October 14, 2008


Hi dear friends,

Our sweet little boy, Jody has crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. He was not getting any better and the doctors said there was no hope for him and because he was in so much pain the decision was made to let him go. Everything that could be done was done. My heart is breaking. When I had to give my boys up a year ago, I was crushed, but I knew that in the end they would all be readopted and find good homes but this is different. Jody was special. Last year he was found at the end of a dirt road, emaciated, with hookworms and heart worms by Chris and her daughter, Emily. He went from being dumped to the best loving family a dog could ever hope for. He survived surgery on his back and seemed to be so carefree, loving and happy. Mona & I got to have him over at our house whenever we wanted and Mona got to stay with Jody too. We will miss him more than I can every say. I would like to thank everybody for all the prayers offered up for Jody. The only good to come of out of this is that I know in my heart that Jody is at the bridge now with my Samantha and some day I will see him again. I know Jody wasn't my dog but the pain is still there. I think that God must have decided, not to ever let me have children because if the pain of losing Samantha and Jody is this bad, how it must be to lose a child.

Jody had a disastrous start to his short life but in his last year he had what all animals deserve.
A family that loved him, doggie brothers and friends to play with and a place forever in our hearts. The way I want to remember him was the last day I saw him, when he was playing with a stuffed animal that Mona had given him, that was his favorite toy, running, laughing and giving me lots of kisses. Now whenever Mona & I look into the sky, we will see Samantha & Jody's stars shining back at us.

Run free my sweet boy. We will miss you.

Sarah, Mona's Mommy.


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

We are leaking fur all of you but we do all know it is the best fur HIM -

We've said it before

And sadly we know we'll say it again

THAT is the truest sign of the love we feel for our khanines when we let them go despite knowing how much it will hurt -

Run free Jody - get those little legs a chuggin'

Hugz&Khysses From PA,
Khyra and her mommy too

Lorenza said...

Hi, Mona and Mommy.
I am so sad to know about Jody.
I know it was not an easy decision but it was the best for him. No more pain.
Kisses and hugs

Ruby said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. It is a sad day. I know how much you must be hurting as I have been down that road before. It was the best thing for Jody. Take care.

Love Ruby & her mom

Asta said...

Deaw Mona and youw Mommi
I am so vewy sad that Jody had to cwoss the bwidge..I hope the knowledge that he had so much love and happiness this last yeaw will comfowt you..and I know you will see him again..the video made us cwy
smoochie kisses

Lacy said...

sad woofs mona and mommy, we iz sooo sad here, that little sweet boy..me hopes hes runnin wiff the wind and playin wiff my sista angel lacylulu and his sista samatha..RIP sweet Jody...

a sad,
angel lacylulu
and mama...

Huskee and Hershey said...

So sorry to hear about Jody.. I know that we will all be reunited again someday.
Run free now, sweet Jody.

Huskee and Hershey said...
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Boo said...

hey mona, am so sorry about jody.

in another news, didn't i ask u to "not bother" my simba anymore? simba only wants me!

wet wet licks


Maggie and Mitch said...

Our hearts are breaking for you and your mommy, Mona! Jody was loved by the both of you and that was the greatest gift you could ever give him. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you.

We love you.
Maggie, Mitch and Sue

Raising Addie said...

We are full of tears for Jody. It's so hard.

I just know that Jody is playing with K-8 right now and neither of them are in pain.

Please let me know if there is anything that we can do.

Addie, Zoe and Mom

BenTheRotti said...

aaww Mona and Mommy,

We are so so sorry to hear that Jody crossed over. Its never an easy decision but it is one that is made with love and the best gift you can give. Run free at the bridge sweet Jody.

love , licks and tailwags,

Ben xxxx

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Sarah and Mona, Mom has been sad and hugging us since your call last night. We all know that Jody is out of pain and running like the wind but we also all know the pain you must feel. We are glad that you have pictures and good memories of Jody. We are also so glad that Jody found a loving home for the last part of his life and that same love helped him stop the suffering. You, including his family, are in our prayers.

Roxie, Sammy, Andy and Mary (Mom)

mini said...

*cry* I'm so so sorry! :(

Simba said...

