April 13, 2008


Hi friends,

Quote of the day:

"My dog's not spoiled....I'm just well trained."

This is the Mommy. I am taking over tonight's post for Mona. Yesterday at the Pet Adventure Fair my little Mona worked the kissing booth for 3 hours by herself. Finally she had all the kissing she wanted and said her kisser was kissed out. She slept all the way home & has been sleeping most of the day just like her Mama has. For the last hour we sat under a tree watching all the dogs passing by & had a chat with quite a few. Mona was chosen for the privilege of being the designated kisser because she is very calm and will let anybody touch her....as long as I am in sight.
I know most of you won't believe this, but Mona is really very shy. There were all kinds of dogs at the fair, big ones, little ones, chubby ones, fat ones, skinny ones and to many more to mention. Mona has not been around a lot of different dogs, mainly just dachshunds so it was quite an adventure for her & me. So we took tons of pictures and are sharing just a few of the 60 or so pictures we took. It's a good thing we don't get charged for all the pictures we post because there are a lot. enjoy...we sure did!!

This dog tried get into the kissing booth with Mona...he didn't fit.

This little guy never came out of his prison, but Mona went over & visited.

I'm not sure what rescue group this was but they had all kinds of dogs, including the little fella in the picture above...you can just see his little tail. These two stayed huddled together all afternoon.

This little cutie's owner had just bought the harness he has on from DROH....he sure is fuzzy and his owner said his name is FUZZY.

This little girl had the best seat at the fair.

Is this a collie?....it is so pretty but doesn't have long hair like a collie.

This Dalmatian won the top prize in the best dog at the Fair contest. I thought it was very regal looking & reminded me of FAITH.

A Jack Russel terrier?

I spoke to the owners of this little dog for a long time. He was rescued from a very bad situation where he was beaten when he was about a year old...he is 6 years old now but has what his owners, a kindly elderly couple, called episodes where he acts terrified and withdraws into himself. It made me cry. They said sometimes he won't even let them near him & it breaks their hearts. That God he was rescued & by a very patient & loving couple.
This little fella won best smile at the Fair.

Below are some more of the many dogs that were there, too many to even count and even to describe but I do want to tell you about Mona's little human friend, that wanted to take her home.

And here at last is Mona's little friend & we don't even know his name.He
kept coming back & buying kisses. After she got out of the kissing booth, he followed us under the tree and played with her until his mother called him. Once Mona went sniffing around & I lost sight if her and panicked. He chased her down & carried her back to me. That's when he asked if he could take her home. Mona & I were very faltered that he wanted her........
BUT NO WAY!! I would die without my Mona.

And last but not least...Mona cooling off under the table, taking a much needed break while we packed up.
One last picture to make you laugh.,,,,everybody at church this morning said I looked just like a lobster.... just picture in your mind a redhaired, chubby lady with a Dachhund Rescue of Houston t shir that thant's me....can I help it if I burn easily?
Mona sends her love......hope you enjoyed the pictures and didn't dose off.
Good night--the Mommy---SARAH


Boo said...

err... where's my lookalike? you are right, there's only ONE BOO!

wet wet licks


happy said...

Great pictures! Seems like great fun! How many kisses did Mona give away that day? Oh poor you, didn't you put on any sunblock lotion?

Pacco de Mongrel said...

i would feel honoured if someone said they wanna bring me home...

but nope, never happen b4...so i juz need to look at the mirror more to know why

Amber-Mae said...

Oh wow, you worked in a kissing booth? How kewl! I bet you got soo many kisses from soo many doggies & hoomans. Yeah, that Dallie sure looks like Faith but Faith has much lesser spots & ofcourse smaller.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Maggie & Mitch said...

So many beautiful doggies! We're sure you had a blast, Mona!
What a compliment that the little boy wanted to take you home with him!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lacy said...

woofies and burfs mona...wowzers watt fun u had givin kisses...sum mitie cute furkids there..me happy u had a pawsome time...heehee u mommy wood miss u to much iffin she let dat little hoooman take u hom...me hopes u made bunches of money fur ur rescue group...

b safe,
bear and
angel lacylulu ;)

The Zoo Crew said...

you're right....that is a collie...called a smooth-coat collie :) my mama's friend's SIL shows those kind of dogs!

lucy lu

SCOTTY said...

Hi Mona,
I am a portuguese dog. You have a great pictures....this pet adventure day is the must...

Peanut said...

we would want to take mona home with us also. Mom says sunscreen is your friend :)

ROSSI said...

Oh wow.. the pet adventure day looks so much fun!!.. there are so many doggies!!.. i love mixing around with other doggies.. but but.. you put up a booth just for kissing??.. where is my kiss then??


The Daily Echo said...

Mom's favorite thing is going to events and guessing what breeds all the dogs are.