June 20, 2008

Jody's Visit Day 4


"Buy a pup and your money will buy Love unflinching that cannot lie." ----- Rudyard Kipling

Hi dear friends,

Mona & Jody here. The Mommy came home early so she can get ready for the wake and rosary tonight, so we can't post to much tonight. We are having a super good time and I feel like shouting for joy, just like this chubby doggie is doing.

The Mommy promised us a outing tomorrow, after the funeral, so we are going to League City to visit Judy and her pack. Judy has been wanting to meet Jody and you know how much we love her backyard. She told the Mommy that she gots lots of tomatoes and the Mommy can pick. Judy also said she would bake a "Blackberry pie" cheer the Mommy up. I see some big time diet breaking going on tomorrow.....but she been good and will find the pie a big comfort.

Here's a picture of me & Jody resting again.

Here is one of the videos, the Mommy has been trying to load. She says it's our action shot.....we were playing not fighting. Of course the Mommy started loading it when she went to work. Only hos Dogness know how long it took to load. Hope ya like it.

My secretary has got to go, so we'll be back tomorrow afternoon.

Love to all....Mona & Jody too!!!!


Lacy said...

w00f's Mona, Jody and the mommy...sorrwy fur ur loss...heehee u 2 wuz really having fun wasslin..

b safe,

pp's haff fun on ur day out tomorrow..

Anonymous said...

Hi Mona. You two look like you were really having fun! I love destuffing stuffies too! Nice instructions there! The quicker the better. Barklove, Rusty

Rusty's mom here: I am so sorry to read about the loss to your family. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Sharon

Amber-Mae said...

Looks like you & Jody are having sooo much fun together!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Lorenza said...

I wish I could be there playing and having fun with you two!
Kisses and hugs

Mack said...

Hi guys,
I know you are a big comfort for your momma right now. We dogs are good like that.

And I could tell you two are just playing - your tails were going a mile a minute!

Maggie & Mitch said...

You both look like you're having such a good time playing together! What a nice soft spot to play on!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Pacco de Mongrel said...

sorry to hear about the loss...

i hope the outing can cheer everyone up