I'm so sorry to hear your sad news. Sending hugs and nose licks.

Simba x

Lady Kaos said...

We are very sad to hear about Jody. We didn't know Jody personally but we know he was a very special part of your life. Lots of hugs and kisses to you both and to Jody's family!
Hilary and Kaos

Murphey said...

I am sorry about Jody, it is so hard at moments like these. Mona, hug the Mommy for us!


Junior said...

We are so sorry for the loss of Jody. He looks like he was a great woofie!

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

We are real sorry to hear about Jody. We know it is was a difficult decision to make and we understand.

Boy n Baby

Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

We are so sorry. Isn't it wonderful that he had a great home in his last year. He is at the bridge healthy, playful, young. The hardest thing is doing the best thing for them at the end. But that is LOVE that we give back to them for the love they give us.
We are truly sorry. RIP little Joey.

Amber-Mae said...

This soooo sad. Poor Jody boy. That was a very difficult decision you made but I guess you had to do what had to be done for the best of him. RIP my friend.

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

The Daily Echo said...

We're so very sorry to hear about Jody. Mom knows that heartbreak all too well. We'll all have many friends waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge someday.

Mack said...

Jody was such a beautiful pup and boy did he luck out with his family! I am so sorry for your loss I know how deep the hurt is.

-Amy & Mack

Joe Stains said...

We are so sorry about dear little Jody. We are glad his pain and suffering has ended but his time with you guys was too short. We are sending comforting vibes your way.


We are sad to hear about Jody.
Rest easy and run free at the Rainbow's Bridge.

The Girl said...

Sarah and Mona, we saw this post yesterday and immediately The Girl started leaking. So we waited until today to comment.

We are so sorry that you and the rest of Jody's family are in such pain. (You were part of his family, it was almost like he had two homes, from the sound of it.)

Take comfort from the fact that Jody is now pain free, running, jumping, and having fun with Samantha. And also take comfort from the fact that he had the best life possible after Chris and her daughter found him. He went to the bridge knowing that he was loved as much as a dog could be loved.

Mona, give your Mommy lots of cuddles. We know you are grieving too, but cuddling with help you both start to heal.

We are keeping you all in our hearts.
Dannan and The Girl, sending all the Brown Dog Kisses that you need

Bobby said...

It is so sad to let a friend go, but what luck it was that he was found and cared for and had so much love at his end.

happy said...

We're sad to hear this. Hope you'll be comforted in knowing that he's pain free. Run free, Jody.

Girl Girl Hamster said...

So sorry to hear about Jody. Please take care

~ Girl girl

ROSSI said...

oh no.. am so sorry my dear friend.. i was late again.. am so sorry for not being here when u needed me.. i hope you n mommy is feeling a bit better now.. eventho i know is not easy to let go tat sad feeling.. please take care..

And am sure you guys had done the best for Jody.. Run free Jody..


Moco said...

Someone at the Bridge must have needed his special talents. You were so lucky to have known him even for a short time. Nothing can remove the wonderful memories that you have. (Kaos sent us over)

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Dera Mona and Mommy,
My heart is breaking when I read your post today.
Jody crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge with Mona's stuffy gift.
His last year will be forever the best year in his life.
Run free, good spirit Jody, you'll be dearly missed.
((((Hugs)))) Mona and the Mommy.

Lady Kaos said...

Hey Mona and the Mommy,
I just wanted to stop in again and send some more hugs. Hope you two are doing okay. Update soon so we don't worry too much about you. Mom is a very good worrier and has a very good imagination which makes her worry even more.

the Corgi Girls said...

Corgi hugs and kisses to all... we're here for you!

Chris and Mackenzie said...

Thoughts and prayers coming to your from Sugar Land, TX.

Chris & Mac

Raising Addie said...

We hope your doing ok. It's been a little while since we heard from you and just wanted to check to see how you are.

Addie and Zoe

Peanut said...

We are so so sorry to hear about Jody. Our thoughts are with you and his family

Southbay Girl said...

Mona and the Mommy, Mom and i are so sorry to hear about Jody! Our thoughts and prayers are with you both!!

Velcro and mom