November 24, 2008



(This is one of the flower pictures Happy sent for my flower post)

"Reverence: The spiritual attitude of a man to his God and a dog to a man." --
Ambrose Bierce

Hi my dear friends,

This post is not the post I was gonna do tonight. That one will just have to wait. This is more important than any squirrel post I was gonna do. Yesterday evening the Mommy found out that my brother Toby has a new brother....a doggie brother!!! His name is Campbell and he was adopted from DROH. He is another dachshund mix and has shorter legs than Toby and I have been told that he is kinda naughty at times but has brought out the goofy in my brother. The Mommy was so happy that he has a doggie brother. Toby's new Mom, said they got Campbell as a companion for Toby and that they say he his Toby's dog. Toby is still the top dog in their family. Here are a few of the picture Toby's Mom sent us.

My handsome brother TOBY

Toby & Campbell

My brother checking out his territory--that's his new brother peeking out from behind him.

This is what Toby's new Mommy says about them:
Campbell is very playful and he and Toby play indoors & outdoors like crazy. He brings out the goofy in Toby. But he is a little naughtier than Toby and likes to chew on things and tip over the garbage cans. He barks at the guinea pigs and is noisier in general. Toby is such a gentleman and is allowed to roan free and chooses to sleep with whoever he wants. Sometimes he travels in the night and might start off in one bed and end up in another. His human brothers and sister take turns having him sleep with them. He goes on long walks with me in the mornings (Campbell has little short legs so he doesn't walk as far) and on long runs with my husband on the weekends which he LOVES!!!

I think my brother is the luckiest doggie in the world!!
Love, kisses and huggies to all....Mona
PS....Rusty might kick me off the SQUIRREL PATROL, when I do my squirrel post tomorrow.


Southbay Girl said...

Mona...I'm so excited your brother Toby has a new doggie brother! how cool is that!! He's lucky!


happy said...

That's really nice! Campbell is adorable!

Raising Addie said...

Campbell is adorable! How lucky Toby is!

We can't wait to see what fun adventures they will get into!


Lacy said...

w00f's Mona and Mommy, how cool iz that..Toby gots a new brudder..Campbell looks like a fine pup..

b safe,

Snowball said...

I am glad to see that Toby is so well loved! Please send some of my kisses and hugs to him when you see him again.


Simba said...

How exciting, a new brother for your brother.

Simba x

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

That is furry khool news!

It is always nice to hear of another furever home!!

PeeEssWoo: He's a khutie!

Ruby said...

Since Toby is your brother, that makes Campbell your brother too.
Congratulations on your new brother. He's so cute.
See you soon.
Love Ruby

Anonymous said...

Oh that is so exciting. Both Toby and Campbell are adorable!!!!

Clover said...

Horray for Toby! Thanks for sharing that great news!
Also, I have lots of snow pictures, should I send you some?
Love Clover xo

Joe Stains said...

That is such great news. I bet this will add years to Toby's life, being happy makes so much of a difference.

mini said...


Maggie and Mitch said...

We're so happy for Toby! Campbell is just adorable!
We love Happy's flower picture!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

The Aphasia Decoder.... said...

Wow, that is cool to have a playmate. Me's jealous that Toby got a brother. They look so cute together.


Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

We think it's great that Toby has a brother to play with!!

Matilda said...

Hi Mona!
Toby looks like a handsome gentleman! He must be a good big brother!
wags wags