November 25, 2008



"If your dog is fat, you aren't getting enough exercise" -- Anonymous

Hi my dear friends,

Tonight's post will be very short. The Mommy didn't get off work until 7 pm tonight, then had to go to the grocery store. SJMC Business Office is having there Thanksgiving luncheon tomorrow and the Mommy didn't have anything at home. She is supposed to bring a fruit/cheese tray and a relish tray. So while she was organising her trays, she kept me busy with my dinner and the other half of my lamb shank. I was very happy!!

It is now almost midnight and the Mommy has just finished her trays.....she is a perfectionist & everything just had to be right. She gots to get up early tomorrow morning to be a work @ 6:30 am, so that's it for tonight except...........the Mommy has decided since our trees, in our part of Texas, go from green, to brown and then dead and we never get the beautiful, stunning colors of fall like other places, she is gonna post some fall pictures she found that she likes. Our daily flower pictures will back.

Love, kisses and huggies to all.......Mona


Lacy said...

w00f's Mona and Mommy, haff fun at the luncheon tomorrow...mama and daddy iz going to his familys dinner thursday, iffin she still iz feeling good..they always go to mama family at christmas..wish me had got sum fall colors fur u, its always bute ti ful here..

b safe,

happy said...

Your mom sounds really busy there! But that's one yummy meal she gave you.

Bae Bae said...

Oh Fall looks pawsome... I wish we have that season in Singapore too

~ Bae

Simba said...

You are a well fed doggie.

Simba x

Snowball said...

Yum yum! I had a duck drumstick last night too. hee...


Raising Addie said...


I hope you have a great luncheon!

We are having a little Thanksgiving lunch in our department at work.

My contribution is pie, rolls and sweet tea (from Chicken Express)... can you tell I am NOT a cook!

Have a great day!

Matilda said...

Hi Mona! Your mom are so busy.Say "Take Care" to her, and give her a hug.
I found a new SISKLEs picture!Yeah, he really looks like me! cute as me! :>
wags wags

JB's Big World said...

Hi Mona,

Hope you are doing well! My mom has been super busy too so I know how it is. I can't seem to keep up with blogging.....hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and make sure the mommy gives you some turkey to eat!

Anonymous said...

Love the fall pic. I wished we got those beautiful colors here in Houston.
Hope you had fun at the lunchon.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Mack said...

Hi Mona & Mommy!
I know my mom is secretly thrilled they didn't do a luncheon at her job!
Your Mommy didn't get much sleep - I sure hope she can catch up on it this long weekend!

Hope you have a Happy Turkey Day!!

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

So, did she bring woo any leftovers?


Lorenza said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day!
Kisses and hugs

Dannan and The Girl said...

I sure hope you got some of the leftovers from the luncheon! That lamb shank looks delish!

The Girl loves the fall leaves in that picture, she thinks that the turning leaves are one of the best things ever!

Sorry we haven't been around much. The Girl's been at lots of doctor's appointments lately - nothing wrong, just meeting new doctors because the old ones moved away.

Happy Thanksgiving, Mona! And to the Mommy, too!

Brown dog kisses,

Ruby said...

Hi Mona & the Mom
How long is your fall season?. When do the leaves start budding again.
I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow and get lots of yummy treats.
See you soon.
Love Ruby

Deefor said...

What a nice picture of leaves. And a nice lamb shank. Hope your mom has fun at her lunch.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Joe Stains said...

Wow, she did a great job keeping you busy that is for sure. Mom is a perfectionist too, its super annoying :)