November 8, 2015


Mona here.......

Today we want to share Mommy's first ever
Smileybox creation, from 12/10/10. Back then it was just
me and the Mommy. Then right after that my beloved
brother Weenie came to be my brother. The hurt of losing
him in 2013 is still great and Mommy cried just typing this.
So since it turns out to be a Christmas theme and Santa
Paws will be here before we know it, we will post each one
since this first each Sunday until we run out.

"Hey Sammie Jean, you better stop being naughty, cause
Santa Paws sees everything and he's making a list."

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The Mommy here..........

I am still unable to create Smileboxes but for now I am able to
copy & paste past creations from Google storage so I will
begin reposting some from Blogville's past until the problem
with them is resolved.

Prissy here......

As most of Blogville knows, I was adopted from ATDR
in 2013 after Angel Weenie crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
He was also adopted from them in 2011.

Mona was adopted from DROH in 2005 and Sammie
Jean from DREAM in 2015.

Well in 2016 ATDR has been saving dachshunds like me and
Angel Weenie since 2006 and in celebration has created their
first calendar. We just ordered ours and wanted the dachshunds lover and just plain dog lovers to know about it.

SANTA PAWS is coming to town soon and it would make a great gift for any dog lover. Please check it out. 

Announcing our FIRST ATDR Wall Calendar!!
*Photos courtesy of Autumn Beckman Photography*

In 2016 we will be celebrating our 10TH ANNIVERSARY!!
10 YEARS of Rescuing, Rehabbing and Re-homing our favorite breed!!

Celebrate with us and enjoy delightful Dachshunds all year round with our first ever ATDR Calendar featuring full color before and after photos of some of our precious Doxies rescued and adopted thru the years.
Choose from a standard 8.5x11 size or a larger 11x14

Every calendar purchased will help cover vetting for current and future dogs in the ATDR program.

Since JANUARY 24TH 2006

Over 2,300 Rescued!!

Over 2,140 Adoptions!!
Puppies, Adults, Seniors

Lost, Stray, Shelter Pulls, Owner Surrenders, Puppy Mills, Breeder Closures

Vaccinations, Spay/Neuters, Dentals, Malnutrition,
Heartworm Treatments, IVDD, Broken Bones, Blind, Deaf, Cancer, Illness

Sammie Jean here.........

They say I gotta be nice not naughty from
now until Santa Paws arrives so I'm not
saying nothing, just sayin!!

Happy rainy Sunday,
Mommy's girls and the Mommy too!!



Cowspotdog said...

those are some wonderful memories to have :)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I love hearing about all your memories!

sprinkles said...

I think I remember seeing that Smilebox before! I looked through the comments though and didn't see one from me. I love your Christmas card though, very sweet!