September 6, 2007


Sorry freinds, we haven't been able to post anything & we were so excited to get started.

Mommy is sad and when she is sad we are too. We asked Mom why she hasn't been letting us post like she promissed but it has been a couple of hard days for DROH. Bradley our little foster brother that got adopted July 28th, was returned by his new Mommy. He has hurt his back and hip. Nobody is really sure what happened, except they lived in a second floor apartment and maybe he fell. Since it was still within the 6 month adoption period her new owner wasn't responsible for damaged goods.....we hate those words....OMG....BRADLEY is not damaged goods....he is our brother and Mommy's baby even if he's still not with us. GOOD NEWS !! Thank you Lord, BRADLEY is going to be A-Ok with time. He had to have a cortisone shot and is on pain meds and will have to be crated for at least 30 days. Mommy said if she can get EVANDER adopted before BRADLEY is released she's going to foster him again......who does she think she is fooling? NOT US!!! If & when he is ready to come home we will just have 5 doggies in the house and just 1 Mommy.

Just when Mommy had perked up a little, she got the really bad news yesterday. One of DROH's older doggies receiving care for heartworms had to be put to sleep.....we hate the "E" word. His name was ARTY and he came to us very sick and he just wasn't strong enough to survive the treatments. Why can't people take care of their doggies? Mommy remembers how horrible it was when our TOBY almost died from heartworms. Why oh Why can't people understand the right way to raise us doggies.

Sorry for such a gloomy post. Mommy needs cheering up and we are trying but she crys a lot sometimes.......she's just like that.

Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend and it's not SOOOOOOO hot.


Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Oh no, poor Bradley is hurt and lost his furevr home! He is such a good boy and he was just having fun. It just wasn't meant to be. The next furever home will be the real one and, even if he gets hurt, they will love him and nurse him back to health just like DRoH is doing.

Poor Arty. It wasn't his fault that people did not take good care of him. One little heartworm pill each month and he would not have gotten heartworms. Andy had heartworms and he was just a little guy who was less than one year old! Arty is at the Rainbow Bridge and is healthy again. He is playing and barking with all of the other dogs who are waiting for their owners. Arty belonged to DRoH so he has lots of people who loved him.

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends.
Sure your news are sad. Poor Bradley! I hope he recovers soon! I think you are right, there will be 5 of you and one mom!!
Like the Dachsies said, Arty now is free of pain at the Rainbow Bridge.
Have a good night

Koobuss said...

It makes me so sad to hear these stories. We doggies love people so much. Why do some of them treat us so bad?

Best of luck to Bradley and our condolensces to those who loved Arty.

Koobuss Kisses,

Rowan The Dog said...

Indeed it is up to the humans to take care of us. I do my jobs: No birds of the porch, catching flys, nuzzling my guardian. So, she has to do her job too: Feed me, love me, and give me my heartworm medicine.

Health to all,


Ricky Pepper said...

Oh that is terrible! How come Bradley's new momma won't take care of him, even with his back issue? She is just returning him so someone else can take care of it and she doesn't have to? My mommy says that if she lived closer to Texas, she would take Bradley in a heartbeat...Chloe would nuzzle him and kiss him and make him feel ALL better!
And in Atry's situation, mommy thinks it is disgraceful that anyone would not take 3 seconds to give a dog heartguard each month. We even think it's a treat - we don't know that it's medicine! It's so sad to know he died from a problem that could have been so easily corrected.

Momo :) said...

I was reading your old posts..

OMD, this is a hearbroken story. I don't understand why Bradley's new mom didn't care about him at all??
I love the fact all of you came from rescue. I know your mom is a caring pawson!! :)

Momo xoxo