrible story of  14 dachshunds that had died in a trailer fire in Idaho.  We promised we'd be back later today with some feel good stories about 3 dachshunds and I will share their stories with you but first I want to dedicate this post to Brinda's, a friend and DROH volunteer, foster Sugar, aka Shug. Sugar has been going downhill this year and reached a point where he had trouble walking and standing, so the decision was made to let him go.
 Brinda started fostering him in 2005 and today he left for the bridge with Brinda holding him her arms.  On Thursday Paula sent this e-mail to our usual group ......

Please keep Brinda and Sugar in your thoughts as Sugar will be making his way to Rainbow Bridge.
Sugar has been Brinda's foster since he came into our rescue group in Jan. of 2005. 

Sugar was a constant moaner and deeply devoted to Brinda. I went through the hurricane evacuation with Brinda, Sugar, Marvin, Webster, Emily Ann, Susie, and Teddy. Along with my 3, it was quiet the experience. The last 2 days, my mom had us stay with her and Sugar was my Dad's favorite.

Lots of history with Sugar and I know Brinda's heart is breaking.
But as we all know, he has had a wonderful life with Brinda and her pack and will enter Rainbow Bridge with Brinda holding him. I've attached my favorite pic of him in "his day". And I have attached his current pic. I offered to go with her and Shug and she wants to do this alone.
 I had to let my Samantha go in 2005 about the time Brinda started fostering Shug. It was a terrible and difficult decision for her to have to make but one that had to be done. Today we got this e-mail from Brinda......

Sugar is gone now. He drifted into a deep sleep and then he passed while I was holding him. I can't say enough good things about the Shadow Creek Clinic. Dr. Collins and Nancy were so kind and had so much compassion for Shug. He was never scared and he never felt any discomfort.

Please keep Brinda in your prayers. It just isn't fair. Too many of our loved ones gone, it breaks my heart.

Sugar in his day.
Sugar in a current picture.

Now on to the g


 # 1 feel good story.
od stuff.....

This is Gizmo, a piebald.
Gizmo was found by a lady I just started working with, who didn't know I was in rescue, in January wandering the streets and brought him home. No collar, tags or chip. She planned on keeping him, even had him neutered and chipped but both her and her husband took second jobs and have teenagers involved in all kinds of sports and felt he needed a home with kids that could give him the kind of attention he needed. So she told Judy, the founder of Great Dane Rescue, last week about Gizmo, who told her that she & I found would find him a good home. So we did. Gizmo now has his forever home with a 5 year old girl and her parents. 
Chico, the ch-weenie             # 2 feel good story
Chico was found in League City on the streets by Maggie, a ATDR volunteer. No collar, chip or tags either. She brought him home and wanted to keep him but her husband said NO. She already had a houseful. He said they could keep him until they found him a home. They went ahead and had him neutered too. So our Judy called me and asked if I could help find him a home. For a month I tried but nothing happened.Then Monday I had to go the the credit union and was talking to the manager, who knew I was with rescue. She asked how Mona and Weenie were and told me she had lost her 16 year old ch-weenie in January. That's all it took. After one look at these same pictures, Chico now has a forever home with a loving Mom and Dad and a new ch-weenie sister, named Sister.
Jazzie #     3 feel good story

Jazzie is a ATDR doxie....here is her bio....

 Special Needs: Jazzie is estimated to be about 3 years old. She is such a sweet little mini girl. Her story is that the shelter called and asked if we could take her on even though we are very short on fosters. This poor girl had so many fleas, she lost a lot of her hair. She is feeling so much better since she arrived at ATDR Inn. She had blossomed just within hours of her bath and turned out to be a major snuggler! She obviously had no shelter, because some of her hair was so sun bleached from living outside. Her hair is now turning to her nature color!! She is ready for her new family that can include other doggy brothers and sisters...even ok with kiddos and kitties.

Jazzie is going to her forever home in Dallas next Saturday. ATDR is having a huge Garage Sale in Dallas next weekend and Linne, the president of ATDR will be going, so she is transportimg Jazzie there Friday. I got a call asking if I could pup sit her for 5 days starting tomorrow, because her foster Mom has to go out of town on business. Of course you know what I said. Jazzie is just what I need to help take my mind off my health. Weenie won't be to happy about it but he'll get over it.

It's funny how things happen, that make you keep going on even when you feel like your rescue work doesn't mean anything. There is a young man that works at Denny's that calls me Mama, actually I'm old enough be his Grandma. We have talked many times about me being in rescue and of course I've tried to get him to adopt a dachshund but he wants a big dog. A few weeks ago he said he had gone to a pet store looking to buy a dog. Well I went off on him and told to never, ever, even consider buying one from a pet store, how puppy mills sell dogs to them all the time. If you haven't heard this song or seen this video called "The Puppy Mill Song" please watch it now. Just click on the link, just like it says, a catchy tune with a serious message....


This morning I went to breakfast and Chris asked me to do him  a big favor. He wants me to help him find a bigger dog, like a Husky or Lab. I guess my lecturing paid of because he wants to adopt a rescue now. Of course I said yes, that I would check the rescue groups out.

So after breakfast, I went to Dr Briles's office to pick up more medicine for Mona and knowing that they try to find homes for stray dogs that come to their door, I asked them to let me know of any more were to come in. A lady heard me talking and said she was with "Corridor Rescue". All of their dogs come from the corridor.

I have spoken on this blog about what we call the "Corridor of Cruelty" here in Houston. A disgusting place where dead and wounded dogs are dumped. Here is a link to a recent newscast about that dreadful place. Please click on the link below, but be warned it will make you cry.

So this young lady told me about her rescue group and I told her about Chris wanting to adopt a large rescue dog. She said she knows a dog that sounds just perfect for Chris, a lab/husky mix named Benny and another dog named Sarge a shepherd/husky mox. So Chris has already filled out the adoption application and is on his way to having his own rescue dog. I have no doubt he will approved with flying colors and pass a home visit.

So I guess I'll just keep trying to make a difference, one life at a time. Thanks so much for hearing me out.
God Bless...........Sarah, the Mommy 


Molly The Wally said...

Bitter sweet post and being a rescue myself remember that all of you do a wonderful thing! Thanking you all on behalf of all us re-homed doglets.
Best wishes Molly

Pibble said...

How awful - such sadness. But we have to remember the good that comes along with the bad; it's why we got involved in rescue in the first place, to save lives and maybe put a smile on a few lonely faces (dog and human). My heart does go out to the little ones who lost their lives, and your friend for losing her good little friend, too.

I don't know if you're in the mood, but I just awarded you the Sunshine Award. Stop by to pick it up! http://rescuek9.blogspot.com/2012/06/award.html

Cupcake said...

First, I want to thank Brinda for taking such good care of Sugar and loving him so much. I'm so sorry she had to say goodbye to him. I'm certain he had a wonderful life.

Also, The Mommy's rescue work means so much to all the animals and people. Keep up the great work The Mommy!! Not to mention how much we all love the blog! We all love you!!

Love, Cupcake

Lovable Lily said...

You made us all cry and smile too all in one posting. We are sure that little Sugar is romping and playing once again in full glory at the Bridge.

Rescue, rescue, rescue all the way! Bless you all for all that you do.

Lily Belle & Muffin