January 30, 2009


"In the world in which we know, among the different and primitive genus that preside over the evolution of the several species, there exists not one, excepting that of the dog, that ever gave a thought to the presence of man." --- Maurice Maeterlink

Hi dearest friends,

Before we get to my "S" choices the Mommy made an observation. We have been so busy looking up new doggies to feature that we have not been visiting all of my other friends blogs. The Mommy said she is sorry that we have been neglecting my friends but there are only so many hours in the day. We have been trying to read some blogs every night but after typing at work all day and then posting here her hand is about to fall off. I asked her what was more important, working or my friends. She said if I want my daily treats, she needs to work. So much for the argument!!

Strings of Friendship "S"

Well today we got a big handsome fella to introduce you to and 3 very pretty girls. The Mommy has been trying to showcase all kinds of different doggies and today she got a Great Dane for you. I've never met a Great Dane before but the Mommy saw a movie once called "the Ugly Dachshund" about a Great Dane thatr thought he was a dachshund and since I'm a dachshund, lets just say that he could be my cousin but he is not ugly at all and kinda cute.

Look at that face!!

SAVAGE the Blue Great Dane from Grand Marais, Minnesota
It's he the most regal looking dogs you've ever seen? If he was running for president, I'd vote for him. Savage has been having some problems with his teethies and had to have surgery so when you go visit him the first thing your gonna see one of his cracked teethies. Wish him well too. His nickname is Savvy.

Guess what? He gits SNOW!!!

Good roaching job.
SASHA, SHENNA & SZE EM from Malaysia
three cutey pies

Sasha is a apricot toy poodle, Sheena is a silky terrier (the Mommy thinks) and is a Lapsa Aspo (again the Mommy thinks so), please accept our apology girls, if we got that wrong. When me and the Mommy was looking for a poodle to showcase, we found Sasha and she looks just like my cousin Tippy except Tippy is white. Now that is a feisty little girl,so I bet their Mommy has her hands full but what fun it must be at their house.




You can check these beauties out at: http://princess-sasha.blogspot.com

One last thing. Somebody sent this to the Mommy and like she said everybody should get all with everybody....you just got to work at it. Enjoy!!
Until tomorrow..........Love, kisses & (((huggies to all)))......Mona


*Sasha* said...

hello Mona,

Thanks for introducing us! Would love to be in your string of friendship :)

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Nice 'S' pals!

We understand how much time it khan all take!

We are beginning to have soooooooo many blogs to hit, we'll be trying to figure out some way to do it!