June 26, 2008

Will Power


"Every dog isn't a growler,
and every growler isn't a dog."

Hi my dear friends,

Tonight the Mommy wants to share some pictures of a little dog with WILL POWER. A friend that works with the Mommy has a new puppy that was born with some problems and her and her husband were talking about putting her done. The Mommy pleaded with them to give the puppy a chance just like some of our DWB friends have had, like Baby Love and Snickers, to name just two. Some of you might have heard this story before or even seen pictures but this little dog is an inspiration and the one the Mommy told these people about. Here is her story.

Her name is FAITH and she lives in Oklahoma City with the family that adopted her & gave her the chance to live and as you can see thrive. She was born without her two front legs. Here is the link to a video of her story if you would like to her more about the incredible accomplishments of this dog.


This quote goes with the pictures......it makes since to us.

The doors are open for only those who believe in themselves & WILL POWER which can make a dog walk on two legs!!

Also the Mommy got a present from the girl that she did the flowers for her wedding at work today and Jeong made the arrangement, so you know it was beautiful. Notice the roses. The Mommy thinks it is one of prettiest he has ever done.

The Mommy said we could all use a little will power in our lives and if she had any she'd be as skinny as TWIGGIE.......boy is she dating herself with that one.....hehehaha.
Love Ya Mona and the Mommy too!!


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Thanks for making my mom leak AGAIN -

It was nice to see you stop by - sorry the news was sooo sad -

Baby love touched so many lives without even setting paw in our states -

As I said to the SMS group - and to Gus&Louie, Baby Love's mom allowed her to find peace even though she's now in pieces -

Make sure your mommy gives you some extra hugz&khysses -


Snowball said...

We fist saw will on You Tube about one year ago. It was Video Clip of her and her mum being interviewed by Opie. She is one great dog. The process of learning to walk on her 2 hind leg must be a very tough and tiring one. She sure live up to her name.



Kess & Her Mama said...

Read about Faith some months back. Truly incredible.

happy said...

Oh yes, Faith is an amazing dog!

Simba said...

That doggie certainly has a will to live.

Simba x

Jessie and Jake said...

We saw Faith i think on Oprah and it ended up being one of our favourite shows. It was one of the times Mama cried because she was sooo happy - it really is a happy story and really does make you feel good about being here!

Clover said...

We posted about Faith before too - she is such a sweetie!! And those flowers are beautiful too!!
Love Clover xo