May 11, 2012


Hi Blogville,

Guess where we're going tomorrow. We're gonna go walking. Well Mommy and I aren't but Sissy will tag along. There are always lots of doggies and peeps at this event. So since everybody is afraid I might get stepped on, I'll stay with Mommy at the DROH booth and help take care of the fosters that will be there. Mommy is great at "talkin" up the crowds and getting them to come over to our booth. Sometimes she talks so much that folks will fill out an application right then and there.

2012 Bay Area Arthritis Walk

Saturday May 12, 2012
Clear Lake City Park Pavilion
5001 Nasa Road 1
Seabrook, TX 77586
8:00 AM

The Arthritis Walk® is the signature fundraiser for the Arthritis Foundation. It's not just an event, it's a celebration of year-round movement to help prevent and treat arthritis. Every year we get together to celebrate movement and make a positive impact on the lives of people living with arthritis by raising funds for arthritis research, education and life improvement programs in 250 communities across the country.

These are some of DROH's doxies that were there last year.

Kaleidoscope Details.......
The Doofuss, AKA the Mommy, is still scratching her dead over how Aunt Judy did it but here is exactly how it was explained....
"\'A program on my iPad and Mac desk top. You take a picture of yourself with the internal camera and choose different crazy patterns. I guess it only works if you're sitting in front of the iPad or computer and take a picture. Don't think I could transport one in and turn it into a kaleidoscope. Next time we're together I'll bring my iPad if anyone wants to do it.
Can't wait to see what Mommy looks like in one of them things!! I could use a good laugh.

OK.......We got one more thing to share tonight with you.
Down the road from where we live, in Aunt Pam and Uncle Sonny's neighborhood in Spring a couple had been fighting their home owners association for more than a year to keep their pet pig. So they finally hired an attorney and went to court.  Justice has finally been served. They get to keep their piggie. Now here's the thing. Aunt Pam was on the pigs side. Can you believe it? She who doesn't even like dogs, except Sissy and maybe me a little bit. There's still hope for her yet!!

Here is the link to a video about Wilbur,  the lucky Spring Texas Pig.

That's all folks.......Sniff ya later Weenie




Tweedles -- that's me said...

Be carefuls not to overdue and gets too tired when you walk. I know your walking for a good thing!
We are happy for piggy too!

Cupcake said...

I couldn't click on the link for the story about Wilbur but I googled it.
I'm SO glad they got to keep him. He looks so cute in the picture.

I think it's great what your doing for arthritis!

Love, Cupcake

GOOSE said...

Yea for the pig and the walk. Don't over do the walk, just keep steady and drink water.

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

oMD OMD OMD.... the PIG story.... I had no idea it was sooooooo close to YOU... butt on Wednesday night on Columbus Channel 6 NEWS.. they showed the entire story about the PIG!!! That is sooooooo cooolll.
Have FUN at the big event... and give your mom a Happy Mother's Day Kiss from Ernie and I.

Lorenza said...

Walking for a good cause!
Pawesome! Enjoy it!
Good news about the piggie!
Thanks for sharing it!
Happy Saturday!
Kisses and hugs

Two French Bulldogs said...

aren't you guys special for doing that walk. Those little legs walk that far?
Benny & Lily