September 14, 2014


 and Sunday Smilebox memory.

Angel Weenie here............

Early in the morning on Aug the 9th, I waited at the 
foot of the bridge to welcome in a special little angel. I was
so excited to finally met her. She was taken from her family 
tragically just like I was. The residents all across Blogville 
have been sharing their memories of  Greta today. She and the
rest of the Idaho Pug Ranch have been in all of Mommy's
Smiley boxes since we met them so today's Sunday Smilebox 
Memory is one of then. It's the mini-me Olympics where Miss
Gerta scored a perfect ten on her lift!!

2/22/12 - 9/9/14

Our very favorite picture is of 
Greta is in her 2013 Halloween costume.

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The Mommy here.....

Today is the day officially set aside to remember all
our departed pets.
In my life I have only had 4 of my own pets that have 
crossed the bridge but many more I have loved
as if they were my own. My memories of them 
have never faded. 


My first was Fuzzy. One of my deepest regrets
is that I don't have a picture if her. I found the above picture
and it looked so much like here, I claim it as mine. She lived to be 19 years old.  We were born on the same day. She was my childhood friend and constant companion. It was 23 years before I even thought about a having another dog.


Samantha was my second pet and the first of many dachshunds that I have loved. She was just a puppy when I got her from a breeder, long before I even knew what rescue was. She was 14 1/2 years old when she died and I never wanted another pet after her.  It hurt too much when
she crossed the bridge but I guess I was wrong, someone new better.

Then there is my Weenie. What more can be said about this special little blind boy that I haven't already said many times. He made me a better person.


My last to cross the bridge was Peanut, AKA Peadaddy, He was at least 11 or 12 when he had crossed in June of this year. Even though I had to give him up in 2010 he was always my big boy.

God Bless and remember that someday we will be
with our furbabies again.

Sarah, the Mommy



Tweedles -- that's me said...

This is a very beautful tribute

Ruby said...

Oh, that was most beautifuls!!! We will miss Greta so very much. I loved seeing and hearing abouts your most beautiful furiends that crossed the Bridge..adorable, them all.
Ruby ♥

Amber DaWeenie said...

Such a beautiful tribute to our special furiends at the Bridge. We will never furget them...

The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

We miss Greta tue - such a fighter she wuz. Loved the smiley box an'lookin'an readin'all'boutz your Angelz.
Shiloh-Lord of the Manor an'Diva Shasta

Idaho PugRanch said...

thank you for remembering our Greta today along with all your special babies. we have loved seeing everyone's favorite memories of our girl
Bailey & Hazel

Daisy said...

Thank you so much for sharing about your furpups! I think today is an important day to remember all the love our pets bring to our lives!!

Unknown said...

Lovely tribute. We all miss our furends who have passed over so much. Have a marvellous Monday.
Best wishes Molly

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

We MISS our dear Rainbow Furends... butt OH the wonderful Memories they left with us.

stellaroselong said...

OUr momma is crying..this is lovely.
stella rose

Lovable Lily said...

We can't get through our tears at losing so many furends. This was a beautiful tribute to all who have gone too soon.

Lily Belle & Muffin

Cupcake said...

These babies were so lucky to have you as a Mommy. Your love runs very deep.

Love, Cupcake