December 20, 2015

Sunday Smilebox Memory ...

Christmas countdown ... 5 days and counting ...

and What The Mommy did.

Christmas Wishes For Friends

Mommy's naughty deed

The day Mommy got on the naughty list was a dark and stormy
morning (insert thunder and lightning). Poor little Mona caught the worst of it. Let us set the scene for you.

Each morning we get out of bed, go outside to potty, get our
breakfast and then while the Mommy gets ready for work she lets us get back in bed. Prissy can jump up and down at will,
Sammie can't jump up but she can jump down and Mona can't jump up or down so Mommy always has to help her.

That evening it was still storming (insert thunder and lightning) and when she got home Prissy (I'm telling the story) and Sammie Jean greeted her at the door but Mona was nowhere to be found. Because of Mona's health the Mommy panicked
thinking her heart had given out and she would find her dead
somewhere. Here is what she found..........

Yep, she go left in bed all day long, no water, no food (we
don't get food anyway during the day). Mommy scooped
her off the bed and Mona made a beeline to the water bowl.
She drank and drank and drank until the bowl was almost dry.
Mommy cried and cried and cried and promised Mona it would never happen again. Of course I went up and sent some time with her off and on during the day and so she wasn't totally alone. Mommy wasn't even madethat Mona kinda peed in the bed.

Well what do you think. Should we take her off the naught list?

Today's Smileybox memory is from Dory's PJ party last year.
There is still time to send your Christmas pictures for our
Blogville Christmas Smilebox. The deadline is now 12/23/15
since Mommy is gonna be off starting next Wednesday.

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Remember, I might still be napping but the list is still being undated day and night until Christmas Eve.


The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

We think maybe your Mama punished herself enough for all of you...maybe you should take her off the naughty list and put her on probation on the nice list!!

We will get Mama to get us our picture for your Christmas Smileybox!
Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

Cupcake said...

Mommy, maybe you could buy Pet Steps. They help my little ones so much. I think Mommy should be taken off the naughty list.

Patrice and Higgins said...

Well you mom seems to stay on the naughty list....we lets her off each and everyday butts she does something naughty worthy and gets right back on! So let her off fur just a little bit! BOL!!

xoxo, Higgins

Amber DaWeenie said...

Max Here......Mona has a very forgiving heart (she's my girl, after all) so I think Mona wouldn't want the Mommy to stay on the naughty list any more. Let her off, but with demerits and a promise that Santa Paws is watching her every move from now until Christmas. No more screw ups or she'll land right back on that list that no one wants to be on. :o)

Matilda the Boxer said...

She definitely needs to STAY on the Naughty List for now. Maybe she'll do enough good deeds to get off it before Christmas!

sprinkles said...

I do think the mama should be let off the hook. It sounds like she punished herself enough as it is, and the situation really did turn out OK in the end.

Merry Christmas!

Two French Bulldogs said...

BOL oh my dawg! Mom belongs on the naughty list. I bet Santa saw her
Happy Holidays
Lily & Edward