February 4, 2012



"If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face,
you should go home and examine your conscience."
~~ Woodrow Wilson

Mona here......

Yesterday Mommy told you how one year ago she saw my brother play for the fist time. Weenie was so cute playing with toys, once he found them, so Mommy let us pull a bunch of them out of my toy chest. I let him have my bug pillow
but told him........
"It's a bug not a horse, little fella."

Weenie here.......

Did ya know that the weather here in Texas stinks. Well it does, big time!! One year ago the forecasters were saying Houston would be getting 5 to 6 inches of snow so the hospital let the Business Office close at noon the day before and not come back until Monday. There was lots of ice and it took Mommy over an hour to get home. We was so excited to have her home early and get to be home for 3 whole days.

So what did we do all afternoon? We went outside at least a 100 times but just long enough to do our business. Then we'd run back in and want Mommyto pick us up and snuggle. She had a nice round belly and was very comfy to lie on.

So we got up at our usual time, one year ago today, when around 10:30 am it happened. Let me set the stage for you.......

Mommy had been watching westerns on TV most of the morning, between naps that is. Her back and knees had really been hurting so while she took the cure (the heating pad), with one of us on each side, we watched a movie, then took a nap, then watched another movie, then took another nap....you get the picture.

So anyway, it was very windy and Mona & I both started barking. Mona jumped off Mommy's lap and ran around barking. She'd go down the hallway to the front door and then come back to Mommy and try to get her attention but she kept watching her western movie. I just sat in Mommy's lap barking cuase I can't jump down by myself. One thing I have learned in my one year with Mommy is You Do Not bother her when she's watching a western even if your trying to save her life. So after like 87 minutes or so, Mommy gets up and goes to the front door and opens it.

This is what she saw. Our only tree had fallen right accross the entry way and we couldn't get out the front door. Thank goodness it didn't hit the roof and we got a patio door.

I ask you, if you HAD heard a very loud





wouldn't you have jumped up to see what was going on? I'm telling you the woman is not only a Doffus but deaf too!! She said it was the worse ICE STORM Houston has had in years but no SNOW.

The Mommy here.........

Now that Weenie has talked dirty about his Mommy, let me tell you what has happeded in Texas weather wise lately. It has been HOT. We have had the A/C on for 2 days. It rained all day yesterday, lots of thunder, lighting and some flooding. It rained all night. It was still raining this morning but I had to go out and buy pee pads at Pets Mart. So guess what? By the time I got back home the temp had dropped about 20 degrees. So I turned the A/C off. God only knows if I have to turn the heater on tomorrow. Don't have to worry about it tonight cause Mona & Weenie put out enough heat trying to burrower under me, I don't need heat.

OK......it's Weenie again.......playing matchmaker or Cupid.
My good buddy Brinksy Winksey Puddin Pie is dateless for theValentine Dance, unless he decided to ask one of the available beauties in Blogville on his own but he's kinda shy, so I took it on myself to act in his behalf. His sister Bella is going with Tucker and is trilled. I know he would really like to go so if somebody out there is dateless to please consider Brinks. You won't be sorry. Who could resist this face. Mommy can't!!
From all of us at our house......{{{huggiers}}}, Sniff ya later and God Bless.


GOOSE said...

MOM calls me her little heater too. It's just part of the job of being a lovable dog.

Amber DaWeenie said...

Well...Dat must of been some western dat Mommy was watchin! Maybe her might of noticed if da tree came through the roof and landed in front of da TV blocking her view. :o)

Me just nose dat Brinks will have a date. Me would be proud to go wit him butt me has two gentlepups taking me. Me will save him a dance though if his date will let me borrow him.

harrispen said...

I love what Amber said about the tree blocking the view of the TV.

My Nina doesn't have a date for the pawty yet. She is a very mature lady who will be 14 in a few weeks so there might not be much dancing, but it sure would be nice for her to have an escort. Especially since she is new to blogville and Brinks could introduce her to everyone.

Let me know if Brinks is interested.

Cindy & Nina

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Maybe your mama thought it was thunder on the tv set when the tree came down. Wee is glad no one got hurt!

Pippa said...

Is Roxie going to that dance? That's what I need to know.

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Well now we have the answer to that Age Old Question... if a tree falls in a forest does it make anybuddy get up and check... when they are watchin a Western.. NOPE.

I hope Brinks gets a date.. butt If not... I know there are plenty of Single girrrrrls goin to the dance. They will be thrilled to Rawk the House with him.

Tucker said...

I is very excited to go to the dance wif Bella.

woof - Tucker