February 6, 2009



"A dog is like an eternal Peter Pan, a child who never grows old and who, therefore, is always available to love and be loved." -- Aaron Katcher

Hi dear friends,

We would like to thank everybody for the kind words, thoughts and prayers for Toby #4. The Mommy is still very upset about losing another doggie but she knows there are still a lot more that need our help and the need never stops. She decided that we needed something to cheer us up, so while she was on break at work this morning, she decided she needed a "Georgie and Roxie fix" so she started calling some of our doggie friends to see if anybody wanted to come over Sunday afternoon for a homemade pasta sauce and meatball lunch. So on a spur of the moment idea we are gonna PARTY!!! For sure there will be 9 dachshunds and maybe 3 chihuahuas & their families coming over. Evander and Fritzie are coming with their Mom & Dad and maybe their Grandma & Great grandma. Aunt Judy is coming with her 3 boys, Harley, Bandit and George (the fix giver) and she is babysitting 3 other dachsies so she will be bringing then along too. How exciting, 3 new doggies to meet & play with!!! Chloe, is a 4 month old pup, Heidi is a chocolate piebald & is about 2 years old, and Chewey is a 2 year old chocolate male. They were all rescues from a puppy mill in Hitchcock that got busted. Roxie, Sammy and Andy can't make it and they are very disappointed and so are we. Poor Mommy....no Roxie fix this time. Not to worry. The Mommies are planning a visit in the country in the next couple of weeks. My Aunt Tina & Chris might be coming with their 3 dogs, Mr Grins, Gordo and Baby Girl. My bested little human friend is comming too!! It's gonna be like a mini dachshund reunion.

We have arrived at our last post for my Stings of Friendship A-Z feature. Yesterday I got a wonderful box of goodies from Zoe's Mama, Staci, with all kinds of toys and treats that had Zoe's favorites in it. The Mommy took a few videos and a bunch of pictures that we will post about next week. Since Zoe has been in our minds so much lately we decided that we would pick a doggie and a cat named Zoe or close to it for our "Z" post. This post is dedicated to Zoe.


ZOIE BELLE (aka ZOZ) a dachshund from Washington Zoie has been having a problem with a 'crying eye' & has been diagnosed with an eye ulcer that's why she has a cone around her neck. Let's all pray that she doesn't have to have surgery. Zoie is a recent Puppy Training Graduate. My Aunt Mary is the one that told us about Zoie so that's how we found her and we sure are glad we did.

She gets snow too!!

Here she is with her favorite toy--a leopard print stuffie.

This little chocolate male dachshund is Coda. He came from my stomping ground, TEXAS. He is not Zoie's brother but a playmate for now and maybe someday her mate. Wouldn't they have some pretty pups.


Zoie and Coda in their favorite spot--they love the space heater. Right now Coda is a lot smaller than Zoie.

Cuddling.....looks like when Coda is ready , there won't be a problem for them to have puppies.
Zoie Belle's blog address is: http://zoiebelle.blogspot.com


My kitty cat choice is Zoey and she has a sister named Maggy. The above picture is the header on their blog. Zoey's Mom is an artist and does beautiful work. Do you know what zoolatry means? It is defined as "an excessive attention to animals." The Mommy said that describes all our Mommies and Daddies.

ZOEY is a Himalayan from Florida

Zoey has a snaggle tooth just like my brother Jacks does. That bear she is being compared too gots one too!


To go visit these gorgeous girls their blog address is: http://zoolatry.blogspot.com
The Mommy here.....

One last thing before we close for tonight. This link is free if you want to clean your computer screen. Administration asked that we all use it every day and it really does clean your computers.
Love, kisses and (((Huggies))) to all..........Mona & the Mommy too!!


Maggie and Mitch said...

We are so sorry to hear about Toby, Mona. We're sending your mommy (((hugs)))
Have a great time with your buddies on Sunday!
Wow! You even found "Z" doggies and how cute they are!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Georgeous said...

Sorry to hear about Toby :( I'm sure your doing a good job of comforting the Mommy.
We enjoyed the Dacshie pictures and are looking forward to seeing how your party went, enjoy!
Love George
send the Mommy a big rottie Kiss x

Amber-Mae said...

Wow! You made sooo many new friends. I will go visit them all!

Boogie Woogie,
Solid Gold Dancer

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We love the Z doggy and kitty. And we love Zoolatry. Their human made our header too.

We read about Toby and what a horrible thing to do to a dog. Abandon it taped inside a box. We're sorry for his loss.

Joe Stains said...

Nothing cheers you up like a PARTY!! Sounds like a great plan guys. We are sad the dog letters are over!!

Rambo said...

We enjoyed all your pretty pictures! Thanks for sharing.
Rambo & Midget

Raising Addie said...

It brought tears to my eyes that you dedicated your "Z" post to my Zoe.

It was lovely to see other beautiful furbabies with the same name.

Thank you soooo very much for your friendship!

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie, Lucie and Staci

Anonymous said...

OH what cute Z friends!!!

Wow a party what fun!!!