September 20, 2007


Hi friends,

We are so sad. We miss the Mommy. She is here but not here. She & her co-workers are working on a special project at work and she leaves the house at
6:00 am and doesn't get back until after 6:00 pm. It's just not fair, the Mommy said she won't even be home Saturday. It's just not fair...we tell you. There is going to be a big get together of all the rescue groups in Clear Lake, the first annual Pet Fest, and we were going to go. They were going to have all kinds of FOOD, a best costume contest and even WIENER DOG RACES. Now we'll just have to stay home and miss all the's just not fair!

Who knew we would miss the Mommy so much, even though she's right here. She won't play with us but she still cuddles up with us at night when it's bedtime, of course we all want to be right next to her and end up all draped over her, which makes it hard for her to sleep.

We just wanted everybody to know why we won't be posting much for awhile and not to be worried about us. We still read a few blogs every night because the Mommy said she needs a little down time before the old grind starts again.

The only good thing about this whole affair, is that we gets lots of YUMMY treats cause the Mommy feels so guilty leaving us at home so much.

The Mommy found one of her sayings that she thinks explains it all.


Bye, Bye for now....please don't forget us......Mona, Jacks, Toby and Evander too!!


Simba said...

I'm sure your Mummy misses you too and is saving up all her cuddles. Simba xx

Clover said...

Of course we won't forget you guys! It's good that you have each other to hang out with while Mommy is at work. I have to stay home ALONE when mom and dad go to work!!
Love Clover xo

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends.
I know its not fair but you must understand your mom's work. I will be waiting for your next post!

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Hey guys, we are sorry your mommy has to work so much. At least your mommy was home at night. Ours completely left the state so we had no one ... okay, we had Aunt Bec and Grandma and Grandpaw and an extra portion or two of treats to make up for everything. Your mommy sounds so much happier with this new (or back to the original) job. If she has to work a little extra, just make sure she gets in petting time.

Frasier said...

Thank God for guilt!!!
We will keep dropping by