March 15, 2008


Hi friends,

Mona here. There is a lot going on right now with DROH and a lot of exciting things happening that me & the Mommy just got to share with our DWB friends. I know me promised that the Mommy would work on my Easter Bonnet tonight but we were both exhausted when we got home after envelope stuffing for the DROH Spring Fling (April 20th) and the wonderful time me had playing with 11 "yes 11" dachsies of all shapes, all sizes, all colors and all of us barking.

Here is the news: DROH has officially adopted out 6 "yes 6" doggies this month and it is only the 15th of the month. Becky, who is on the adoption committee, said they had adopted 2 more out today "yes 2" so that means we have a total of 8 "yes 8" new doggies families that joined our group. But we did add 7 "yes 7" doggies, all puppies and piebalds to our list of receiving care because they all have heart worms. The were all seized by the SPCA from a backyard breeder in Pasadena so we are calling them the Pasadena Seven.

Now for the really exciting news.

Lucky #2 got adopted a few days ago after being in our program quite a while. She was badly used as a breeding dog & had many, many litters before she was rescued & given to DROH. After all the abuse and neglect she suffered she is a very gentle and friendly dog. Two older ladies, sisters I think, wanted to adopt an older dog because most folks want young, spring chickens not old hens "IGNORANT, STUPID, HEARTLESS PEOPLES!!!!"
When they saw Lucky, they feel in love with her on the spot and now she is in her forever home with 2 "yes 2" very special ladies.

You remember the human angels, Ron & Deb, that have done so much to help me and the Mommy, that adopted my brother Peanut when nobody else could handle him? Ron sent a new picture of Randy, a maybe 15 year old timer, who has been with DROH forever to the Mommy via e-mail that said:
"the little boy no one wanted because he is old....we want him"

Now the most exciting news of all!!! Does very doggie remember one of my foster brothers, Bradley, who got adopted & then returned because he had what everybody thought was back trouble but turned out to be neck problems? He had surgery on his neck and is now in perfect health as you can see in this picture taken by Becky his foster Mommy. He is now available for adoption. Becky didn't bring him to the gathering today because he would have gotten too excited with all the doggies running around. He is still on doggie rest. "don't he got the cutest smile?"


Okee Dokee, doggies and Mommies, that's all for tonight. We gotta go to bed now so the Mommy can get up early for church in the morning and then come home & start my Easter Bonnet. "Promise Mommy?"

Love ya lots & lots....Mona & the Mommy hear more about DROH go to


Maggie & Mitch said...

How awesome that eight new doggies have found forever homes! Your news made our day!
We can't wait to see you in your Easter bonnet, Mona!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Mack said...

Lucky #2 is precious!!
Thank heavens for wonderful people like the sisters who adopted her!

Mom is "thinking" about making us some Easter bonnets. I say no way cause what's a he-dog like me gonna do with a BONNET!??

Mack said...

Pee S: I emailed your mom at DROH!

Amber-Mae said...

That's just WONDERFUL news!!!!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Isis said...

awww i'm so happy to hear about the rescue place!