January 22, 2009



"My DOG is half PIT-BULL, half POODLE. Not much of a WATCHDOG, but a vicious gossip! --- Craig Shoemaker
Hi dear friends,
Did you notice the flower of the day? Does it look familiar? It is a old picture the Mommy took in the summer of a flower on her favorite hibiscus bush. The Mommy really misses her hibiscus during the winter and even though I want to see snow and she does too, she just wants her hibiscus bushes back. She has been known to sit for hours just looking at them. She says it's very relaxing, sitting on the patio, listening to all the wind chimes, watching me play and smelling the flowers.
Strings of Friendship "K"
My very dear doggie friends, Addie and Lucie and their Mom Staci told the Mommy about this doggie. Addie won a contest over a her blog and Addie's Mom told her to donate the prize money to Dachshund Rescue of Houston. That is so pawsome!!

KYLIE the Border Collie/flat coat Retriever from Hopkinton, MA

Kylie looks so regal and look at all the lovely snow. I am so, so jealous. We only got a thin coat of snow back in December, but look what Kylie got. It looks so deep and so pretty!! I wonder if my Mommy could talk to Kylie's Mommy and work something out so I could go play in the snow with Kylie.

Kylie's blog address is: http://misskyliem.wordpress.com
Run on over and say hello and tell her to send some snow done here to Texas.
This morning it was a little cold and when the Mommy got to the traffic light at West Road she saw this tree. Kinda looks like leaves hanging on but they are really blackbirds. The Mommy was fascinated how they keep flying in & out of the tree. She is the only person, I know of, who doesn't mind being stuck in traffic waiting for light to change. Told ya she was a Doofuss!!

After work today, the Mommy and several friends decided to go out to dinner to try to relieve the stress and sadness of this week. Since most of those that went live on my side of town they decided they wanted seafood and would go to Pappas Seafood. Traffic in Houston during rush hour traffic is horrendous but if you have 2 or more people in your car you can get on the HOV lanes and fly. Here are a few pictures of how it is on the freeways of Houston.

Traffic in the HOV lane.

Traffic to the right

Traffic to the left

Our exit off 45 North

Traffic on the feeder--not much better
The Mommy says "Thank you Lord for High Occupancy Vehicle lanes on 45N". To bad the Mommy has to use the regular lanes when it's just her.

Pappas Seafood House

The Garden at the restaurant

The Mommy took these pictures through the window. They sat at a table looking out into the garden. It was very quite and peaceful. The Mommy didn't bring me any leftovers. She had crab cakes with craw fish in a white cream sauce with capers and a Greek Salad. She said it was wonderful but I just have to take her word for it cause I didn't get any as usual.
That all for folks..........Love, kisses and (((huggies))) to all.....Mona


Tibby said...

Hi Mona,
I'm glad your mommy went out to dinner and hope it made her feel a little better but I'm sorry she didn't bring you any food! That special lane is pretty neat! Kylie looks like a nice dog, I will have to go check out her blog!
:) Tibby

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Hi Mona,

Our mom doesn't need HOV lanes anymore though the traffic does get worse when the university gets back into session. We hope everyone from the hospital had a good time after all of the sadness. Too bad you didn't get any or the food. We never get any because we don't ever get people food.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

happy said...

Glad to hear your mom is feeling better. Keeping paws crossed spring comes soon enough so you can enjoy the hibiscus blooms again.

Anonymous said...

WOOF! I'm so honored to receive your Strings of Friendship! I was a shelter dog myself and I just want to always give to those other doggies who aren't as lucky as me yet to find their forever home! HARROOooo I LOVE the snow, be sure to check back because there are going to be some more snow pictures today! I love your blog and am pawsitivly ecstatic to be your new furiend! Be sure to have your Mommy send you up! I need a friend to chase in the snow! BOL But bring a coat!
Your new buddy,

Anonymous said...

Love the pic of the hibiscus, love those flowers. And you are so lucky to have so many special friends.

Love Pappas seafood, yummy.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Simba said...

Mine never bring me back food either, how selfish are humans!?

Simba x

Joe Stains said...

yumm crab cakes! We have those HOV lanes here too and they are the BEST!!

Maggie and Mitch said...

The restaurant gardens are just beautiful, Mona! Mom says she hasn't had crawfish in YEARS!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch