June 10, 2008



"DOGS: God's way of showing us how to be happy" -- Anonoymous

Hi my friends,

Mona here:
Several kitty cat and doggies friends have asked why I get summer haircuts. So the Mommy decided to tell everybody the story. Please remember that I was not to blame for what happened.....I was the victim.....Me and Bradley. It was all my brother Toby's fault. She will be taking over this post now to tell you all about the sorid details. Please do not laugh too much. That's not why Toby isn't with us anymore but I'd do it all all over again if Iwe could have him back with us. One last thing before the Mommy takes over. My brother Jacks, was not an acomplise to what happened. The Mommy said thank goodness for a least one dog with a little common sence. I say he just knew better than get invloved because the other three of us were in for BIG TROUBLE.


Toby and the "chair"


The reason for the problem

Critter # 1

Critter # 2

The Mommy here:
About this time last year, the Ricca household was having a small problem with the mice. I don't like to use mouse traps because I think they are too dangerous around dogs or cats, so I had been using the glue kind that come in square traps.
I had been very careful to leave them on the kitchen counter, etc out of reach of the dogs, or so I thought. I had just bought some new furniture that was to be delievered on the July 4th weekend and moved the chair you see Toby sitting on to make room for the furnitue against the bar that separates the kitchen from the family room--Big Mistake!!
When I got home from work one day I noticed that was a little piece of cheese on the back of the chair. I went into the kitchen and noticed that glue trap next to the sink was gone. I thought WOW this must be some big mouse to have dragged the trap off the counter and left a poece of cheese on the chair but wasn't able to find the trap or a mouse trying to get off the glue in the trap.
I let the dogs out to do their business and play, then after an hour or so Mona came in & jumped on the lap. I felt something sticky.....really sticky!! Using my superior, if sometime way off, instinct, I think this what happened. Toby had been known to jump on the counter, given any opertunity, so there usually is no furniture close to the bar or any counters. Toby jumped from the chair to the bar (go figure no sticky stuff on him) and took off with it with Mona in quick pursuit.

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