March 1, 2008



Good morning!!! Hope everybody has lots of exciting plans for the weekend. This morning the Mommy got up early & tricked me good. On the first day of the month, the Mommy gives me my monthly heart worm and flea medicine & me HATE taking medicine. Usually me get some YUMMY peanut butter on it but even though me always run away me LOVE peanut butter. She was in the kitchen making breakfast. She took out a can of my Healthy Deserts, apple tort flavor, and a piece of cheese...YUMMY...I LOVE CHEESE. Then she did it too me. Her put my pill inside the cheese and me ate the cheese so fast & didn't even taste that old pill. Then she gave me my Apple Tort to make up for giving me that old medicine. I kept standing there waiting for the main course but the mean old Mommy said i would get my dinner later tonight.
So what did me do? Me went outside and ate a salad.

Did me ever tell ya that the Mommy is very inpatient? When she gots something to do, she wants to go and get it done. This afternoon her, my Aunt Pam and my Uncle Sonny are going to a wedding in Waller, Texas that my Aunt Pam's grandson, Lane, is going to be the ring bearer in. The wedding is a the Catholic church, that the Mommy always goes to when we are in the country visiting my Uncle Jimmie but the reception is going to be in a barn and big wide tent. It's going to be a real down home country party with lots of food, dancing (HOEDOWN STYLE) and FUN!!....But this time me don't get to go. Me was upset with the Mommy but her said there would be no doggies, cats, horsies, piggies or cats there. Me really wanted to go so me could play with the horsies like Samantha used to do. Then she told me tomorrow she be home with me all day after church and my brudder PEANUT is coming to visit with Ron and Deb. GOOD NEWS!! I miss my brudders so much, so me OK now just knowing one of them is coming just to see ME & of course the Mommy too. Ron is going to try to see why we can't get our videos loaded too and the Mommy will cook lunch & said she would make me a little doggie meatloaf.
Anyway sorry to rattle on but since the Mommy is bored waiting to leave, me told her to share some of her favorite dog statements with all you guys. We not going to have a contest but me wants help in selecting a good fact about doggies to add to my side bar. Once we gets some advise we will decide what to put up on my blog. Since me can't stand still for long, me going to jump up on my , sorry the Mommy's, patio chair & chat with Spike who lives next door. Me wish me could go play with him but the Mommy is afraid he will try to eat me....he be VERY BIG!!!

"Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job".....Franklin P Jones
"To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring - it was peace".....Milan Hundera
"My dog is half bit-bull, half poodle. Not much of a watchdog, but a vicious gossip!".....Craig Shoemaker
"If dogs could read books, I'm sure they' d mostly be books about chasing and catching cats".....Anonymous
"If kisses were ranked on a scale of sloppiness, then dog kisses would surely be ranked NUMBER ONE"
"I'd rather have an inch of a dog than miles of pedigree".....Dana Burnet
"Never stand between a dog and the tree he was just smelling"
"The friendship of a dog, without a doubt, is more intense than that of man".....Montaigne
"It is a strange thing love. Nothing but love has made the dog lose his wild freedom, to become the servant of man".....D. H. Lawrence
"Nobody can fully understand the meaning of loved unless he's loved by a dog".....Gene Hill
"Being left behind is the saddest feeling a dog can how about adopting a homeless dog someday"
There you have it my friends. Please get the Mommies to help you let me know what saying you like best. The Mommy and I already know which is our favorite. If ya know anything about The Mommy, you probably already know the answer.
Love ya lots and lots........Mona


happy said...

Hi Mona! Was the salad any good?

All the sayings are lovely. about "Being left behind is the saddest feeling a dog can how about adopting a homeless dog someday"?

the Corgi Girls said...

Mona and the Mommy, we received your gifts and are blown away! We're going to blog all about it, we're so excited! You are so generous! The toys are sooooo cute too, BOL, our Mum is keeping a close eye on them since she thinks they are so cute, tee hee hee. Thank you!

Glad to hear Peanut is coming to visit how fun! That wedding sounds like a blast, its too bad no pups are allowed! It would be too fun!

Mum wanted us to mention we might be moving to Houston in the next year or so, so maybe we'll be able to play someday!

Cuddles & Kissies!
Moxie & Izzie

Balboa & Mommy said...

hmmmm, what yummy looking salad, were there tasty bugs mixed in there?

I like the "Being left behind is the saddest feeling a dog can how about adopting a homeless dog someday" saying.

Frenchie Snorts

Anonymous said...

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