May 19, 2008



''Man is a dog's idea of what God should be" -- Holbrook Jackson

Hi my friends,

Yesterday morning me & the Mommy got up bright & early and I got all dressed up in my new harness that Aunt Judy had made me for me. I was standing at the door ready to go and the Mommy said we couldn't go until after she got back from church.So I very patiently waited, because God is very important and I didn't want him being upset because the Mommy didn't go to church. So she got home about 9 am & what did she do?....she started reading blog!! She told me to be patient, that we weren't supposed at Aunt Judy's until 11 am, we weren't leaving until 10 am & that patience was a virtue. I told here, I didn't know about all that but I was ready to go!! So we finally got in the car. The little dog on the dashboard is Samantha, well not really Samantha but the Mommy's guardian doggie, named Samantha, that goes everywhere with her to make sure she gets where she is going safe and sound. I hate to ride in the car, I still remember dodging traffic in the rain the night DROH found me, so I figure she is my guardian angel too.

So guess what's happened before we even got out of our subdivision? The left turn light never changed to green so it became a four way stop. It took forever to get through that light.....we lost 1o whole minutes waiting at that stupid light. Patience, the Mommy kept saying, Patience.

Are we there yet, Mommy!!

Finally, we got to Aunt Judy's and I gave her lots of kisses & licks so she would now how happy I was to see her, Kady and the boys. I also made a new friend, Shotzie, her neighbor's long haired dachshund girl who Aunt Judy was dog sitting.

Of course, as soon as we got there, George, had to climb on the Mommy's belly and get some hugs and give her lots of kisses & licks. George is the main reason we come to League City to visit. He looks just like my brother, Toby, except Toby is lots bigger. Isn't he a handsome boy?

I think that my harness gave George some ideas because he followed me around everywhere I went as you will soon see. He even tried to hump me several times and kept sniffing my butt so I kept jumping on a chair & sitting my butt down!!
How cheeky is that!! He is kinda cute, I have to say. But my heart belongs to my Simba, the king.

Let me introduce everybody to my new friend, Shotzie. The Mommy could never get her to turn around but you will see how pretty she is in some of the videos. She kinda looks like my former foster sister, Nikki.

This is Kady, Aunt Judy's foster. She is very shy and sticks like glue to her as you can see. She is very skittish and runs for the house whenever she gets startled. She is just a puppy and we hope she gets adopted soon.

This of course, is George.

This is Bandit...he is a piebald.

There is also Harley. He is the little black dapple with his butt to the camera, but you have to see him up close to see that he is a dapple. Harley never ever stays still long enough to get a face shot of him but there is a video devoted just to Harley that will show how cute he is & how really fast he is.

In case anyone is wondering, The Mommy and Aunt Judy never made it to the Strawberry Festival. It was peaceful, quite (you be the judge) and cool in the garden that they decided not to go. Mack told us that there is a Dog Park in Pearland that his Mommy would bring him, Paris and maybe Lilly to meet me sometime, so wouldn't it be wonderful if all my friends to go too. I would love for some of my DWB friends to meet my friends. Aunt Judy has a beautiful yard with all kind of plants, flowers, tomatoes and even a fig tree, so the Mommy will do a post later so you can see why we like to go and visit them. for a few videos. Hope they work this time!!

This is everybody checking out was happening at the gate.

This video is of Harley trying to get to the guy next door on the roof. See I told ya he was fast and Loud!!

This one is us just investigating everything.

And last but not least is George following me around trying to sniff my butt. How embarrassing is that!!

Well my friends, I had the bestest time and it was more than I could have hoped far. I wish all of you could have been there to meet all my friends...I brag about my DWB friends all the time so they feel like they now all of you already.
Love, hugs and kisses to everybody.....Mona
PS.....all of the dogs you see, including me, were adopted from DROH except for Kady. Please pray we us that she gets adopted soon.


Anonymous said...

Mona! You had a great time! Your new friend sure is pretty. I loked all the picutrs and the videos! what fun.


Kess & her mama said...

Hi Mona, Your mummy is wise. Patience is a virtue but it so hard to be patient... What lovely pics. It has inspired mum to dig up some pics of my old Daschund pal Sweetie and me when I was a pup to scan (way back before the days of digital cameras..) and post on our blog sometime soon. Watch out for it, K? Remember, patience :-)

Anonymous said...

Looks like the visit was worth the extra time you had to sit in the car - did'ja bark at everyone to say 'hi' while you waited? My Mom said you can come up and stay with us but it gets hot here too - not as hot as where you live though.

Maggie & Mitch said...

We can see that you and your buddies had the best time, Mona! Our paws are crossed that Kady gets adopted real soon!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Simba said...

I can see I am going to have to keep on those other doggies.

Simba x

Jessie and Jake said...

Wow a lot of stuff going on - we don't even know where to start except that we are happy everyone got adopted and we think God is important too!

judy said...

We sure enjoyed spending the afternoon with Mona and Aunt Sarah.
What could be better than 6 doxies runnng around the yard. The weather was perfect, our mom and Aunt Sarah enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Valentino's Seafood(we heard them talking aboutit enough!)and we had videos made of us - what fun! We sure hope they will come back soon. George, Harley, Bandit, Kady and our Mom(Judy).

Snowball said...

We will pray that Kady find a good home soon.


Mack said...

You guys had a super fun Sunday. Mine was so boring.

Wish I could've been there with you!