May 19, 2009

Mona's Computer at the Hospital

Hello everydog, it is Roxie, Sammy and Andy here again. Since Mona usually starts with a picture of flowers, we have added a picture of "our" Lantana which is starting to bloom. Lantana is a member of the mint family so it smells really good. We hope it doesn't bother Mona's mommy because she is allergic to mint. We will find out this weekend because they are coming to see us!!!! It is Memorial Day weekend so Mona's Mommy has Monday off too!

Mona's computer needed to go to the computer hospital. She was able to make a quick post for you before the Arthritis Walk from Aunt Judy's computer so she has already told you this.

The Arthritis Walk was a great success! DROH had the largest team there to help raise money and awareness! Mona was able to participate because she walked with one of the other members. At first she wasn't so happy about leaving the Mommy behind but she perked up and enjoyed herself. The Mommy stayed behind which turned out to be a good thing. After everything was over, the Mommy fell. She didn't do any permanent damage but she is sore today. If you could send some healing doggie vibes to her, Mona would really appreciate it. Just don't send so many that she decides to keep all of the kibble for herself!

Mona mentioned that we did not put any pictures in our previous entry and we needed to add some this time. Well, you know how Mom and the Mommy sit on the front porch all of the time? Mom and Aunt Bec have done some things to make it even more inviting! OH NO! We will never get them off of those rocking chairs!

This is a picture of the plant stand with lots of fresh herbs.

This is a pot of Calla Lilies, Vinca Minor and Lamium. Don't ask us; that's what Mom says they are.

This is the gardenia plant. It has really put out some blooms and there are more buds waiting to open!

This is what the front porch looks like by the door. If Mom had taken a picture which included the rocking chairs, you would see them to the right in this picture.

Now you can see why we may never be able to get them off of the porch since it is so pretty there.


Joe Stains said...

the porch looks like a great place to sit and relax!! Thanks for keeping us updated.

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Tank woo fur keeping us posted!

I hope the khomputer isn't too sikhk!


Nancy and the fatties said...

Wow, we love your porch with the rocking chairs. What a wonderful doggy retreat!

Asta said...

That powch suwe is inviting and pwetty..I can see whewe thewe might be a pwoblem getting youw Mom to move, heheh
Just put on youw sweet smile, I bet you can get hew to do anything
smoochie kisses

Nibbles Treats said...

Boy, we'd love to stick our snooters in those pots! Mom loves the rocking chairs!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

The OP Pack said...

Our MOm so loves a porch and your flowers are beautiful - especially that gardenia. We bet you get some wonderful smells from that one.

woos, the OP Pack

Alasandra said...

We didn't know lantana was in the mint family. Ours is blooming now and looks lovely. We hopes your computer gets well soon Mona, until then enjoy the porch and your friends. ~S,S,C & F

the Corgi Girls said...

Wow, what lovely pictures! Did you get to see the pictures we posted for your mama for mum's day?

We hope your computer gets better soon!

PS- mama says she loves herb gardens!

Huskee and Hershey said...

Our mom loves Calla Lillies!! Can't believe you have a whole pot of them... we've only see them in vases!!

Rufus, Indie (and Anita) said...

We hope your computer gets well soon!
Rufus and Indie

Maggie and Mitch said...

We're sending lots of healing vibes Mommy's way! We hope she feels less sore soon!
Mom leaned closer to the computer screen to try and sniff the gardenias but it didn't work! DARN! They sure are pretty!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Anonymous said...

Woohooo on the arthritis walk!

Hope Mommy feels better already. Love the pics of the porch!