October 6, 2008


Hi my dear friends.

Me and the Mommy won't be posting our SUNDAY IN THE COUNTRY report like we was gonna do today. We was gonna delay it so we could show you a little chocolate female dachshund that was found wondering the streets in Galveston this morning by a friend of Aunt Judy. We were spending the day with Aunt Judy and the boys, when she got the call about the doggie. The Mommy took lots of pictures, so DROH would have pictures for the website, and then they took her to Westside Vet Clinic in Pearland. DROH has two other Hurricane Ike survivors......Ike, Snow White and now Tina (that's what we named her). So we decided to do a post about them because the Mommy said they were more important than my trip. The Mommy was joking that she looks just like Jody and wouldn't it be nice if maybe Tina & Chris would consider adopting or fostering her.

Well there will be no post about anything at all tonight, no flower picture and no quote of the day.
We had a wonderful weekend with all my Dashsie friends in the country and were having a wonderful day today.....helping with a rescue, enjoying a day with Judy's boys and her foster Sadie. But right after we got home, Tina & Chris called with some very bad news and the Mommy has been crying ever since and me too. Jody became very lethargic this weekend and wouldn't and was dragging himself around. They took him to the surgeon that did his back surgery and he said it was very bad. He needs surgery again and this time it is much worse than before. The cost will be much more than the 3500.00 it cost before and might not even work so DROH is looking into different options. Who can afford that kind of money after what all Ike has done to all of us.

Please keep Jody in your prayers. Maybe tomorrow the Mommy will feel like doing a post but right now, she feels like she has lost one of her babies. Why do things like this have to happen.....just when you are really happy a bombshell gets dropped on you.



Simba said...

Keeping Jodie in our thoughts. Sending hugs to you and your mummy.

Simba x

Raising Addie said...

sniff, sniff... were so sorry to hear about poor Jody.

Paws crossed that Jody will recover and not need the surgery.

Mona, please give your mommy extra kisses today from us, ok.


Charlie Daniels said...

Jody is in my thoughts that's for sure.



Mack said...

My mom can relate. It seems like one thing after the other after she & dad got back home after Ike.
We will certainly be praying for Jody.

Love you guys,
Mack & his mom

Murphey said...

Poor Jody, we will definitely pray for her!


Ruby said...

Poor Jody. I will keep him in my thoughts. I hope he will not need the surgury, maybe just some rest.
Love Ruby

Snowball said...

Is there acupuncture for dogs over there? Will it help? It had helped me and I am forced to swim twice weekly. I hope Jody will be alright.


Dana & Elmo said...

I hope all goes well for Jody!
I will pray for Jody to become healthier and stronger than ever.

Lady Kaos said...

Our paws are crossed for Jody and we're sending big hugs to you and the Mommy!

Joe Stains said...

We are so sorry to hear about this. We are keeping you all in our thoughts and we are sending healing vibes.

mini said...

Mommy says we will say a prayer for Jody to nit.... Will Keep him in our thoughts. Our Paws crossed. No one no's Why things like this have to happen...(sniffs) :(

Mini & maxy

The Girl said...

Oh, we are thinking good thoughts for Jody! We hope a solution can be found...

We're sorry we haven't been by lately... we got behind and are still trying to catch up.

Brown dog kisses (extra, extra, and more extra for you and the Mommy and Jody and Tina and Chris),

Raising Addie said...

We are praying very hard for Jody. Has she improved at all? Please let us know if there is anything that we can do to help.


Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Mona, we know you will do your best for Jody. We will add him to our prayers. We wish you would have had better news when you got home after your visit with us. We hope you had a good time out here and come visit again soon! Maybe Jody will be better and you can bring him too.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Mona,
We will be think of Jody and praying for him.
Please give your mommy a hug from us too....

Maggie and Mitch said...

Jody is in our thoughts and prayers! Give your mommy extra hugs from us, okay, Mona?

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Willow the Black Dale said...

Oh we are so sorry to hear about Jody! Yes we will keep you ALL in our prayers. We know how difficult this is for you.
Mona hold on tight to mommy and give her big slurps.

little brown dog sent me over

BenTheRotti said...


Dannan and his Girl sent us over,

we will keep Jody (and of couse you and Mommy) very much in our thoughts and prayers.

Healing rotti slobbers and vibes on their way,

love and tailwags,

Ben xxxx

Asta said...

I am pwaying fow Jody and sending healing smoochie kisses to all of you