March 14, 2008


Hi friends,

Does anybody know what I am doing in the picture below? Well I'll tell you. For more than 2 hours last night I stood just like this watching the Mommy do something I've never seen her do before...IRON!!!...well not really ironing but steaming appliques on socks and then she took another hour stitching stuff on the socks. For what you ask? Well I'll tell you or better yet I'll let the Mommy tell you because this is another one of her special projects that is near & dear to her heart...& you only thought Dachshund Rescue was all the Mommy cares about. Take it away Mommy!!!

This week is DVT week in US hospitals like the one I work at.
DVT means DEEP VENOUS THROMBOSIS. It is a killer that many people don't even know that they have until it is too late. I know, unfortunately, that death does happen due to this silent killer. Texas hospitals, maybe every hospital in the USA, is encouraging everybody to learn about DVT and act on their findings. Today there was a contest at work, where everybody that decorated a pair of socks with the DVT ribbon on them somewhere, could wear Capri pants. The CBO has six managers so we had to do 6 pair of socks. Since I have made decorative socks before, I did the one for the Refund/Customer Service group. It was great fun and since we all know we are dog people, my creation had to do with dogs. I think we had a very artistic group of folks making socks, so here are the pictures. I am happy to say that one of our pair of socks won first place for the entire hospital. "Not mine" -- that's OK, we got the point across.

What ya doing Mommy?
My creation -- front view
My creation -- back view

The grand prize hospital winner for most representative of DVT -- notice the blood clot.

Feather leg socks

Fuzzy picture of my socks -- not my feet, I just made them. Doctor & nurse socks
Butterfly socks
DVT Ribbon socks

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and remember the message.
Now I have a question. Can my sock making be considered something I can say I am good at doing for Patience's contest?
Back to Mona:
Tomorrow, the Mommy has promised me that we can work all evening, after she comes back from the DROH Spring Fling meeting, to make my Easter bonnet for Koobie's contest. She got all the stuff tonight and she gonna start on it after the meeting & if she doesn't finish tomorrow, me told her she is in BIG TROUBLE!!
Love ya'll lots & lots.......Mona


Mack said...

Oh my dog!
Your mom is soooo creative!

Does she have a booth at the dog show?

Sugars (& TGIF!),

Simba said...

When Mummy was in hospital last month she had to wear socks. She would have been much happier with those ones. The socks she had were too big and she nearly broke her neck on them. And they were boring old white, well white with grey feet after a couple of days in a super clean NHS hospital. Tell your Mummy to bring her socks to the UK.

Simba xx

Maggie & Mitch said...

How creative your mommy is, Mona! The socks are just beautiful!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Sharon said...

Hi! Thanks for coming by my place and leaving such a nice comment! Your mom sure is a talented lady and a nice one too, to help out so much with this.

I like your picture, you are a cutie. Can I add you to my blog roll?


This comment is going to look like it came from mom but it really came from ME.

Sharon said...

I forgot to tell you, I live in Texas too!


JB's Big World said...

Those sure are some crazy socks! Your mom is talented!

happy said...

Hi Mona, your mommy is so talented! Love the socks! Thanks for sharing about DVT here.